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The Football Association of Wales

The Football Association of Wales (FAW) is the Governing bodies of sports in Wales of association football in Wales. It is a member of FIFA, UEFA and the IFAB.

Established in 1876 (at the Wynnstay Arms Hotel, Wrexham), it is the third-oldest national association in the world, and is one of the four associations (along with the (English) Football Association, the Scottish Football Association, the (Northern) Irish Football Association and FIFA) that make up the International Football Association Board, responsible for the Laws of the Game (association football).

The FAW is responsible for the administration of football in Wales, running the six international teams - namely the "A", "Under 21", "Under 19", "Under 17", "Women's", "Women's Under 19", Women's Under 17 and Semi-Professional.

The FAW is also responsible for all disciplinary actions against players in teams associated with the FAW. This includes Welsh teams playing within the English football pyramid, superseding the English FA disciplinary system with the exception of Cardiff City F.C. and Swansea City F.C.

The Football Association of Wales is based at Neptune Court, Vanguard Way, Cardiff.

In May 1876, a further meeting was called, this time in the ballroom of the identically named Wynnstay Arms Hotel in Ruabon where the name was agreed as the "Football Association of Wales" and the constitution was drawn up. The arguments and discussions continued so long that the local policeman came in to call time."Sadly we have no record of the words actually used by the police constable as he stood sternly surveying the scene in the Wynnstay Arms, Ruabon, on that May night in 1876; but what they amounted to was that even if the gentlemen were busy forming the Football Association of Wales it was past closing time so would they mind forming it somewhere else… "
Fortunately, Sir Watkin Williams-Wynn, 6th Baronet was in attendance; as the local JP (and also the sitting Member of Parliament), he went next door, opened the Court, extended the hotel's licensing hours, thus enabling the meeting to continue. with John Hawley Edwards as first treasurer.

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