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Debreceni VSC

Debreceni VSC is a football (soccer) club from Hungary.

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About Debreceni VSC

Debreceni VSC or just Debrecen or DVSC is a football (soccer) club from the city of Debrecen in Hungary. They are best known for reaching the group stages of the UEFA Champions League 2009–10 season. Debreceni VSC has been the most successful Hungarian club since 2000. The club has won the Nemzeti Bajnokság I title five times in 2004-05 Nemzeti Bajnokság I, 2005-06 Nemzeti Bajnokság I, 2006-07 Nemzeti Bajnokság I, 2008-09 Nemzeti Bajnokság I and 2009-10 Nemzeti Bajnokság I. The clubs' nickname is Loki (Lokomotiv), from its long-standing ties to the railways.


Early years (1902–1942)

The club was founded on 12 March 1902, initially being known as "Egyetértés Futball Club" but on becoming independent it was renamed "Debreceni Vasutas Sport Club" (Debrecen Railway Sports Club). In 1926 professionalism came to the Hungarian football scene, with the unfortunate result that "Bocskay FC" was formed using players from DVSC and city rivals DKASE and DTE, with the result that Bocskay ruled the football roost in Debrecen for 15 years while DVSC continued to struggle in the lower divisions. In 1940 the professional/amateur division of players was abolished and Bocskay suffered financial collapse, returning DVSC to top-dog position in the city. Debrecen reached the Hungarian First Division for the first time in 1942–43, but then suffered something of a yo-yo club existence for the next fifty years, suffering eight relegations in all, and even starting the 1967 season in the Third Division. During this period the club underwent a number of name changes. It became "Debreceni Vasutas Sport Egyesület" in 1948–49, "Debreceni Lokomotiv" (hence the nickname) in 1949, "Debreceni Törekvés" in the 1955–56 season, and it was known as "Debreceni Vasutas SC" from 1957 to 1979. In 1979 the two city teams, DVSC and DMTE were united into one team, called DMVSC, but after ten years the clubs split again and the team adopted its current name.

Back to the First Division

Debrecen's most successful period has been since its most recent promotion to the First Division in 1993, since when the club has won its only national honours – the Hungarian Cup was won in 1999 and 2001, and the Hungarian League title for the first time in 2005. Although the team was relegated from top flight football in 2001 as a result of questionable refereeing on home matches (Ref. Béla Kiss was helped to escape from the stadium by officials in order to avoid the crowd's anger after the match against Budapest Honvéd FC), the then promoted BKV Előre SC could not afford to play in the first league in lack of the necessary financial conditions,thus DVSC remained in the top flight as the better relegated team according to the rules and regulations of the championship which led to some controversy whether it was just.

The first international matches were played in 1998 in the Intertoto Cup. Debreceni VSC beat FC Dnepr Mogilev, FC Hradec Králové, FC Hansa Rostock, and lost to Ruch Chorzów in the semi finals.

In 1999 Debrecen played in the first round of the UEFA Cup 1999-00 and they were beaten by the German VfL Wolfsburg 3-2 on aggregate. Although Debrecen could beat the German club 2-1 at home, but lost 2-0 away, therefore the first UEFA Cup season ended for Debrecen.


In 2001 Debrecen beat the Moldovan club Nistru Otaci 3-1 on aggregate in the first round of the UEFA Cup 2001-02. In the second round of the UEFA Cup Debrecen played with the French club Girondins de Bordeaux. They lost 5-1 away, but beat the French club 3-1 at home.

In the UEFA Cup 2003-04 season Debrecen drew with the Lithuanian club FK Ekranas in the first leg of the qualifiers, while in the second leg the result was the same. After extra time Debrecen could score a goal and won 3-2 on aggregate. In the first round they had to face NK Varaždin. Debrecen won both mathces, 3-1 in the first leg and 3-2 in the second leg. The team won 6-3 on aggregate causing the resignation of the coach of the Croatian club. In the second round Debrecen faced with the Greeks PAOK F.C. In the first leg they drew 1-1 in the Toumba Stadium in Thessaloniki, Greece. At home the result was a goalless draw, therefore Debrecen went through on away goals (1-1). Debrecen's first successful UEFA Cup career was ended in the third round when they faced with the Belgian Club Brugge K.V. In the first leg Debrecen was beaten by 1-0 in Jan Breydel Stadium, Brugge, Belgium. The goalless second leg resulted the end of the march of the Hungarian club.

Attila Supka became the coach of underpeforming Debrecen in November in 2004 after Lázár Szentes resigned. During the coaching of Attila Supka Debrecen could win the Hungarian National Championship I title twice (in 2005 and 2006). Attila Supka resigned after losing to Rabotnicki Skopje in the second round of the UEFA Champions League 2006-07 qualifiers.

In the 2003-04 Nemzeti Bajnokság I season Debrecen finished third, therefore they could play in the 2004 UEFA Intertoto Cup season. In the first round Debrecen faced with the Slovaks club Spartak Trnava. In the first leg Debrecen lost 3-0 in Trnava, Slovakia, while at home they won 4-1. Debrecen were eliminated from the Intertoto Cup on away goals (4-4).

In 2005 Debrecen won their first Hungarian National Championship I 2004-05 title preceding Ferencvárosi TC by six points. Igor Bogdanović and Zsombor Kerekes scored 27 of the 57 goals. The winner team included: Norbert Csernyánszki, Sandro Tomić, Péter Andorka, Csaba Bernáth, Igor Bogdanović, Zoltán Böőr, Tibor Dombi, Balázs Dzsudzsák, László Éger, Ronald Habi, Péter Halmosi, Gyula Hegedűs, Zsombor Kerekes, Zoltán Kiss (footballer born 1986), Miloš Kolaković, Ádám Komlósi, András László, Leandro Marcolini Pedroso de Almeida, Csaba Madar, Balázs Nikolov, Tamás Sándor, Illés Sitku, Csaba Szatmári, Béla Virág. As a consequence the team could play in the UEFA Champions League for the first time.

The first match in the UEFA Champions League 2005-06 qualifiers was played in 2005 against the Croatian club, Hajduk Split. Debreceni VSC beat the Croatian rivals 8-0 on aggregate beating Hajduk Split 3-0 at home and 5-0 away. In the next round Debreceni VSC had to face one of the best teams in Europe, Manchester United F.C and lost 0-6 on aggregate.

Debrecen could have consoled themselves in the 2005-06 UEFA Cup, but they had to face the Ukrainian club Shaktar Donetsk. In the first leg (15 September 2005) the Ukrainian club beat Debrecen 4-1 in the RSC Olimpiyskiy stadium in Donetsk, Ukraine. The only Hungarian goal was scored by Ibrahima Sidibe. In the second leg (29 September 2005) Debrecen lost 2-0 in the Stadion Oláh Gábor Út. Debrecen were eliminated 6-1 on aggregate.

Debrecen managed to duplicate the feat and win the Hungarian National Championship I 2005-06, after in the last round on June 3, they defeated Lombard-Pápa TFC 4–1, and the then the leader of the league Újpest FC (who had the same amount of points as Debrecen but had more away wins) lost to Videoton FC Fehérvár in a climatic battle ending in 3–1, which also caused Fehérvár to place 3rd.

In the qualifiers of the 2006-07 UEFA Champions League qualifying rounds Debrecen faced with Macedonian champion Rabotnicki Skopje. In the first leg (26 July 2006) Debrecen drew at home in the Stadion Oláh Gábor Út. the Hungarian goal was scored by Róbert Zsolnai. In the second leg (2 August 2006) Debrecen took the lead by a goal by Ibrahim Sidibe in the 20th minute, but Rabotnicki scored four more goals. Debrecen were eliminated from the UEFA Champions League on 5-2 aggregate. After being eliminated from the Champions League Attila Supka resigned

Miroslav Beránek was appointed as the head coach of Debrecen in August 2006. During the coaching of Miroslav Beránek Debrecen could win the Nemzeti Bajnokság I once.

In the Hungarian National Championship I 2006-07 season Debrecen became again champion on the 28th match-day beating Rákospalotai EAC on home turf. Debrecen became the first non-Budapest team winning the Hungarian title for the third time in a row.

In 2007 András Herczeg was appointed as the manager of the club. Debrecen reached their zenith during this period. The team could win the Nemzeti Bajnokság I twice, the Magyar Kupa twice and could qualify for the group stages of the UEFA Champions League 2009–10 and for the groups stages of the Europa League 2010-11.

András Herczeg's first trophy was won against Budapest Honvéd by 4-1 on aggregate. The first leg finished 1-1 in the Bozsik Stadion. In the second leg Balázs Dzsudzsák scored twice, while the third goals was scored by Zoltán Kiss (footballer born 1986).

In the UEFA Champions League 2007-08 season Debrecen entered in the second qualifying round. Debrecen faced with the Swedish people champion Elfsborg. The Swedish club could win the first leg by 1-0, while a goalless draw in Sweden was enough for Elfsborg to go through the third qulaifying round. Debreceni VSC were eliminated from the UEFA Champions League 1-0 on aggregate.

In the 2007-08 Nemzeti Bajnokság I season Debrecen finished second while MTK became first. Debrecen won the Magyar Kupa in the 2007-08 season by beating Budapest Honvéd in the final 9-1 on aggregate. Given the fact that Debrecen finished second in the Hungarian League and won the Hungarian Cup, the club qualified for the UEFA Cup 2008-09 season. Debrecen had to enter the first qualifying round.

Since Debrecen could not win the Hungarian Championship, they had to play in the UEFA Cup 2008-09. In the first round of the Central-East region they drew in Kazakhstan against FC Shakhter Karagandy 1-1, while in the second leg they beat the Kazakhs team by 1-0. Debrecen qualifyied for the second round by 2-1 on aggregate. In the second round Debrecen faced with the Swiss BSC Young Boys. In the first leg they lost 4-1 in Bern. In the second leg they lost 3-2 at home. Debrecen were eliminated from the UEFA Cup by 3-7 on aggregate.

Debrecen won the Hungarian National Championship I 2008–09 after beating their provincial rivals Diósgyőri VTK 3-2 away. Debrecen became the most successful non-Budapest team in Hungary with four Hungarian Championship titles.

On 15 July 2009 Debreceni VSC beat Kalmar FF 2-0 at home by the goals of Zoltán Kiss (footballer born 1986) and József Varga (footballer born 1988). In the away match Debrecen lost to the Swedish champion by 3-1, but they could qualify for the next round because they won on away goals. In the third round of the UEFA Champions League Debrecen played their first match in Estonia against Levadia Tallinn on 29 July 2009. Debrecen could win ths match thanks to the 70th-minute goal of Leandro Marcolini Pedroso de Almeida. At home in Debrecen on 5 August 2009, the team could beat the Estonians champion by 1-0. In the play-offs of the 2009–10 UEFA Champions League Debrecen faced with the Bulgarian champion PFC Levski Sofia. The first match was played in Sofia on 19 August 2009, where Debrecen could beat the Bulgarian club by 2-1. Although PFC Levski Sofia could score an equalizer, Debrecen were able to resond with a goal which came in the 76th minute by Péter Czvitkovics. Debrecen won the first leg of the play-off in Bulgaria. Debrecen beat PFC Levski Sofia by 2-0 in front of 32,000 spectators and won 4–1 on aggregate. They were drawn in group E of the competition alongside Liverpool FC, Olympique Lyonnais and Fiorentina. Although Debrecen were unable to get points from the group matches, their supporters could experience the atmosphere of the Champions League.


In 2010 Debrecen was competing for the title with Videoton FC In the last round the difference between the two teams were only one point. Videoton had to beat Győri ETO FC away, while Debreceni VSC had to beat Kecskeméti TE away. Neither Videoton nor Debrecen were able to win in the last round, therefore the difference remained one point. As a consequence, Debreceni VSC won the Hungarian National Championship I 2009–10 despite losing to Kecskeméti TE in the last round. In 2010 Debrecen beat Zalaegerszegi TE in the Magyar Kupa final in the Puskás Ferenc Stadium by 3-2.

In 2010 Debrecen beat Levadia Tallinn 4-3 on aggregate in the second round of the UEFA Champions League 2010–11. In the third round they lost to FC Basel 5-1 on aggregate. Debrecen were eliminated from the . Debrecen could console themselves in the UEFA Europa League 2010–11. Debrecen beat Litex Lovech 4-1 on aggregate reaching the group stages of the Europa League. Debrecen were drawn in group I of the competition alongside PSV Eindhoven, Sampdoria, and Metalist Kharkiv. Debrecen finally obtained their first points in the Europa League. Péter Kabát's two goals were enough to beat Sampdoria by 2-0. However, these three point were not enough to qualify for the knockout phase of the Europa League 2010-11.

On 22 December 2010 András Herczeg resigned and continued his work at the club as a Technical Director. He has been the most successful manager of the Debrecen, winning the Hungarian National Championship I and the Hungarian Cup twice. On international turf his team could enter the group stages of the Champions League 2009–10 and the group stages of the Europa League 2010-11.

On 30 December Zdeněk Ščasný signed a two-year contract with the club. The Czechs coach resigned in April 2011.

Elemér Kondás was appointed as the new manager of the club on 20 April 2011. In the 2011-12 Nemzeti Bajnokság I the team started with a seven consecutive wins. The record run was stopped by a draw against Siófok KC.

Supporters and rivalries

The main supporter group of the club is called Szívtiprók Ultras Debrecen (SZ.U.D) (in English Heartbreakers Ultras Debrecen). As the abbreviation suggests the group is located in the southern part of the stadium. Debrecen are the third most supported football club behind Ferencvárosi TC, Újpest FC. In Hungarian football Debrecen are a club with many rivalries; first and foremost there is rivalry with Ferencvárosi TC. There is also a big tension during matches against the north-eastern Hungarian rivals Diósgyőri VTK and Nyíregyháza Spartacus.
Debreceni VSC is one of the most popular clubs in Hungary. They have supporters from other cities than Debrecen, too. The number of the supporters of Debreceni VSC has been increasing since the club reached the group stages of the UEFA Champions League.


Debreceni VSC's stadium is located in Oláh Gábor utca in Debrecen. The capacity of the Stadion Oláh Gábor Út is 9,640. Since the team's stadium did not meet the UEFA criteria, Debreceni VSC had to play their Champions League and Europa League matches in Puskás Ferenc Stadium, in Budapest. The stadium's capacity allowed to attend 42,000 supporters the three Champions League matches against Liverpool F.C, Olympique Lyonnais, and Fiorentina. In 2011 the construction of a new football stadium was announced.

Club statistics

Colours, badge and nicknames

Debrecen's colours of red and white represent the colours of the shield in the city's coat of arms. The white represents the elegance of the players, while the red the effort they make during each match. Originally, the two colours represented the white coats of the soldiers and blood.
The badge is a reference to the long-standing ties to the railways. The nickname of the club is Loki which is the abbreviation of Lokomotiv. The fanatic supporters shout Hajrá Loki (Go Loki) during each match.


The club's anthem "Piros Fehér" was composed by László Lukács, the lead singer of the Hungarian rock group Tankcsapda. The title means "Red and White" and is sung before each match. Tibor Dombi, the Debreceni VSC's forward, plays the drums on the recording of the club's anthem.

Mi indulunk, ha kell

Mi nem felejtjük el, hogy

Bennünk a vér piros-fehér

Mi küzdünk haver

Ha kell bárkivel

Mert a győzelem mindennél többet ér

Its English translation is:

We'll go if it's needed,

We'll never forget, that

The blood inside of us is red-white

We'll fight, friend,

With anyone,

Cause victory's worth more than anything




Out on loan

B squad



- Borsodi Liga
- - Winners (5): Hungarian National Championship I 2004–05, Hungarian Borsodi Liga 2005/06, Borsodi Liga 2006/07, Hungarian National Championship I 2008–09, Hungarian National Championship I 2009–10
- Hungarian Cup
- - Winners (4): 1998-99, 2000–01, 2007–08, 2009-10 Magyar Kupa
- Hungarian Super Cup
- - Winners (5): 2005, 2006, 2007, 2009, 2010
- Hungarian League Cup
- - Winners (1): 2009–10 Ligakupa


Season results


- = season was abandoned after 4 match days, and is not official

- - = Keleti csoport (Eastern division)

- - - = 1945/1946 Play off competition of places 1-5 of both competitions. (matches against teams in "own" class not played anymore)

a = autumn championship

dnq = Did not qualify for tournament.

Cup rounds - L64 (last 64), L32, L16, QF, SF, Runners up, Winners

European cup history

UEFA Intertoto Cup

UEFA Cup/Europa League

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- (Q) – Qualified for Group Stage

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