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Monza is a football (soccer) club from Italy.

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Associazione Calcio Monza Brianza 1912 is an Football in Italy club based in Monza, Lombardy.

Founded in 1912, Monza currently plays in Lega Pro Prima Divisione group A, having last been in Serie B in 2000. Monza spent the last few years in Serie C1 and Serie C2.


Monza was founded on 1 September 1912. The club took the name of Monza Foot-Ball Club and adopted the blue and white colours.

It wasn't the merger of two clubs as commonly believed just because those teams Pro Monza and Pro Italia (both born in 1910) merged becoming the football section of a cycling team called Veloce Club Monzese which met Monza F.C. a couple of times always as winners.

The club's first win came on 15 September 1912 against Juventus Italia of Milan. The setting for the game was outside the town limits at Triante (Monza's west suburbs) commonly called "out doors", a pitch lent from the Township. There Monza F.C. played many friendly matches including the Colli’s Cup. Monza won the Cup with a score of 3 to 2, defeating Saronno F.C. in the final.

When at the end of 1912–13 season that football section abandoned the V.C.M. for unknown reasons, they changed name in Pro Monza and asked Monza F.C. for merging with them and another team called Juventus (the football team of a gymnic monzese association called S.G.M. Forti e Liberi).

The merged club took the name of Associazione Calcio Monza, or commonly known as A.C. Monza.
A.C. Monza entered the Italian Football Federation (F.I.G.C.) and debuted in the league system in the Terza Categoria (the lower level) in the season 1913–14, where they won third place in their section. After changing pitch in 1914 they entered the upper level, the top Lombardy's league called Promozione, where they finished in 6th.

Monza had been promoted top division (Prima Categoria, first category) in 1919–20 after ending 2nd the Promozione finals, top level they played up to 1922. Relegated in Division 2 because of important changes in F.I.G.C. championships, was promoted to Prima Divisione (Division 1) (2nd level of Italian championships) at the end of 1926/27. Challenged several times the top charts and failed promotion after entering Prima Divisione finals in 1934–35.

In the 1932/33 season, Monza adopted its current colours, red and white.

In 1949, Monza’s president Giuseppe Borghi goes on a spending spree, bringing in twelve players of value. He also hired Annibale Frossi as manager, a member of the Italian squad during their victory at the 1936 Summer Olympics. On 4 June 1951, a 1–0 victory allows their promotion to the Serie B and the supporters exploded with unrestrainable and passionate enthusiasm.

During the difficult championship of the 1954–55 season bursts a managing crisis that puts Monza in the hands of Claudio Sada, owner of the A.C. Simmenthal (Simmenthal was a famous Italian corned beef cannery). A.C. Monza merged with Simmenthal in 1956 becoming A.S. Simmenthal Monza. In 1962 Monza celebrates fifty years of its existence, while two years after, on 28 May, the president of Simmenthal Monza leaves an official notice in which it announces the abandonment of the group as sponsor. On 8 July the mayor, Giovanni Centemero, asks Sada to stay and the president remains the guide for another year.

The sad summer of 1966 coincides with necessary rebuilding. The team is demoted to the Serie C after 19 years in the Serie B. The new players are younger, and with a fury of victories the team makes sure to regain promotion. In the final match against Como Calcio 1907, the decisive game is played in Bergamo and Monza win on a goal by Maggioni. After one year they return to the Serie B.

In the 1969–70 season, Monza approached promotion to the Serie A under coach Gigi Radice. With two matches left, the biancorossi were within two points of promotion, behind U.S. Foggia, Calcio Catania and A.S. Varese 1910. At the last game it was down to Varese and the "brianzoli". A loss to Taranto Sport sealed Monza's fate. Monza is consoled only with the numbers: 11 wins at home, 15 total, with only one defeat standing between them and promotion. Goalkeeper Luciano Castellini was scored on only 7 times at home, with 19 goals against in the entire season.

In the 1972–73 season, a man who will become one of the more loved presidents of Monza, Giovanni Cappelletti, was hired. Cappelletti was a well-known industrial man and soccer player. A new era is born, led by Cappelletti and Italo Allodi, considered the prototype of the modern general manager. The field players are of high quality, but the mechanism jams in the demotion playoff. A trip to A.S. Bari ends in a 3 to 1 defeat on the last day, sentencing the Monza to the Serie C. Cappelletti does not throw in the towel and returns to lead the team again.

The Monza played its first Italy's Cup of series C on 29 June 1974 to the "Porta Elisa" of Lucca, against Lecce. It ended 1 to 0 with a goal of Di Somma and the trophy comes delivered in the hands of the red and white captain Anzolin. The Monza twices win in the edition 1974/1975, defeating the Sorrento on 29 June 1975. The trophy was ended by the penalties. It finishes 4 to 3 with the final goal of Sanseverino. The following championship is one a real run wild. Monza wants to return in serie B and adjudicates the pass for the series B with five turns of advance payment. The look is turned to the final of the Anglo-Italian's Cup. Adversary is the Wimbledon, club strongly physically, the Monza does not let to intimidate, and Casagrande firms the goal of the ko that worths the win of the prestigious trophy.
The 1976–77 season coincided with the first great illusion red and white. The Monza faced the B series with the label of "matriculation", but it very soon became one of the protagonists, to the par of blasonate formations like the Vicenza of Paolo Rossi and the Cagliari of Virdis. The defeat for 2 to 1 suffered in Modena preclude of a breath the play-off with Atalanta, Cagliari and Pescara. To the Monza the lean consolation of the score remains previously record (48 points) never caught up between the cadets. The Obstinate mister Alfredo Magni, reconfirmed to the guide, in the 1978/79 maintains the Monza in the high quarters of classifies; an incredible one "harakiri" to the "Sada" in the match against Lecce (0–1) prevents to the Monza the promotion directed in Serie A. Pescara trip up the Monza to the third party place and obtain the access at the final match on the neutral stadium of Bologna. The "abruzzesi", followed to Bologna by almost thirty thousand supporters, strike the biancorossi. It was the last time that Monza and his supporter cherish a dream called Serie A.
Season 1980–81 marked the advent of Valentino Giambelli that took over the presidency from Cappelletti. The Monza began badly and ended worse: an irreversible crisis will carry it straight in the abyss of series C. After only one year, Monza returns in the serie B. The Calcio Monza to the penultimate day guarantees the return between the cadets storming Trieste. On the wings of the promotion it comes confirmed in bench (furniture) mister Franco Fontana, but the 1982/83 season was a very hard championship with team like Milan and Lazio. The mathematical salvation only arrives to the last day with the 2 to 2 of Bologna. In the 1986/87 there is space for the champions of the future: Alessandro Costacurta and Pierluigi Casiraghi. With Piero Frosio like mister, the Monza finds the return in serie B in the 87/88. Brianzoli unstoppable: they center the promotion and they conquer also the third Italy's Cup of Serie C. In the delirium of the "Sada" Palermo in china for 2 to 1. The end is also the last match played in the old stadium. The following year the Monza is moved in the newest Brianteo stadium.

In the season 2010-11 from Lega Pro Prima Divisione relegated in the play out to Lega Pro Seconda Divisione, but rescued in place of U.S. Alessandria Calcio 1912 relegated for sports judgement.

Divisional movements

A.C. Monza was included before World War One in the Lombard championship of Promozione (2nd regional level)
- Promozione Lombarda 1919–20: Promotion to Lombard championship of Prima Categoria (1st regional level)
- Colombo's Compromise: A league's pyramid reform transforms regional first level into second national level, called Seconda Divisione and belonging to Northern League
- Viareggio's Charter: A league's pyramid reform relegates minor clubs of Northern League into new Lower Directory organizing third pyramid's level, called Seconda Divisione
- 1926–27 Seconda Divisione: Promotion to Higher Directorys Prima Divisione (2nd level)
- Leandro Arpinati: A league's pyramid reform plans demotion of Prima Divisione Nord to national third level, which will become Serie C
- Serie C 1940–41: Relegation to regional championships of Prima Divisione (4th level)
- Prima Divisione Lombarda 1941–42: Promotion to Serie C
- Serie C 1950–51: Promotion to Serie B
- Serie B 1965–66: Relegation to Serie C
- Serie C 1966–67: Promotion to Serie B
- Serie B 1972–73: Relegation to Serie C
- Serie C 1975–76: Promotion to Serie B
- Serie B 1980–81: Relegation to Serie C1
- Serie C1 1981–82: Promotion to Serie B
- Serie B 1985–86: Relegation to Serie C1
- Serie C1 1987–88: Promotion to Serie B
- Serie B 1989–90: Relegation to Serie C1
- Serie C1 1991–92: Promotion to Serie B
- Serie B 1993–94: Relegation to Serie C1
- Serie C1 1996–97: Promotion to Serie B
- Serie B 2000–01: Relegation to Serie C1
- Serie C1 2001–02: Relegation to Serie C2
- Serie C2 2004–05: Promotion to Serie C1
- 2010-11 Lega Pro Prima Divisione: Relegation to Lega Pro Seconda Divisione, but rescued

Notable former players

This list of former players includes those who received international caps while playing for the team, made significant contributions to the team in terms of appearances or goals while playing for the team, or who made significant contributions to the sport either before they played for the team, or after they left. It is clearly not yet complete and all inclusive, and additions and refinements will continue to be made over time.

- Samir Beloufa
- Jean-François Gillet
- Marko Topić
- Adrian Madaschi
- Enzo Concina
- Dario Smoje
- Patrice Evra
- Willy Aubameyang
- Amadou Samb
- Fulvio Saini
- Christian Abbiati
- Angelo Anquilletti
- Francesco Antonioli

- Antonino Asta
- Evaristo Beccalossi
- Ruben Buriani
- Pierluigi Casiraghi
- Luca Castellazzi
- Umberto Colombo (footballer)
- Alessandro Costacurta
- Luigi Di Biagio
- Maurizio Ganz
- Mark Iuliano
- Daniele Massaro

- Carlo Nervo
- Massimo Oddo
- Claudio Sala
- Nevio Scala
- Michele Serena
- Giovanni Stroppa
- Paolo Todeschini
- Mario Trebbi
- Zizi Roberts
- Mohammed Aliyu Datti

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