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KFC Uerdingen

KFC Uerdingen is a football (soccer) club from Germany.

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About KFC Uerdingen

KFC Uerdingen 05 is a Football in Germany in the Uerdingen district of the city of Krefeld, North Rhine-Westphalia. The one time Bundesliga side enjoyed its greatest successes in the 1980s, but most recently has been part of fifth and sixth tier competition.


The club was founded on 17 November 1905 as Fußball-Club Uerdingen 05. On 1 August 1919, following World War I, FC was joined by Sportvereinigung des Realgymnasiums Urdingen. During World War II from 1941–45 the club played as part of the combined wartime side Kriegspielgemeinschaft Uerdingen alongside VfB 1910 Uerdingen (which was known from 1910–19 as Sport-Club Preussen Uerdingen). That partnership continued after the war with the two clubs playing as Spielvereinigung Uerdingen 05. On 20 February 1948, VfB became independent again and in 1950 SpVgg resumed their original identity as FC Uerdingen 05.

In 1953, the club merged with Werkssportgruppe Bayer AG Uerdingen, the local worker's sports club of the chemical giant Bayer, becoming FC Bayer 05 Uerdingen. Bayer withdrew its sponsorship of the football team in 1995 at which time the club took on the name Krefelder Fußball-Club Uerdingen 05. Bayer continues to support the non-footballing departments of the club as Sport-Club Bayer 05 Uerdingen.

Uerdingen played in the amateur local leagues throughout their early history. By early 1960s they had advanced as far as the Amateurliga Niederrhein (III) where they would play until 1971 when they stepped up into the Regionalliga West (II). The club then enjoyed a succession of strong finishes: a second place result in 1974–75 earned them promotion to the top flight Fußball-Bundesliga, where they finished dead last. After three seasons in the second tier 2. Fußball-Bundesliga Nord (1974–1981), another second place finish returned Uerdingen to the Bundesliga in 1979, this time for a two year stay. The club would go on to enjoy its most successful years through the 1980s. They returned to the Bundesliga in 1983 and earned a best-ever third place result there in 1986. Uerdingen also captured the DFB-Pokal (German Cup) in 1985 with a 2:1 victory over Bundesliga champions Bayern Munich in Berlin Olympiastadion.

Legendary in the club's history from this time is their victory over Dynamo Dresden in the quarter-finals of the 1986 European Cup Winners Cup. Down 0–2 after the first leg away and behind 1–3 by half-time at home in the return leg, Uerdingen came storming back with six unanswered goals to win 7–3.

In 1987, Uerdingen also became the first club to win both the German Under 19 Bundesliga (football) and Under 17 Bundesliga (football) championship in the same season.

The team spent the first half of the 1990s as an "elevator crew" bouncing up and down between the Bundesliga and 2. Fußball-Bundesliga. After the 1995 season Bayer withdrew its sponsorship of the football team which has suffered chronic financial difficulties ever since. Uerdingen took up their final year of play in the Bundesliga in the 1995–96 season as Krefelder Fußball-Club Uerdingen 05. By the turn of the millennium they had slipped through the second division and into third division play. The club's persistent financial problems led the German Football Association to deny them a license for play in the Regionalliga Nord (III) in 2003 despite a mid-table finish and they were relegated to the Oberliga Nordrhein (IV).

Veteran manager and Fortuna Düsseldorf legend Aleksandar Ristić was put in charge of the team as German football was reorganised with the introduction the new 3. Fußball-Liga in 2008–09. KFC attempted to qualify for the restructured Regionalliga (IV), but failed in its attempt and was instead relegated to the Verbandsliga (VI) after finishing 13th.

In 2010–11, the club won the Verbandsliga and thus gained promotion to the NRW-Liga (V). It was the first promotion in 17 years.

KFC has struggled with financial difficulties in recent years, and its efforts to raise money included auctioning on eBay the right to coach the squad for one match and inviting childhood fan Pete Doherty to a league match.


- DFB-Pokal: 1985

- UEFA Intertoto Cup: 1988, 1990, 1991, 1992

- European Cup Winners' Cup: Semi-finals UEFA Cup Winners' Cup 1985-86

- Verbandsliga Niederrhein: 2010–11;


- German Under 19 championship (football)
- - Champions: 1987
- German Under 17 championship (football)
- - Champions: 1987

Recent seasons

Notable players

Manager History

- 07.01.1970 – 06.30.1977 Klaus Quinkert
- 07.01.1977 – 06.30.1979 Siegfried Melzig
- 07.01.1979 – 06.30.1981 Horst Buhtz
- 07.01.1981 – 06.30.1983 Werner Biskup
- 07.01.1983 – 06.30.1984 Friedhelm Konietzka
- 07.01.1984 – 06.30.1987 Karl-Heinz Feldkamp
- 07.01.1987 – 12.01.1987 Horst Köppel
- 12.08.1987 – 06.30.1989 Rolf Schafstall
- 07.01.1989 – 11.25.1990 Horst Wohlers
- 11.26.1990 – 06.02.1991 Friedhelm Konietzka
- 06.03.1991 – 05.13.1996 Friedhelm Funkel
- 05.14.1996 – 06.30.1996 Armin Reutershahn
- 07.01.1996 – 06.30.1997 Hans-Ulrich Thomale
- 07.01.1997 – 09.29.1998 Jürgen Gelsdorf
- 09.30.1998 – 03.28.1999 Henk ten Cate
- 03.28.1999 – 06.30.1999 Ernst Middendorp
- 07.01.1999 – 10.31.1999 Herbert Schäty
- 11.01.1999 – 06.30.2000 Peter Vollmann
- 07.01.2000 – 06.30.2002 Jos Luhukay
- 07.01.2002 – 05.13.2004 Claus-Dieter Wollitz
- 07.01.2004 – 06.30.2006 Wolfgang Maes
- 07.01.2006 – 06.30.2007 Jürgen Luginger
- 07.01.2007 – 03.22.2008 Aleksandar Ristić
- 03.24.2008 – 06.30.2008 Klaus Berge
- 07.01.2008 – 08.11.2008 Richard Towa
- 08.11.2008 – 18.09.2009 Uwe Weidemann
- 18.09.2009 – 30.03.2010 Wolfgang Maes
- 31.03.2010 – 17.05.2010 Edgar Schmitt
- 10.06.2010 – 05.11.2011 Peter Wongrowitz
- Since 15.11.2011 Jörg Jung

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