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Excelsior Mouscron

Excelsior Mouscron is a football (soccer) club from Belgium.

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About Excelsior Mouscron

R.E. Mouscron was a football in Belgium club from the municipality of Mouscron, Hainaut (province). In December 2009 they were declared bankrupt and suspended operations soon after marking the end of professional football in Mouscron.


The club is the result of the merger between Stade Mouscron and A.R.A. Mouscron in 1964.

R.E. Mouscron had financial problems during the 2004–05 season and so the president and mayor of Mouscron Jean-Pierre Detremmerie left the club and was replaced by Edward Van Daele. The players with the higher wages were asked to leave the club, as did Marcin Żewłakow, Franky Vandendriessche, Geoffrey Claeys, Koen De Vleeschauwer and Alexandre Teklak.

In late 2009 Manchester City was ready to spend £3million to save R.E. Mouscron from bankruptcy and use them as a feeder club.

On 28 December 2009, Mouscron announced its third forfeit in a row because of enduring financial problems, and was thus, according to Belgian league rules, excluded from competition, with all its previous results in the 2009–10 Belgian First Division being scrapped. The club in its current form will cease to exist, with all its players (and staff) becoming free agents. It is not yet known if the club, with its current matricule, will start over in a lower league.


- Belgian Second Division:
- - Runners-up (1): 1993–94
- Belgian Second Division Final Round:
- - Winners (1): 1996
- Belgian Cup:
- - Runners-up (1): 2001–02, Belgian Cup 2005-06

European record

Notable players

- Walter Baseggio
- Jonathan Blondel
- Geoffrey Claeys
- Steve Dugardein
- Christophe Grégoire
- Axel Lawarée
- Dominique Lemoine
- Christophe Lepoint
- Maxime Lestienne
- Emile Mpenza
- Mbo Mpenza
- Luigi Pieroni
- Pascal Renier
- Stefaan Tanghe
- Alexandre Teklak
- Franky Vandendriessche
- Yves Vanderhaeghe
- Daan Van Gijseghem
- Gordan Vidović
- Mark Volders
- Samir Beloufa
- Stephen Laybutt
- Jaycee John

Bosnia and Herzegovina
- Adnan Čustović
- Bertin Tomou
- Zoran Ban
- Tonči Martić
- Cédric Berthelin
- Idir Ouali
- Abdulaziz Al Misha'an
- Marcin Żewłakow
- Michał Żewłakow
- Demba Ba
- Nenad Jestrović
- Ermin Šiljak
South Africa
- Bevan Fransman

Former coaches

- 1990–1995 : André Van Maldeghem
- 1995–1996 : Georges Leekens
- 1996–1997 : Georges Leekens, Gil Vandenbrouck
- 1997–2002 : Hugo Broos
- 2002–2003 : Lorenzo Staelens
- 2003–2004 : Georges Leekens
- 2004–2005 : Philippe Saint-Jean, Geert Broeckaert
- 2005–2006 : Geert Broeckaert, Paul Put, Gil Vandenbrouck
- 2006–2007 : Gil Vandenbrouck
- 2007-12/2008 : Marc Brys
- 12/2007-06/2009: Enzo Scifo

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