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Westerlo is a football (soccer) club from Belgium.

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About Westerlo

Koninklijk Voetbal Club Westerlo (often simply called Westerlo ) is a Belgium professional Association football club located in the city of Westerlo in the province of Antwerp (province). Westerlo has been playing in the Belgian Pro League since Belgian First Division 1997-98. Their highest finish is a 6th place in Belgian First Division 1999-2000, 2003–04 Belgian First Division and 2008–09 Belgian First Division. They have won one Belgian Cup. The only player who has ever been called up for the Belgium national football team while at Westerlo is Toni Brogno (7 caps, all of them while at Westerlo).

The club was founded in 1933 and they registered to the Royal Belgian Football Association in 1935, receiving the Football in Belgium Matricule numbers 2024. Their colours are yellow and blue. They play their home matches at the Het Kuipje. Westerlo are currently a feeder club to Premier League club Chelsea F.C..


K.V.C. Westerlo was founded in the city of Westerlo by students in 1917, and it was named Sportkring De Bist Westerlo. After five years of existence, the club retired. The club Bist Sport was created in 1931 and it changed its name to Sportkring Westerlo two years later. At that time. some players left the club to found Westerlo Sport, the ancestor of K.V.C. Westerlo. The club registered to the Belgian Football Association on 1 October 1935. In 1939, the club won its Belgian Provincial leagues for the first time. Five years later, Sportkring Westerlo and dissident Westerlo Sport decided to merge in spite of the rivalry between the teams, and the new club was called V.C. Westerlo.

It became champion of the Belgian Provincial leagues in 1960. Eight years later it played its first season at the national level in Belgian Promotion and it won its league to play the Belgian Third Division in 1969. At the end of the season, Westerlo missed a third title in a row, finishing second behind K.A.S. Eupen. The next year, the club was relegated after the playoff and it stayed in the Promotion for ten seasons. The club then underwent two relegations in a row and thus played in the Antwerp second division in 1982–83. Westerlo was then promoted for three consecutive years to qualify for the third division once again. In 1993, the club promoted to the Belgian Second Division and then to the first division in 1997. In 1996, the club added the prefix Koninklijke (meaning "Royal" in Dutch language) to its name.


Westerlo plays its home matches at Het Kuipje, which means "The Small Tank" in Dutch. It is believed to be reference to the De Kuip that is nicknamed De Kuip ("The Tank"). Its capacity is of 7,982 with 5,556 seats.


- Belgian Second Division:
- - Runners-up (1): 1996–97
- Belgian Second Division Final Round:
- - Winners (1): 1997
- Belgian Cup:
- - Winners (1): 2000–01
- - Runners-up (1): 2010–11
- Belgian Supercup:
- - Runners-up (1): 2001

European record

For recent transfers, see List of Belgian football transfers summer 2011 Westerlo.

Notable players

- Alex Brosque
- Toni Brogno
- Christian Brüls
- Yves De Winter
- Bernt Evens
- Wim Mennes
- Benoît Thans
- Kevin Vandenbergh

- Stef Wils
- Adnan Mravac
- Jakson Coelho
- Paulo Henrique Carneiro Filho
- Lukáš Zelenka
- Joe Keenan (footballer)
- Nabil Dirar
- Tosin Dosunmu

- Bobsam Elejiko
- Obiora Odita
- Patrick Ogunsoto
- Emmanuel Sarki
- Peter Utaka
- Daniel Chávez
- Nelinho Quina
- Oleksandr Pavlovych Yakovenko


- Louis Leysen (1982–84)
- Jos Heyligen (1984–86)
- Marcel Corens (1986–88)
- Dirk Verbraken (1989)
- Raymond Jaspers (1989)
- Dirk Verbraken (1990–92)
- Jos Heyligen (1992–93)
- Werner Helsen (1993)
- Stef Verelst (1993)
- Barry Hulshoff (1994–95)
- Erwin Vandenbergh (1995)
- Franky Dekenne (1996)
- Jos Heyligen (1996–99)
- Jan Ceulemans (1999–05)
- Herman Helleputte (2005–07)
- Jan Ceulemans (2007–)

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