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Beveren is a football (soccer) club from Belgium.

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About Beveren

Koninklijke Sportkring Beveren was a Belgium association football football team from the town of Beveren in East Flanders. It was famous for its goalkeeping school that has produced such players as Jean-Marie Pfaff, Filip De Wilde, Geert De Vlieger, Erwin Lemmens, and Tristan Peersman, all of whom have played for the Belgium national football team. Wilfried Van Moer, a midfielder who also went on to represent Belgium, started his career at Beveren. The club dissolved in June 2010 to merge with KV Red Star Waasland, becoming K.V. Red Star Waasland-Beveren.


A club named Standaard Club Beveren was founded in 1921 and it merged later with FC Amical , but the club folded in 1931. Three years later, the footballers of Standaard Club decided to found a new club, which they named SK Beveren-Waes. It became a member of the Belgian Football Association in 1935. Ten seasons after, the club changed its name to SK Beveren-Waas (Beveren is a town in the Waasland - Pays de Waes region). After 14 seasons in the Belgian Provincial leagues, Beveren-Waas reached the Belgian Promotion in 1948, and the Belgian Third Division in 1951.

In 1966, they reached the Belgian Second Division for the first time, and , led by future national manager Guy Thys, were surprise winners of the league. Since then, it has been relegated from the Belgian Pro League three times(1972, 1990 and 1996), but on each occasion was re-promoted at the first attempt.

The club changed its name again, to KSK Beveren, in 1978, and under this name enjoyed their greatest successes, being surprise champions in 1979 and 1984. In 1979, they beat Internazionale Milano F.C. in the Cup Winners' Cup, eventually being eliminated by FC Barcelona in the semi-finals with two shorts (1-0) defeats. During this campaign, KSK Beveren had many players with only semi-professional status. TV reporters took pleasure to call those players by their jobs : the Fireman, the Docker, the Policeman, the Employee,...

In 2006, they were threatened with loss of their professional licence and subsequent relegation to the third division, but eventually won an appeal to preserve their status. In 2007, however, the club ended last in the Jupiler League and was forced to go to the second division.

In 2010, few weeks before the end of the championship, the club announced that due to its financial situation it didn't apply for a professional license and chose the automatic relegation to the third division for the season 2010-2011.

Arsenal controversy

Between 2001 and 2006, the club had a co-operation agreement with Arsenal F.C.. Several players were loaned between the teams and friendlies played. The agreement expired on 1 July 2006.

Subsequent to an investigation by BBC Television's Newsnight, FIFA requested the English The Football Association investigate the relationship between the two clubs.

In 2001, Belgian police concluded that a loan of over euro1.5 million had been made by Arsenal to the company Goal, which helped secure Beveren's financial position. Newsnight have alleged this may breach club ownership rules under FIFA regulations. The accusation is refuted by Arsenal, who state that the payment was an interest free loan and has no effect on the administration of the club. The FA and FIFA cleared both clubs of any wrongdoing.

Several players have been loaned between the two clubs or had trials. Only Emmanuel Eboué and Igors Stepanovs, however, completed permanent moves to the clubs in this time period, the former to Arsenal and the latter to Beveren.

Notable former players

- Wilfried Van Moer
- Jean Janssens (footballer)
- Jean Marie Pfaff
- Marc Baecke
- Freddy Buyl
- Peter Crève
- Patrick Stalmans
- Paul Vangenechten
- Paul Theunis
- Filip De Wilde
- Hans Christiaens
- Omer Janssens
- Paul Lambrichts
- Erwin Lemmens
- Dominique Lemoine
- Ronny Martens
- Geert De Vlieger
- Stéphane Van Der Heyden
- Benoît Thans
- Tristan Peersman
- Wim De Decker
- Gilbert Bodart
- Frederic Pierre
- Bjorn Vleminckx
- Sandy Martens
- Karel Snoeckx
- Pieter Collen
- Nathan D'Haemers
Côte d'Ivoire
- Venance Zézé
- Arthur Boka
- Emmanuel Eboué
- Igor Lolo
- Armand Mahan
- Romaric (footballer)
- Yaya Touré
- Kafoumba Coulibaly
- Gilles Yapi Yapo
- Boubacar Barry
- Marco Né
- Abdoulaye Djire
- Seydou Badjan Kanté
- Gervais Yao Kouassi
- Ebrahim Savaneh
- Igors Stepanovs
- Tomas Danilevičius
- Younous Oumouri
- Mahamadou Dissa
- Khalid Fouhami
Republic of the Congo
- Yannick Salem
- Jimmy Mulisa
- Kuami Agboh
- Erwin Albert
- Heinz Schönberger
- David Le Bras
- Guðmundur Torfason

- Raheem Alibhai
- Roberto Giacomi
- Krunoslav Jurčić
- Liam Chilvers
- David Fairclough
- John Halls
- Steve Sidwell
- Graham Stack (footballer)
- Moshe Sinai

- Edwin van Ankeren
- Wim Hofkens
- Peter van Velzen
- Eric Viscaal
- Peter van Vossen
- Maurice van Ham
- Chidi Nwanu
- Marek Kusto
- Marcin Żewłakow
- Michał Żewłakow
- Sašo Udovič

Noted managers

- 1966-1969: Guy Thys
- 1974-1975: Jef Jurion
- 1975-1978: Urbain Braems
- 1981-1984: Urbain Braems
- 1986-1988: Ladislav Novák
- 1988-1989: René Desaeyere
- 1990-1992: Johan Boskamp
- 1992-1995: Jos Daerden
- 1995-1996: René Desaeyere, Dimitri Davidovic, Barry Hulshoff
- 1999-2001: Emilio Ferrera
- 2001-2002: Jean-Marc Guillou, Regis Laguesse, Thierry Pister
- 2005-2006: Vincent Dufour
- 2006-2007: Walter Meeuws
- 2007-2009: Alex Czerniatynski
- 2009-2010: Johan Boskamp


- Belgian First Division:
- - Winners (2): 1978-79, 1983–84
- Belgian Second Division:
- - Winners (4): 1966-67, 1972–73, 1990–91, 1996–97
- Belgian Cup:
- - Winners (2): 1977-78, 1982–83
- - Runners-up (3): 1979-80, 1984–85, 2003–04
- Belgian Supercup:
- - Winners (2): 1979, 1984
- - Runners-up (2): 1980, 1983
- Goalkeeper (association football) Barry Boubacar (Côte d'Ivoire national football team) and Defender (football)/midfielder Kuami Agboh (Togo national football team) have been called up to the 2006 FIFA World Cup.

European record

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