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Viborg FF

Viborg FF is a football (soccer) club from Denmark.

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About Viborg FF

Viborg FF is a Denmark professional Football (soccer) club located in Viborg, Denmark. The full name of the club is Viborg Fodsports Forening (Viborg Footsport Association), but the name is frequently abbreviated as Viborg FF or VFF. The club was founded in 1896, but would have to wait more than a century before winning its only countrywide trophy, the 2000 Danish Cup. Their most recent spell in the top Danish Superliga division began in the Danish Superliga 1998-99 and ended in the Danish Superliga 2007-08.


Viborg FF was founded in 1896, with several other sports apart from football - among other things were gymnastics, cricket, field hockey, boxing, athletics (track and field), skiing, weight-lifting, and wrestling.

The first big sporting highlight of the club came in 1924 in football (soccer), when Viborg FF won the championship in Mesterrækken (The Champion Division), which were the best regional division in Jutland. A big title win at the time when, among others, Aarhus Gymnastik Forening were a dominating club in Jutland.

Following the championship, Viborg FF dropped somewhat out of the picture, but never more than the club has always been on the Danish footballing map. It was a big relief for the club when it was promotion and relegation to the national competitions (4th Division) for the first time in 1959 in football (soccer), following many closely missed attempts at qualification. One of the players taking part in the promotion was Erik Bundgaard, whose 421 matches for VFF is still club record.

Except for a couple of seasons in the start of the 1970s, Viborg FF have not been relegated to a tournament lower than the national competitions since 1959. Though the country's best league have been domicile for Viborg F.F., during the last couple of years, the club has been moving up and down between the country's two best leagues.

The finest achievements of the club came in the 1999-2000 season, where the Superliga bronze medals were missed by the smallest margin. Instead, the team was celebrated as winner of the Danish Cup, the DONG Cup. They then added the Danish Super Cup, beating champions Herfølge Boldklub in a penalty shoot out.

Colours and badge

Viborg FF's colours are green and white.

In the badge there is a shamrock.


Viborg FF play their home matches on Viborg Stadion. It has a capacity of 9,566 spectators, all seated. The biggest stand is the eastern stand (2,792 seats) and the smallest is the southern (2,040 seats). The field size is 105 x 68 m, the same size as the national stadium, Parken. The light is 1200 lux. The sound comes from an Ascon PA-system. There is undersoil heating installed at the venue, which UEFA has approved as an international stadium.


Viborg FF's has no official fanclub. A former official fanclub is The Green Pride. It was founded in 1993, which makes it one of the olderDenmark. It has more than 500 members.

The first ultras-group was made in 2002 in football (soccer), when a group of teenagers lead by made Fanatikos and in 2004 Shamrock Ultras was made.

As of 11 January 2012.

Retired numbers

- 22 Søren Frederiksen (footballer born 1972), Striker, 1989–1994, 1995–1996, 1998, 2001–2005


Managerial history

- Hermann Brüchmann
- Erik Bundgaard
- Sven Aage "Svenner" Poulsen
- Finn Døssing
- Jørgen Pedersen (footballer)
- Hans Ove Andersen
- Jakob Kjeldbjerg
- Mike Burns (soccer)
- Peter Rasmussen (footballer)
- Heine Fernandez
- Søren Frederiksen (footballer born 1972)
- Steffen Højer
- Michael Gravgaard
- Jesper Christiansen
- Ralf Pedersen
- Jakob Glerup
- Imants Bleidelis
- Sasho Petrovski
- Rúrik Gíslason


- Danish Cup:
- - Winners (1): 1999-2000
- Danish Super Cup:
- - Winners (1): 2000

- 14 seasons in the Danish Superliga
- 21 seasons in the Danish 1st Division
- 12 seasons in the Danish 2nd Division

Recent history


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