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Korea Football Association

The Korea Football Association is the governing body of football in South Korea. The first governing body of Korean football was the Joseon Football Association (; Hanja: 朝鮮蹴球協會), founded on 19 September 1933.
Park Seung-bin was the very first President of the KFA, charged with the task of promoting and spreading organised football in the Korea.


Korea has a long football-playing history. In ancient times, there was a Korean ball game called Jegichagi very similar in form to contemporary football. However, Koreans first saw the present version of football in 1882 when British crew members played a game while their vessel was visiting the port of Incheon.

In 1921, the first All Korea Football Tournament was held, and in 1928, The Korea Football Association was organized, which created a foundation to disseminate and develop the sport.

The Korea Football Association was reinstated in 1948, following the establishment of the South Korea. The KFA became a member of FIFA, the international football governing body that same year. It later joined the Asian Football Confederation (Asian Football Confederation) in 1954.
- 1970 : Lee Hoi-Taek
- 1971 : Kim Jung-Nam
- 1972 : Park Yi-Cheon
- 1973 : Cha Bum-Kun
- 1974 : Byun Ho-Yeong
- 1975 : Kim Ho-Gon
- 1976 : Choi Jong-Deok
- 1977 : Cho Young-Jeung
- 1978 : Kim Jae-Han
- 1979 : Park Seong-Hwa
- 1980 : Lee Young-Moo
- 1981 : Cho Kwang-Rae
- 1982-2009 : Discontinued
- 2010 : Park Ji-Sung
- 2011 : Ki Sung-Yueng

Footballer of the Year (women)

- 2010 : Ji So-Yun
- 2011 : Ji So-Yun

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