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FC Kuressaare

FC Kuressaare is a football (soccer) club from Estonia.

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About FC Kuressaare

FC Kuressaare is an Estonian football (soccer) club based in Kuressaare. The club was founded in 1990, and plays at the Kuressaare linnastaadion. Due to their numerous promotions and relegations, they are considered as a yo-yo club. They finished 2nd in Esiliiga in 2008 and thus achieved promotion once again.

League history

ImageSize = width:650 height:60
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TimeAxis = orientation:horizontal format:yyyy
DateFormat = dd/mm/yyyy
Period = from:01/01/1997 till:01/07/2012
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from:01/01/1997 till:01/07/1997 shift:(1,-4) text:1
from:01/07/1997 till:01/07/1998 shift:(1,-4) text:6
from:01/07/1998 till:01/07/1999 shift:(1,-4) text:1
from:01/07/1999 till:01/07/2000 shift:(2,-4) text:7
from:01/07/2000 till:01/07/2001 shift:(2,-4) text:8
from:01/07/2001 till:01/07/2002 shift:(1,-4) text:2
from:01/07/2002 till:01/07/2003 shift:(1,-4) text:8
from:01/07/2003 till:01/07/2004 shift:(1,-4) text:5
from:01/07/2004 till:01/07/2005 shift:(1,-4) text:9
from:01/07/2005 till:01/07/2006 shift:(2,-4) text:2
from:01/07/2006 till:01/07/2007 shift:(1,-4) text:9
from:01/07/2007 till:01/07/2008 shift:(1,-4) text:2
from:01/07/2008 till:01/07/2009 shift:(1,-4) text:8
from:01/07/2009 till:01/07/2010 shift:(1,-4) text:9
from:01/07/2010 till:01/07/2011 shift:(1,-4) text:9
from:01/07/2011 till:01/07/2012 shift:(1,-4) text:
from:01/01/1997 till:01/07/1997 color:rn shift:(0,13) text:"III Liiga"
from:01/07/1997 till:01/07/1999 color:bl2 shift:(0,13) text:"Esiliiga"
from:01/07/1999 till:01/07/2001 color:bl1 shift:(0,13) text:"Meistriliiga"
from:01/07/2001 till:01/07/2002 color:bl2 shift:(0,13) text:"EL"
from:01/07/2002 till:01/07/2003 color:bl1 shift:(0,13) text:"ML"
from:01/07/2003 till:01/07/2004 color:bl2 shift:(0,13) text:"EL"
from:01/07/2004 till:01/07/2005 color:bl1 shift:(0,13) text:"ML"
from:01/07/2005 till:01/07/2006 color:bl2 shift:(0,13) text:"EL"
from:01/07/2006 till:01/07/2007 color:bl1 shift:(0,13) text:"ML"
from:01/07/2007 till:01/07/2008 color:bl2 shift:(0,13) text:"EL"
from:01/07/2008 till:01/07/2012 color:bl1 shift:(0,13) text:"Meistriliiga"

W – Western Zone


As of January 9, 2012.


Notable former players

- Viktor Alonen
- Tõnis Kalde
- Risto Kallaste
- Dmitri Kulikov
- Alari Lell

- Marek Lemsalu
- Martin Lepa
- Tarmo Neemelo
- Jan Õun
- Tarmo Saks

- Maksim Smirnov
- Mark Švets
- Rainer Veskimäe
- Otar Korgalidze
- Valdemaras Martinkėnas

- Svajūnas Rauckis
- Tomas Sirevičius
- Trond Inge Haugland
- Kim Solberg

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Player records

As of 5 November 2011.

Most league appearances

Most league goals


- Jan Važinski (1998–09)
- Sergei Zamogilnõi (20??–)

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