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Diósgyöri FC

Diósgyöri FC is a football (soccer) club from Hungary.

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About Diósgyöri FC

Diósgyőri VTK (Diósgyőr-Ironworks Sport Club) is a Hungary football (soccer) club based in Miskolc that plays in the first division of the Hungarian League. The club is one of the highly loved clubs in Hungary. It is possible to see 12000 people at a match.


The Beginnings

The First NB1 match

Golden Team Era

1974-1984 That time the Diósgyőr felt the gold and the fall of the 2nd division. Veréb, Tatár, Salamon, Oláh, Borostyán, Fekete, Fükő, Váradi, Teodoru and a lot of names who could do anything to the victory. These men had point Diósgyőr of the Soccer-map of Europe.

The 1976/77 season wasn't very memorable: 34 matches, only 32 points, and the team finished 10th, but in the Hungarian Cup the team enjoyed far greater success, going all the way and winning.
Géza Szabó (manager): "Originally we wanted to be in the final eight. We met the Videoton, Olajbányász and the MÁV-DAC in the group. Away we beat the 2nd league teams, which wwasn't easy, because the FC Fehérvár couldn't do it. In the final four we were the "underdog", but this was the thing that helped us (we were peaced). We convinced to coused bad moments of the Ferencvárosi TC, Vasas Bp and Újpest FC. We didn't believe that we could be first, we thought we can beat one of them at home. The final went pretty well. We, in Diósgyőr saw that we can be better with high physical training."

The team won the Hungarian Cup again in 1980, and played final in 1981, but that time the players received silver.

The 1978/79 season saw the team's 1000th goal, 800th 1st division match and bronze medal in the final. That time the arena was full with 25-30 thousand fans, and the team was the brightest star in the soccer-sky. The bronze medal winning team: Veréb-Szántó,Salamon,Váradi,Kutasi-Oláh,Tatár,Görgei-Borostyán,Fükő,Fekete

After the winning the cup in 1977 Diósgyőr played in the UEFA Cup Winners' Cup. Their first opponent was Beşiktaş. The first match was a 2-0 loss, but 20 000 fans wanted to see the second match. Diósgyőr won 5-0, and overall 5-2, so the team went to the second round. Then Diósgyőr get Europe's best team at that time, Hajduk Split. Diósgyőr lost both matches by a score of 2-1.
Two years later the team went to the UEFA Cup. First Rapid Wien and Dundee United were defeated but 1. FC Kaiserslautern was too much. That is time that English newspapers wrote: Diósgyőr is one of the best teams in Europe.

In 1980, DVTK played again in the UEFA Cup Winners' Cup, but Celtic F.C. beat DVTK with an overall score of 7-2. After that an era ended in Miskolc.

The 1990s

After the Cup winning, the team spent seven years in the 2nd division. After many coaches, the breakthrough was the second appear of the couch Barnabás Tornyi, because when he take the team, the next year theye were again in the NB1. The most memorable scenes were the winning of the second division championship, and las match of he goalkeeping-legend, György Veréb. At his last match he was 49! years old, and with him the team defeated the Videoton FC, by 4-1. Fans nowadays often speaks of the famous players of that era, the midfielder László Kiser, and the dynamic striker duo, Sándor Kulcsár and Gábor Egressy. In the next season, after a beautiful autumn the team beat the Ferencvárosi TC and the Újpest FC, and began the UEFA Intertoto Cup. But, the club-owners wanted to make soccer without money, and the club disappeared in 2000, because of bankruptcy. In the winter of 1999 most of the players left the club, so it was nearly a miracle, that the team played the spring rounds of the championship.

The 2000s

After the end of the club, the fans made the rebuilt of the team, and with the help of the Bőcs Sport Club, Borsod Volán SE, Monor SE and the government of Miskolc. The first year was in the 7th division, after cooperating with other teams, the club finished in the 3rd division. After an other year, and an other owner the team played in the NB 2, the second division. The result: the team was in the top division in 2004 again. In 2004 the Siófok Balaton FC was replaced here and changed it name Diósgyőri Balaton FC (Diósgyőr and Lake Balaton are about 300 kilometers away from each other). After a new owner the team was again Diósgyőri VTK. Later the owner of the club was the Szeviép constructual company (based in Szeged).

100th birthday

In the 2009–2010 season, the club celebrated its 100th birthday. After the owner left, many problems led to the fact that the there is not enough time and player to the championship. Then the government jumped in, and the club spent the 2009–2010 season at the bottom of the table, and after many problems, the club was relegated to the second division. Now the club is owned by the government of Miskolc and an investment group, Arago ZRt. In the 2010–2011 season, the new management is working to win the championship.

The DVTK name not only means the soccer in Miskolc. After 1990 the other sports moved into separate clubs.
- women's basketball: DKSK 1990-2007 Misi-DKSK 2007-
- wrestling: DBC (Diósgyőri Bírkózó Club)
- man handball: DKC (Diósgyőri Kézilabda Club) 2002-
- soccer: DFC (Diósgyőr Football Cub) 1992-2001 (after 2002: again DVTK)


- The Government of The City of Miskolc, and Arago Investment Zrt., as owners
- - 49% Diósgyőri Sportlétesítményeket Működtető Kht, the government of Miskolc (Béla Nagy, CEO) from 17 July 2009.
- - 51,6% Mayor shareholder: Arago Zrt. owner of Borsodsport Invest Kft. (Gergely Sántha, CEO) from 18 September 2010.
- Chairman: Hunor Dudás

Coaching staff

Out on loan

List of Hungarian football transfers winter 2009–2010



The team's most successful period domestically, the late 1970s, led to several international appearances. They appeared in the UEFA Cup Winners' Cup 1977-78, defeating Beşiktaş J.K from Turkey in the first round 2-5 aggregate, but losing to Hajduk Split, then from Yugoslavia 3-3 on penalty kicks.

Two years later they competed in the 1979–80 UEFA Cup. They defeated SK Rapid Wien 2-4 in the first round, Dundee United F.C 1-4 in the 2nd round, but were hammered badly in Germany against 1. FC Kaiserslautern, losing 1-8 aggregrate in the 3rd round. This ended the team's only appearance in the UEFA Cup.

They would appear in the Winners' Cup again the next year, in the UEFA Cup Winners' Cup 1980-81, only to be defeated in the preliminary round by Celtic FC, 7-2 aggregate. This would mark their last international appearance for nearly 18 years.

In 1998, the team returned to international play in the 1998 UEFA Intertoto Cup. They defeated the Maltese Sliema Wanderers F.C in the first round 5-2 agg., but were defeated by Altay SK from Turkey 2-1 in the second round.

All-time International Results

European cup history

= UEFA Cup Winners' Cup=

=UEFA Intertoto Cup=

=UEFA Cup=

Record by country of opposition

- Correct

P - Played; W - Won; D - Drawn; L - Lost


- Hungarian Cup:: 1977, 1980

- Hungarian League:
- - Third Place (1): 1979
- Cup
- - Runners up (3): 1942, 1965, 1981

First Division placings

DVTK-Holcim (Team 'B')

This Team plays in the 3rd division.

The regular team members: Balázs Gável, Norbert Jakab, Gyula Bihari, Ferenc Esztergályos, Gábor Polényi, Bence Hegedűs, Attila Banu, Gábor Nagy, Dávid Kövér, Bence Kovács, Dániel Hagymási, Richárd Illés, Dávid Kalber, Márton Sztraka, Dávid Szurdok, Gábor Borbély, Szilárd Kovács, Tamás Burányi, Károly Bogyó.

Coach: Károly Földesi

Former names

- 1910–38: Diósgyőri VTK
- 1938–45: Diósgyőri MÁVAG SC
- 1945–51: Diósgyőri VTK
- 1951–56: Diósgyőri Vasas
- 1956–92: Diósgyőri VTK Miskolc
- 1992–00: Diósgyőr FC
- 2000–03: Diósgyőri VTK
- 2003–04: DVTK 1910
- 2004–05: Diósgyőri Balaton FC (later Diósgyőri VTK-BFC)
- 2005–07: Diósgyőri VTK
- 2007-08: Diósgyőri VTK-BORSODI
- 2008–: Diósgyőri VTK

Famous players

- Rohan Ricketts
- József Dzurják
- Gábor Egressy
- Veréb György
- Ferenc Horváth
- László Kiser
- Sándor Kulcsár
- Attila Kuttor
- Julius Nota
- Ferenc Oláh
- Róbert Rácz
- Ferenc Salamon
- Vilmos Sebők
- Tibor Tisza
- Mihály Tóth (footballer born 1974)
- Vilmos Vanczák
- Zoltán Vitelki
(1937), (3)
- Pál Teleki (1937–39)
- Károly Csapkay (1939–42), (95)
- Dezső Wetzer (1942–43), (20)
- József Tomecskó (1943–44)
- Jónás Móré (1945–46), (36)
- Sándor Barna (1946–47), (24)
- Jenő Detrich (1947), (12)
- József Ádám (1947–49), (42)
- Sándor Felföldi (1949)
- József Tomecskó (1950–52), (101)
- Pál Szabó (1952), (45)
- Pál Jávor (footballer) (1953–55), (58)
- Béla Jánosi (1953–54), (24)
- Sándor Felföldi (1956–57), (34)
- János Steiner (1957), (11)
- Pál Teleki (footballer) (1957–58), (88)
- Gábor Kiss (1958–60), (39)
- Gyula Bodola (1960–61), (35)
- József Mágori (1961), (6)
- Márton Bukovi (1962–63), (46)
- György Nagy (1963–65), (53)
- Kálmán Preiner (1965–66)
- Pál Szabó (footballer) (1967), (45)
- Gyula Teleki (1968), (23)
- Gusztáv Sebes (1968)
- Oszkár Szigeti (1968), (7)
- Sándor Tátrai (1969–70), (51)
- József Tóth (footballer born 1951) (1970–71), (10)
- Imre Mathesz (1970–72), (45)
- Kálmán Preiner (1972–74), (105)
- Géza Szabó (1974–81), (215)
- István Deák (1981), (14)
- Lajos Puskás (1981–83), (64)
- Ferenc Fekete (1983–84), (18)
- Imre Hajas (1984), (12)
- László Bánkuti (1984–86), (61)
- Béla Gál (1986), (34)
- György Száger (1987–88), (57)
- Dr. Gábor Petróczy (1988–89), (27)
- László Kiss (footballer) (1989), (3)
- Tibor Palicskó (1989–91), (60)
- László Vlad (1991–92), (19)
- Barnabás Tornyi (1992), (11)
- István Sándor(footballer) (1992–93), (45)
- Antal Szentmihályi (1994), (6)
- Vilmos Kálmán (1994), (3)
- László Szepessy (1994), (6)
- Ferenc Oláh (1994–95), (41)
- Zoltán Leskó (1995–96), (7)

- József Verebes (1996), (12)
- Barnabás Tornyi (1996–98), (51)
- Gábor Szapor (1999 spring), (7)
- Miklós Temesvári (1999–00), (27)
- Zoltán Varga (footballer) (2000), (9)
- Géza Huszák (2000), (7)
- János Pajkos (2002–03)
- Károly Gergely (2003–04)
- Tibor Őze (2004)
- Lajos Détári (2004), (0)
- József Kiprich (2004), (6)
- György Gálhidi (2004–05), (23)
- János Pajkos/ Zoran Kuntic (2005), (10)
- János Pajkos (2006), (15)
- János Csank (2006–07), (30)
- János Pajkos (2007), (10)
- Attila Vágó (2007–08), (27)
- Miklós Benczés (2008), (2)
- Tibor Sisa (2008–09), (5)
- György Gálhidi (2009 spring), (15)
- Zoltán Aczél (2009 fall), (15)
- Barnabás Tornyi (2010), (6)
- László Tóth (2010), (5)
- Miklós Benczés (2010-), (34)

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