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Lokeren is a football (soccer) club from Belgium.

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About Lokeren

Koninklijke Sporting Club Lokeren Oost-Vlaanderen (often simply called Sporting Lokeren or Lokeren ) is a Belgium professional association football club based in the city of Lokeren, in the province of East Flanders. Lokeren plays in the Belgian Pro League. The club was founded in 1923 and they first reach the first division in Belgian First Division 1974-75. Since then, they only had a short spell in the Belgian Second Division between 1993-94 in Belgian football and 1995-96 in Belgian football. Lokeren has been mostly successful in the 1980s, achieving a second place in the league in Belgian First Division 1980-81 as well as a Belgian Cup final the same year. Their best European result was a quarter final at the 1980-81 UEFA Cup.

In the year 2000, the club merged with K. Sint-Niklase S.K.E. They are registered to the Royal Belgian Football Association with the matricule 282. Lokeren colours are white, black and yellow. They play their home games at the Daknamstadion.


The matricule n°282 was given in 1920 in football (soccer) to a club named Football Club Racing Club Lokeren (nicknamed Racing FC), but the team stopped its activity the next year. In 1923 in football (soccer) Racing Club Lokeren was founded and registered into the Belgian Football Association. Between 1945 in football (soccer) and 1951 in football (soccer), it had a slight name change (to Racing Athletiek- en Football Club Lokeren) and the new name since 1951 was Koninklijke Racing Club Lokeren. Due to financial problems, the fusion with the other team from the town (Koninklijke Standaard F.C. Lokeren) became necessary in 1970 in football (soccer). The new club was then named Koninklijke Sporting Club Lokeren. In 2000, the club merged with Koninklijke Sint-Niklaas S.K.E. to form Sporting Lokeren Sint-Niklaas Waasland. A last name change was made in 2003 in football (soccer).


- Belgian First Division:
- - Runners-up (1): 1980-81
- Belgian Second Division:
- - Winners (1): 1995-96
- Belgian Cup:
- - Runners-up (1): 1980-81

European record

As of January 10, 2012.

Out on loan

For recent transfers, see List of Belgian football transfers summer 2009 Lokeren.

Famous former players

- Guy Dardenne
- Davy De Beule
- Maurits De Schrijver
- Filip De Wilde
- Raymond Mommens
- Jurgen Sierens
- René Verheyen
- Bruno Versavel
- Suvad Katana
- João Carlos Pinto Chaves
- Aristide Bancé
- Patrice Zéré
- Tomislav Sokota
- Jan Koller
- Roman Vonášek
- Daniel Zítka

- Elos Elonga-Ekakia
- Hervé Nzelo-Lembi
- Preben Elkjær Larsen
- Dale Tempest
- Marko Myyry
- Kari Ukkonen
- Sambégou Bangoura
- Souleymane Youla
- Marel Baldvinsson
- Arnar Grétarsson
- Arnór Guðjohnsen
- Rúnar Kristinsson
- Arnar Viðarsson
- Omer Golan
- Avi Strool
- Yoav Ziv

- Edward Linskens
- René van der Gijp
- Moussa Maazou
- Stephen Keshi
- Peter Rufai
- Samson Siasia
- Dawid Janczyk
- Grzegorz Lato
- Włodzimierz Lubański
- Jim Bett
- Jim Tolmie
- Zvonko Milojević
- Karol Dobiaš
- Mladen Dabanovič
- Adékambi Olufadé
- Đorđe Vujkov

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