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FC TVMK is a football (soccer) club from Estonia.


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FC TVMK is a defunct Estonian Football (soccer) club. TVMK won the Estonian Meistriliiga in 2005. They are also multiple winners of the Estonian Cup.


Name History

- TVMK Tallinn (1951–1991)
- TVMV Tallinn (1992)
- Tevalte-Marlekor (1995–1996)
- FC Marlekor (1996–1997)
- TVMK Tallinn (1997–2008)

Founded in 1951, TVMK played in regional leagues until 1986, when the club eneterd the "Jõgeva III division", winning promotion to the II liiga the same year. TVMK won the Estonian SSR title in 1990 and the league plus cup double the following year, the last title before Estonia regained its independence. The club was renamed TVMV Tallinn for the next season. The following year the club was acquired by the Nikol company and it's generally believed that the history of the original TVMK ended at that point. The newly-created Nikol Tallinn served as a prototype for the creation of Lantana Tallinn two years later. Just to avoid any possible confusion, Nikol is usually viewed as a separate club. The future of TVMK and its history is generally linked with the acquisition of Tevalte Tallinn (formerly "Vigri") by the Marlekor company in 1995, the same company that privatization "Tallinn's furniture and plywood factory" (abbreviated simply as TVMK in Estonian language) in 1993. The company's name was changed to "AS TVMK" in 1997 and the club's historic name was restored the same year.

TVMK won their first Meistriliiga title in 2005 Meistriliiga.

After the title

After winning the title a year before, TVMK lost several key players to other clubs in the pre-season. Club top scorers Ingemar Teever and Tarmo Neemelo left to Allsvenskan (although the latter would later return on loan, after a troubled start abroad), Maksim Smirnov and Deniss Malov left for rivals FC Levadia, Egidijus Juška returned to Lithuania. Vyacheslav Bulavin continued as the head coach, but was sacked in mid-season, with the former Russia international Sergei Yuran taking over. The fortunes didn't change much though, and the highlights of the season were winning the Estonian Cup and Estonian Super Cup, as the club finished only fourth in the league. The following season Yuran left for Shinnik Yaroslavl. Vjatšeslav Smirnov took over and led the team to a third-place finish in the league. After the 2007 Meistriliiga Pjotr Sedin, the chairman, announced that the club is currently considering a possibility of giving up their professional status, because of financial difficulties.


- Meistriliiga: (1)
2005 Meistriliiga

- Estonian Cup: (2)
2002–03, 2005–06

- Estonian SuperCup: (2)
2005, 2006

FC TVMK in Estonian Football

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PlotArea = left:10 right:10 bottom:30 top:10
TimeAxis = orientation:horizontal format:yyyy
DateFormat = dd/mm/yyyy
Period = from:01/01/1995 till:01/07/2008
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from:01/07/1995 till:01/07/1996 shift:(0,-4) text:3
from:01/07/1996 till:01/07/1997 shift:(0,-4) text:5
from:01/07/1997 till:01/07/1998 shift:(0,-4) text:6 – 6
from:01/07/1998 till:01/07/1999 shift:(0,-4) text: 5
from:01/07/1999 till:01/07/2000 shift:(0,-4) text:3
from:01/07/2000 till:01/07/2001 shift:(0,-4) text:2
from:01/07/2001 till:01/07/2002 shift:(0,-4) text:3
from:01/07/2002 till:01/07/2003 shift:(0,-4) text:2
from:01/07/2003 till:01/07/2004 shift:(0,-4) text:2
from:01/07/2004 till:01/07/2005 shift:(0,-4) text:1
from:01/07/2005 till:01/07/2006 shift:(0,-4) text:4
from:01/07/2006 till:01/07/2007 shift:(0,-4) text:3
from:01/07/2007 till:01/07/2008 shift:(0,-4) text:10

from:01/07/1995 till:01/07/2008 color:bl1 shift:(0,13) text: "Estonian Meistriliiga"

1 As Tevalte/Marlekor Tallinn

2 As Marlekor Tallinn

UEFA club competition results

- 1Q = 1st Qualifying Round

Squad in the middle of 2008

Players out on loan

Transfers summer 2008


Notable former players

- Oleg Andrejev
- Aivar Anniste
- Andrei Borissov
- Aleksandr Dmitrijev
- Viktors Dobrecovs
- Maksim Gruznov
- Vladislav Gussev
- Kert Haavistu
- Egidijus Juška
- Toomas Kallaste
- Oliver Konsa
- Andrei Krasnopjorov
- Andrei Krõlov
- Liivo Leetma
- Tarmo Neemelo
- Arunas Pukelevicius
- Eduard Ratnikov
- Erko Saviauk
- Maksim Smirnov
- Andrei Stepanov (footballer)
- Ingemar Teever
- Sergei Terehhov
- Sergei Zenjov

See also:

Notable former coaches

- Sergei Yuran
- Vyacheslav Bulavin

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