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Soumen Palloliitto

The Football Association of Finland (, SPL; , FBF) is the governing body of football (soccer) in Finland. It was founded in 1907, and was also the governing body of bandy in Finland until the bandy association, Suomen Jääpalloliitto, was founded in 1972.

The SPL organises the Finland national football team and Finland women's national football team national football teams, and the second and third tiers of national football. The premier division Veikkausliiga is organized by a distinct organisation, and the lower tiers (the fourth tier and below) are organized by the 12 district organisations. The SPL is based in the Finnish capital city of Helsinki.


The Suomen Palloliitto (SPL) has more than 1,000 member clubs and approximately 115,000 registered players. The Finnish Gallup survey has indicated that football is a popular pastime with around 500,000 Finns interested in the sport. The SPL is Finland's largest amateur sports federation.

District organisations

At the more local level Finnish football is administered by the following 12 Finnish District Football Associations of the SPL:

- Ålands Fotbollförbund
- SPL Helsingin piiri
- SPL Itä-Suomen piiri
- SPL Kaakkois-Suomen piiri
- SPL Keski-Pohjanmaan piiri
- SPL Keski-Suomen piiri

- SPL Pohjois-Suomen piiri
- SPL Satakunnan piiri
- SPL Tampereen piiri
- SPL Turun piiri
- SPL Uudenmaan piiri
- SPL Vaasan piiri

There were also 13 other Finnish District Football Associations that no longer exist. This included SPL Viipurin piiri whose demise reflected the loss of territory to the USSR at the end of the Continuation War in 1944.

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