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Lüdenscheid is a football (soccer) club from Germany.

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About Lüdenscheid

Lüdenscheid is a town in the Märkischer Kreis district, in North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany. It is located in the Sauerland region. Lüdenscheid is seat of the administration of the Märkischer Kreis district. However, the district council meets in the district hall in Iserlohn.


Lüdenscheid is located on the saddle of the watershed between the Lenne and Volme rivers which both empty into the Ruhr river, with three smaller valleys leading to them. The saddle has a height of 420 meters, higher elevations on the watershed are an unnamed hilltop of 505 meters in the north, and the 663 meters high Nordhelle in the Ebbegebirge mountain range. In the surrounding mountainous area, half a dozen barriers created artificial lakes to regulate the water flow of the Ruhr river and to provide drinking water. The mountainous nature of the city's territory gave rise to the nickname "Bergstadt" (mountain town). The original settlement circles around the church built on a ledge of the slope above the saddle.


While first settlement in the Lüdenscheid area is confirmed for the 9th century, the first mention of the place as a village was made in 1067 and as a city in 1268. In the 15th and 16th century Lüdenscheid was a member of the Hanseatic League. Since 1609 the town belonged to Prince-elector of Brandenburg, the later Prussia. In 1815 it became part of the new Prussian Province of Westphalia, and 1975, with the creation of the Märkischer Kreis, became seat of its administration. In 1898 the aluminium framework of the first Zeppelin airship was built in the factory of Carl Berg (airship builder) in Lüdenscheid.


Lüdenscheid is an industrial town dominated by a small and medium sized metal and plastics industry, with the largest company employing 2000 people in Lüdenscheid, others employing 800 or less.

The economic importance was based on the one hand by the central functions of the town for the surrounding locations, and by the metal ore mining in the wider surrounding area (osmond process), which were exploited in the Middle Ages. While the ore was processed in the hammers and wire drawers with the water power in the surrounding valleys, a number of artisanal smitheries in Lüdenscheid made finished products of those materials. In order to market these products to a wider area, Lüdenscheid joined the Hanseatic League.

With the emergence of the industrial age, the production of buttons and buckles played a large role, reflected in the "Knopfmuseum" (Button museum). Later, new materials like aluminium, bakelite, and plastics were adopted. A supporting industry producing the forms for the stamping, blanking, pressing and casting emerged and still plays an important part in Lüdenscheid's industry.

Production of parts of the auto industry and of fittings for electrical installations play an important role as well as continuous casting of aluminium profiles. Products notable to end consumers are lamps and lighting systems and toys.

Places of interest

- Erlöserkirche (Church of the Redeemer)
- Water castle Neuenhof
- Homert tower
- Versetalsperre (River "Verse" reservoir)
- City Museum

Coat of arms

The coat of arms shows Medardus as the patron of the city. Below it has the red-and-white checked fess from the arms of the Mark (earldom). The city wall at the bottom denotes the city rights that Lüdenscheid received in 1287.


Lüdenscheid-Nord is a mockery name of the football (soccer) club Borussia Dortmund, most commonly used by the fans of FC Schalke 04. The real football club Rot-Weiß Lüdenscheid is playing in the Verbandsliga, the fourth level below the Fußball-Bundesliga, but did play once in the second Bundesliga in 1977/78.
Markus Obermeier played soccer for RW Lüdenscheid before joining Borussia Dortmund.

International relations

Lüdenscheid is town twinning with:
- file:Flag of the United Kingdom.svg Brighouse, United Kingdom since 1950/1983
- file:Flag of the Netherlands.svg Den Helder, Netherlands since 1980
- file:Flag of Belgium (civil).svg Leuven, Belgium since 1987
- file:Flag of Poland.svg Myślenice, Poland since 1989
- file:Flag of France.svg Romilly-sur-Seine, France since 1991
- file:Flag of Russia.svg Taganrog, Russia since 1991
- file:Flag of Poland.svg Town and district Kłodzko, Poland


- Carl Berg (airship builder), airship builder
- Kurt Weill, the composer had his first engagement from 1919-1921 at the theatre in Lüdenscheid.
- Paul Wieghardt, the painter was born in Lüdenscheid.
- Wilhelm Ackermann, mathematician.
- Nuri Şahin, Real Madrid midfielder.
- Adolf Schulte, World War I flying ace was born in Lüdenscheid.


One of Lüdenscheid's newspapers is the Lüdenscheider Nachrichten with its Süderländer Volksfreund.
Markus Obermeier, former Soccer Player for Rot-Weiss Luedenscheid gave his Hollywood Debut as Actor in the Role of Derrick Finch in the American Comedy "Messed Up Life" on

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