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VfB Lübeck

VfB Lübeck is a football (soccer) club from Germany.

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About VfB Lübeck

VfB Lübeck is a Football in Germany playing in Lübeck, Schleswig-Holstein in the country's north. In addition to its football side the 1,000 member sports club also has departments for badminton, women's gymnastics, team handball, and table tennis.


Foundation to WWII

The earliest origins of the club go back to a pair of predecessor sides; Ballsportverein Vorwärts Lübeck established on 1 April 1919 and Sportvereinigung Polizei Lübeck founded in 1921.

BSV Vorwärts Lübeck played as an unheralded local side until 1933 when it was dismantled by the Nazi regime, which regarded workers sports clubs of the sort as politically undesirable. The club's membership became part of SVP and the expanded association joined the Gauliga Nordmark, one of sixteen top flight divisions formed in the 1933 reorganization of German football under the Third Reich.

The club was renamed Polizei Sportverein Lübeck in 1935 and played in the Gauliga Nordmark until 1942, with its best results coming as third place finishes. PSV made unsuccessful qualification round appearances in play for the Tschammerpokal, predecessor of today's DFB-Pokal (German Cup) in 1936–38. In 1942 the club was again renamed, becoming Sportgemeinschaft der Ordnungspolizei Lübeck, and moved to the Gauliga Schleswig-Holstein when wartime conditions forced the breakup of the Gauliga Nordmark into three more local divisions.

Post-war era to present

Following the 1963 formation of the Bundesliga, the country's professional first division circuit, the team settled into the Regionalliga Nord (II), generally earning mid-table results. A second place finish in 1969 led VfB to the qualification round for the Bundesliga, where they finished last in their group with only a single point from eight matches.

After 1974, VfB slipped from the ranks of second tier teams to fourth division Landesliga Schleswig-Holstein. They recovered a place in the 2nd Bundesliga (football) just over two decades later and resumed their role as an "elevator side", moving frequently between the second and third divisions. In 2004, the team reached the semi-finals of the DFB-Pokal (German Cup), but lost to Werder Bremen in extra time. They currently play in the Regionalliga Nord (IV) where they earned two consecutive third place finishes before slipping to ninth this past season.

After it was revealed that the club has been suffering from financial difficulties, it finally filed for bankruptcy at the district court Lübeck in April 2008.

In July 2009, VfB Lübeck shocked Fußball-Bundesliga club 1. FSV Mainz 05, beating them 2–1 extra time in the first round of the DFB-Pokal 2009–10. They were eliminated in the next round by VfB Stuttgart (3:1) after again taking a Bundesliga club into extra time.

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VfB Lübeck II squad

- Manager: Wolf Müller

Notable players

Famous players

- Giuseppe Canale (footballer)

- Cedric Makiadi

- Silvio Adzic

- Timo Achenbach
- Benjamin Baltes
- Dietmar Hirsch
- Torben Hoffmann
- Dennis Kruppke
- Markus Kullig
- Joseph Laumann
- Enrico Neitzel
- Tobias Schweinsteiger
- Jörn Schwinkendorf
- Florian Thorwart
- Holger Wehlage
- Thomas Hallion
- André Golke

- Alexander Iashvili

- Francis Bugri

- Ferydoon Zandi

- Gustav Policella

- Naoki Imaya

- Aleksei Anatolyevich Kozlov

- Daniel Thioune
- Ali Dia

- Deniz Dogan
- Hüseyin Doğan
- Deniz Kadah

- Jacob Thomas (soccer)

Former players

- Idris Alioua
- Salih Altin
- Florent Aziri
- Daniel Bärwolf
- Kevin Becker
- Michael Butrej
- Daniel Cartus
- Alessandro Caruso
- Francesco di Frisco
- Arek Florczak
- Alexander Frank
- Dustin Heun
- Jan Hoffmann
- Achim Hollerieth
- Jiri Homola
- Dmytro Grybkow
- Riza Karadas
- Necati Kayahan
- Hendrik Alexander Koep
- Fabian Kolodzick
- Mohamed Labiadh
- Sita Lutula
- Thomas Manthey
- Ivan Markow
- Abdoul Karim Martens
- Oliver Madejski
- Antoine Mbassa-Kone
- Farai Mbidzo
- George Stanley Mbwando
- Imad Mokaddem
- Mürsat Morina
- Wolf Müller
- Zbigniew Murdza
- Hannes Niemeyer
- Athanasios Noutsos
- Darko Novacic
- Ole Oberbeck
- Thomas Ollhoff
- Naim Osmani
- Jens Paeslack
- Kevin Perusko
- Thomas Piper
- Martin Przondziono
- Serkan Rinal
- Roberto Rivelino
- Metin Sari
- Mark Sembritzki
- Rouven Schröder
- Lutz Schwerinski
- Marcel Skordos
- Stefan Studtrucker
- Dennis Sudbrak
- Károly Szanyó
- Finn-Lasse Thomas
- Mustafa Turgut
- Ibrahim Türkmen
- Vidmantas Vysniauskas
- Jan Vierig
- Carsten Wehlmann
- Ayhan Yazici
- Tahir Yavuz
- Ramazan Yildirim
- Karol Zaborowski

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