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TPS Turku

TPS Turku is a football (soccer) club from Finland.

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About TPS Turku

Turun Palloseura, TPS for short and nicknamed Tepsi, is a Finland football (soccer) club based in Turku. The club was founded in 1922. TPS currently play in the Veikkausliiga, the highest level of Finnish football. They play their home matches at the 9,372 seater Veritas Stadion, Turku.


FC TPS Turku has won the Finnish Championship 8 times since 1922. The latest was in 1975, but even though it’s been a while, TPS has done well in recent years too, placing 3rd in 1996, 2007, 2009 and 2010. TPS won the Finnish Cup in 1991, 1994 and 2010 and played in the Finnish Cup final in 1996, 1997 and 2005. FC TPS Turku is also known for its excellent junior work. Several TPS players have made it to the international fields, for example Peter Enckelman who plays for St. Johnstone FC and Jonatan Johansson (footballer) who quit his career after 2010 season. Other famous TPS players are defender Niklas Moisander (AZ Alkmaar) and striker Jani Tapani Virtanen, formerly Udinese Calcio, currently Jyväskylän Jalkapalloklubi.

In the early stages of the UEFA Cup of the season 1987–1988, TPS beat F.C. Internazionale Milano at the San Siro stadium in Milan, thanks to a goal by Mika Aaltonen, who was later signed by Inter. They lost the return leg with 0–2, but this is widely regarded as the highest point by the club in international football.

After season 2000 TPS lost its place in Finland's Premier League and played for two seasons in the Ykkönen (eng first) in the Finnish first division. They aimed to get back up to the Premier League with determination and it took them two seasons to complete the mission. Since season 2003 TPS has again played in the Finland’s Premier League, Veikkausliiga. TPS managed to get in the final of the Finnish Cup in 2005, but lost to Haka 4–1 in Finnair Stadium

Before season 2007 TPS hired famous Finnish striker Mixu Paatelainen as their manager. In his guidande TPS won bronze and so ended their ten years medalless run. After the end of season Paatelainen left for Scotland club Hibernian FC in early January 2008. Quickly TPS hired heralded Finnish manager Martti Kuusela. However Kuusela didn't get the best out of his squad and was fired mid September 2008. Afterall TPS ended sixth in Veikkausliiga. So again TPS have to get a new manager, their third in as many seasons. This time they picked Finnish "motor-mouth" Pasi Rautiainen.

In recent years, TPS has had the highest average attendance in Veikkausliiga but it has suffered from a poor rental agreement with Veritas Stadion. This has led TPS for planning to build their own stadium in Nummi. They have also considered the possibility of using the Paavo Nurmi Stadion as their home ground.


- Finnish Championship: 8
- - In cup-format: 1 (1928), in league competition: 7 (1939, 1941, 1949, 1968, 1971, 1972, 1975)
- Finnish Cup: 3
- - 1991, 1994, 2010

Season to season

- 16 seasons in Veikkausliiga
- 2 seasons in Ykkönen

- Mika Ääritalo
- Marco Casagrande (footballer)
- Dan-Ola Eckerman
- Peter Enckelman
- Markus Heikkinen
- Jarno Heinikangas
- Kasper Hämäläinen
- Jonatan Johansson (footballer)
- Niklas Moisander
- Mika Nurmela
- Jussi Nuorela
- Roope Riski
- Riku Riski
- Urmas Rooba


- Juuso Lampila (1939–47)
- Imre Markos (1948–50)
- Raino Suominen (1951–54)
- Leo Aaltonen (1955–59)
- Knut Gustafsson (1960–61)
- Olli Virho (1962)
- Kalevi Lehtovirta (1962)
- Leo Aaltonen (1963)
- Tage Friedfeld (1964)
- Leo Aaltonen (1964)
- Rainer Forss (1965–70)
- Paavo Nenonen (1971)
- Lars Nyström (1972)
- Manuel Gerpe (1973)

- Paavo Nenonen (1973–74)
- Olavi Laaksosen (1975–77)
- Tommy Lindholm (1978)
- Tapio Harittu (1978–80)
- Raimo Toivanen (1980–83)
- Hans Martin (1981–84)
- Timo Sinkkonen (1984)
- Rainer Forss (1985)
- Timo Sinkkonen (1985)
- Tommy Lindholm (1986–88)
- Heikki Suhonen (1989–90)
- Weijo Wahlsten (1989–90)
- Heikki Suhonen (1991)
- Tommy Lindholm (1991)

- Raimo Toivanen (1992–93)
- Pauno Kymäläinen (1993)
- Tomi Jalo (1993)
- Juha Malinen (1993–97)
- Siegfrid Meltzig (1998)
- Seppo Miettinen (1998–00)
- Mika Laurikainen (2001–03)
- Kari Ukkonen (2004–06)
- Mixu Paatelainen (2007)
- Martti Kuusela (2008)
- Pasi Rautiainen (2009–10)
- Marko Rajamäki (2010–)

In Europe

{, including season 2010–11.

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