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West Ham United

West Ham United is a football (soccer) club from England.

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About West Ham United

{{Football club infobox

The team played on a strictly amateur basis for 1895 at least, with a team featuring a number of works employees including Thomas Freeman (ships fireman), Walter Parks (clerk), Tom Mundy, Walter Tranter and James Lindsay (all boilermakers), William Chapman, George Sage, and William Chamberlain and apprentice riveter Charlie Dove. were the first ever winners of the West Ham Charity Cup in 1895 contested by clubs in the locality, then won the London League in 1897. They turned professional in 1898 upon entering the Southern Football League Second Division, and were promoted to the First Division at the first attempt. The following year they came second from bottom, but had established themselves as a fully-fledged competitive team. They comfortably fended off the challenge of local rivals Fulham F.C in a relegation play-off, 5-1 in late April 1900 and retained their First Division status.

The reborn club continued to play their games at the Memorial Ground in Plaistow, Newham (funded by Arnold Hills) but moved to a Association football pitch in the Upton Park area when the team officially severed ties with the company (losing their works provisioned offices in the process). After being made groundless in 1901 the team became transient, playing their home games on a number of local teams' grounds until moving to its current home, Upton Park (in the guise of the Boleyn Ground stadium), in 1904.

West Ham's first game in their new home was against local rivals Millwall F.C and as the Daily Mirror wrote on 2 September 1904:

West Ham Utd F.C. had joined the Western League for the 1901 season in addition to continuing playing in the Southern Division 1. In 1907 West Ham were crowned the Western League Division 1B Champions, and then defeated 1A champions Fulham 1-0 to become the Western Leagues Overall Champions.. The highlight of the 2005-06 season, however, was reaching the 2006 FA Cup final, and taking favourites Liverpool F.C. to a penalty shootout, after a thrilling three-all draw. Although West Ham lost the shootout, they gained entry to the UEFA Cup as Liverpool had already qualified for the Champions League through league position.

In August 2006, West Ham completed a major coup on the last day of the transfer window, after completing the signings of Carlos Tévez and Javier Mascherano. The club was eventually bought by an Icelandic consortium, led by Eggert Magnússon in November 2006. Manager Alan Pardew was sacked after poor form during the season and was replaced by former Charlton manager Alan Curbishley.

The signings of Mascherano and Tévez were investigated by the Premier League, who were concerned that details of the transfers had been omitted from official records. The club was found guilty and fined 5.5 million pounds in April 2007. However, West Ham avoided a points deduction which ultimately became critical in their avoidance of relegation at the end of the 2006-07 season. Following on from this event, Wigan Athletic chairman Dave Whelan, supported by other sides facing possible relegation, including Fulham and Sheffield United, threatened legal action.

West Ham escaped relegation by winning seven of their last nine games, including a 1-0 win over Arsenal, and on the last day of the season defeated newly crowned League Champions Manchester United F.C. 1-0 with a goal by Tevez to finish 15th, above the relegation zone. Tevez' contributions were arguably important to the survival of the club in the Premier League as he scored seven goals, five of them crucial, in the last couple of months of the season to enable the team to stay up, notwithstanding his ineffectiveness throughout the early part of the season.

In the 2007-08 in English football, West Ham had a reasonably consistent place in the top half of the league table despite a slew of injuries; new signings Craig Bellamy and Kieron Dyer missed most of the campaign. The last game of the season, at the Boleyn Ground, saw West Ham draw 2-2 against Aston Villa F.C.; ensuring 10th place, finishing three points ahead of rivals Tottenham Hotspur F.C.. It was a five-place improvement on the previous season, and most importantly West Ham were never under any realistic threat of relegation.

After a row with the board over the sale of defenders Anton Ferdinand and George McCartney to Sunderland FC, manager Alan Curbishley resigned on 3 September 2008. His successor, the former Chelsea striker Gianfranco Zola took over on 11 September 2008 and in so doing became the club's first foreign manager (The Scottish manager Lou Macari was the only other manager not from England), to coach the club and became West Ham's 12th manager..

In the 2008-09 in English football, under Zola's stewardship West Ham finished 9th. Zola's team had an impressive second half of the season just missing out on European qualification after being one point above the relegation zone on Christmas day.


The original club crest was a crossed pair of rivet hammers; tools commonly used in the iron and shipbuilding industry. A castle was later (circa 1903/4) added to the crest and represents a prominent local building, Green Street House, which was known as "Boleyn Castle" through an association with Anne Boleyn. The manor was reportedly one of the sites at which Henry VIII courted his second queen, though in truth there is no factual evidence other than the tradition of rumour.

The castle may have also been added as a result of the contribution made to the club by players of Old Castle Swifts F.C., or even the adoption (in 1904) of Boleyn Castle FC as their reserve side when they took over their grounds on the site.

The crest was redesigned and updated by London design agency Springett Associates in the late 1990s, featuring a wider yellow castle with fewer cruciform "windows" along with the peaked roofs being removed; the tops of the towers had previously made the castle appear more akin to Disneyland Park (Anaheim)'s Sleeping Beauty's Castle than a functioning fortress. The designer also altered other details to give a more substantial feel to the iconography.

When the club redesigned the facade of the stadium (construction finished 2001/02) the 'castle' from the later badge was incorporated into the structure at the main entrance to the ground. A pair of towers are now prominent features of the ground's appearance, both bearing the club's modern insignia (which is also located in the foyer and other strategic locations).


The original colours of the team were dark blue, due to Thames Ironworks and Shipbuilding Company chairman Arnold Hills being a former student of Oxford University. However the team used a variety of kits including the claret and sky blue house colours of Thames Ironworks, as well as sky blue or white uniforms.

The Irons permanently adopted claret and blue for home colours in the summer of 1899. Thames Ironworks F.C. right-half Charlie Dove received the Aston Villa F.C. kit from his father William Dove, who was a professional sprinter of national repute, as well as being involved with the coaching at Thames Ironworks. Bill Dove had been at a fair in Birmingham, close to Villa Park, England, the home ground of Aston Villa and was challenged to a race against four Villa players, who wagered money that one of them would win.

Bill Dove defeated them and, when they were unable to pay the bet, one of the Villa players who was responsible for washing the team's kit offered a complete side's 'uniforms' to Dove in payment. The Aston Villa player subsequently reported to his club that the kit was 'missing'.

Thames Ironworks, and later West Ham United, retained the claret yoke/blue sleeves design, but also continued to use their previously favoured colours for their away kits, and indeed, in recent years the club have committed to a dark blue-white-sky blue rotation for the away colours. For instance, the 2008-09 squad will wear sky blue away kits, while last year's campaign saw white away kits, the year before saw navy blue, etc. However, last year's away kit will be the Hammers' third kit for the coming season.

West Ham announced on 2 March 2007 their new kit supplier will be Umbro for the next 3 seasons but has since been extended to the 2013/2014 season, with the club also announcing they will be changing the home and away kits at the end of every season for the next 3 years.

On 7 June 2007 the club announced their new kit sponsor will be On 12 September 2008 XL Leisure Group was put into administration, leaving the club without a sponsor.

On 3 December 2008, the club announced that SBOBET, a betting company, will be the shirt sponsors until the end of the 2009/10 season. Their logo will be worn on West Ham's first team shirts and replica adult kits. The Youth Academy and kids replicas will sport the Bobby Moore fund as sponsor due to the main sponsor being a betting firm.

Supporters, hooliganism and rivalries


{{rquote version - which contains the original lyrics, and features vocals from the teams then current players - is always played before home games, with the home crowd joining in and carrying the song on after the music stops at the verse line "Fortune's always hiding". The song was originally released as a single by the 1975 Cup Final squad and has been covered on occasion by such as the Cockney Rejects.

Like other teams (such as Liverpool F.C.'s adoption of "You'll Never Walk Alone (song)") the team also have a history of adopting or adapting popular songs of the day to fit particular events, themes, players or personas. These have included serious renditions of theatre and movie classics such as "Me And My Girl", along with more pun laden or humorous efforts such as chanting former player Paolo di Canio's name to the canzone La donna è mobile by Verdi, or Paolo Di Canio to the tune of Ottawans D.I.S.C.O, or singing Bobby Zamora to the tune of Dean Martins 1953 classic That's Amore in honour of former Iron striker Bobby Zamora (this chant was originally created by the Brighton fans when he was at the club).

On the fans' darker side, they gained national attention after giving a torrid time to David Beckham in his first away match of 1998-9 the season after the England midfielder was sent off for a petulant foul on Diego Simeone. Coinciding with the game there were claims (and an image taken) that fans, organised by a hardcore, had hung an effigy of the player outside a local pub. Although it was later revealed that the pub was in South-East London, the heartland of West Ham's greatest rivals Millwall FC. The West Ham fans did boo Beckham's every touch of the ball during the game, however.

They have also displayed a particular zeal when it comes to abusing former players particularly those who are perceived to have abandoned the club, or performed some disservice. Famously Paul Ince ("Judas, Judas"), Frank Lampard("Fat Lumpolard"), Jermain Defoe ("You're just a small Paul Ince"), Craig Bellamy and Nigel Reo-Coker have born the brunt of verbal assaults and a guaranteed hostile reception at Upton Park. However, players such as Joe Cole, Michael Carrick, Rio Ferdinand, Bobby Zamora and Carlos Tevez receive applause and even standing ovations in honour of their contributions during their time at the club.

Many West Ham fans also follow Leyton Orient and Dagenham and Redbridge, West Ham fans can be seen at either Leyton Orient or Dagenham and Redbridge, whenever West Ham are playing away from home, although the warmth felt by West Ham fans for Orient is not usually reciprocated by the Orient supporters.


The origins of West Ham's links with Football (soccer) hooliganism starts in the 1960s with the establishment of The Mile End Mob (named after a particularly tough area of the East End of London).

During the 1970s and 1980s (the main era for Football (soccer) hooliganism) West Ham gained further notoriety for the levels of hooliganism in their fan base and antagonistic behaviour towards both their own and rival fans, and the police.

The Inter City Firm were one of the first "casuals", so called because they avoided police supervision by not wearing football-related clothing and travelled to away matches on regular "Inter City" trains, rather than on the cheap and more tightly-policed "football special" charter trains. The group were an infamous West Ham-aligned gang. As the firm's moniker "inter city" suggests violent activities were not confined to local derbies - the hooligans were content to cause trouble at any game, though nearby teams often bore the brunt.

During the 1990s, and to the present day, sophisticated surveillance and policing coupled with club supported promotions and community action has reduced the level of violence, though the intense rivalry and association with Millwall, Chelsea and other major players in the 'firm' scheme remains.

The 2005 film "Green Street" (an allusion to the road on which the Boleyn Ground stands) depicted an American student played by Elijah Wood becoming involved with a fictional firm associated with West Ham, with an emphasis on the rivalry with Millwall F.C.. The two teams and their Chairmen moved to distance the clubs from the movie at the time. West Ham hooliganism was again highlighted in film in 2008, with the film based on the life of well known former hooligan Cass Pennant, Cass (film).


West Ham have strong rivalries with several other clubs. Most of these are with other London clubs, especially with their neighbours Tottenham Hotspur F.C. and also with Chelsea F.C., which sublimates the age-old East London, England versus West London rivalry.

The strongest and oldest rivalry is with Millwall F.C.. The two sides are local rivals, having both formed originally around the works sides Thames Ironworks and Millwall Ironworks shipbuilding companies. They were rivals for the same contracts and the players lived in the same locality. The early history of both clubs are intertwined, with West Ham proving to be the more successful in a number of meetings between the two teams, resulting in West Ham being promoted at the expense of Millwall. Millwall later declined to join the fledgling the Football League while West Ham went on to the top division and an FA Cup final. Later in the 1920s the rivalry was intensified during strike action started by the East End of London (perceived to be West Ham fans) which Isle Of Dogs-based companies (i.e. Millwall fans) refused to support, breeding illwill between the two camps.

The rivalry between West Ham and Millwall has involved considerable violence and is one of the most notorious within the world of football hooliganism. However, the two clubs have not played each other in 4 years.

Another rivalry which developed is with Sheffield United. The Blades have tried to sue West Ham and the Premier League for damages, over their claim that West Ham had an unfair advantage by playing Carlos Tevez. In April 2007 The FA fined West Ham a record £5.5 million for a contract allowing third party influence (illegal in the English Premier League) and for attempting to conceal the existence of such a contract in the deal that brought Tevez and Javier Mascherano to Upton Park. The day after West Ham were fined, they continued their fight to stay in the Premier League by defeating Wigan Athletic 3-0. In their last 9 games West Ham picked up 21 points by winning 7 of their last 9 games. Sheffield United only won 2 of their last 9 games, one of which was by defeating West Ham 3-0 at home to initially go 5 points above them. Their 2-1 defeat by Wigan on the last day of the season sealed their relegation. Meanwhile, West Ham won 1-0 away to Manchester United, with Carlos Tevez scoring the only goal, to ensure that they remained in the Premier league.

The FA has sat twice on the matter and has thrown the case out twice. Settlement was reached between West Ham United and Sheffield United on 14 March, 2009. The settlement amount was undisclosed but has been quoted as anything from £10 million to £25 million.

This action by Sheffield United has increased fan and club rivalry and they are now seen as rivals.


The fans and club alike are known as "The Hammers" by the media, partly because of the club's origins as Thames Ironworks company football team (see club crest) and also (incorrectly) due to the club's name. However, they are also known as "The Irons" by their own supporters. They are also known as "The Cockney Boys" from their history of being a Cockney team. Yet another nickname is "The Academy of Football", or just "The Academy", a nickname given, then adopted by West Ham United, by the London media.


- West Ham are the last team to ever win at Arsenal's old ground Highbury, and became the first team to win at Arsenal's new Emirates Stadium on April 7 2007 winning 1-0. In that same season West Ham did the league 'double' over Arsenal and Manchester United winning all four games 1-0.

- The character Alf Garnett in the TV series Till Death Us Do Part (British TV series) is a West Ham supporter. Episodes of the series featured Bobby Moore and other members of the team.

- A High proportion of male characters on soap opera EastEnders are shown to support West Ham, these include Garry Hobbs, Minty Peterson and Billy Mitchell (EastEnders).

- Steve Harris (musician), bassplayer and songwriter of Iron Maiden, was a youthplayer of West Ham and still is a huge fan. The crest of West Ham is visible on most of his bassguitars.


West Ham are currently based at the Boleyn Ground, commonly known as Upton Park, in Newham, East London, England. The capacity of the Boleyn Ground is 35,303. This has been West Ham's ground since 1904. Prior to this, in their previous incarnation of Thames Ironworks F.C, they played at Hermit Road in Canning Town and briefly at Browning Road in East Ham, before moving to the Memorial Grounds in Plaistow, Newham in 1897. They retained the stadium during their transition to becoming West Ham United and were there for a further four seasons before moving to the Boleyn Ground in 1904.

Former chairman Eggert Magnússon made clear his ambition for West Ham United to move to the Olympic Stadium (London) after the 2012 Olympics. However, the move to the Olympic Stadium was abandoned when it was revealed that the stadium would have a reduced capacity from the current Boleyn Ground, and would have to remain primarily an athletics venue.

The Academy of Football

The club promotes the popular idea of West Ham being The Academy of Football, with the moniker adorning the ground's new stadium façade. The comment predominantly refers to the club's youth development system which was established by manager Ted Fenton during the 1950s, that has seen a number of international players emerge through the ranks. Most notably the club contributed three players to the 1966 FIFA World Cup England side of 1966 including club icon Bobby Moore, as well as Martin Peters and Geoff Hurst who between them scored all of England's goals in the eventual 4-2 victory. Other academy players that have gone on to play for England have included Trevor Brooking, Alvin Martin, Tony Cottee and Paul Ince. More recently, Rio Ferdinand, Joe Cole, Michael Carrick, Glen Johnson (English footballer) and Frank Lampard have begun their careers at the club. Also in more recents times the likes of Mark Noble, Jack Collison, Freddie Sears, Junior Stanislas, James Tomkins and Josh Payne have emerged through the Academy. Frustratingly, for the fans and managers alike, the club has struggled to retain many of these players due to (predominantly) financial reasons. West Ham, during the 2007/08 season, had an average of 6.61 English players in the starting line up, higher than any other Premiership club, which cemented their status as one of the few Premier League clubs left that were recognised to be bringing through young English talent and were recognised as having 'homegrown players'.
Much of the success of The Academy has been attributed to Tony Carr who has been West Ham youth coach since 1973.


Retired numbers

West Ham dream team

In the 2003 book The Official West Ham United Dream Team, 500 fans were quizzed for who would be in their all time Hammers Eleven. The voting was restricted to players from the modern era.

in 2008 the club never had an overseas manager, with the only non-Englishman being the Scot, Lou Macari. Former Hammers player and board member Trevor Brooking was briefly in charge during two separate spells as caretaker manager in 2003, first during the illness of Glenn Roeder and again between Roeder's sacking and the appointment of Alan Pardew. Former player Kevin Keen was a brief caretaker manager (just 1 game), prior to Zola's reign.

{ until 2006, when Eggert Magnússon and Björgólfur Guðmundsson bought the club. Soon after, manager Alan Pardew was sacked and ex-Charlton Athletic Manager Alan Curbishley was hired. In a bizarre twist of fate, the two managers met each other in a relegation battle where the Hammers lost 4-0 to their South East London, England rivals. However, West Ham eventually stayed up and Charlton were relegated. Terry Brown was criticised by some sections of the fans (including pressure group Whistle (organisation) specifically formed for this purpose) due to a perception of financial and staff mismanagement. On 18 September 2007, it was announced that Magnússon would step down as Executive chairman Types but would still retain the role as club Non-executive chairman Types overseeing a new management structure, and would keep his stake in the club.

However on 13 December 2007, it was announced that Magnússon had left West Ham and that his 5 per cent holding had been bought by club majority owner Björgólfur Guðmundsson.
On the 8th June 2009, Icelandic CB Holding which is 70% owned by Straumur Investment Bank and 30% owned by Icelandic based banks Byr and MP took over Hansa Holding, which only had West Ham United as their asset and filed for bankruptcy protection. Straumur was one of Hansa Holding's largest creditors. Straumur appointed one of their directors, Andrew Bernhardt, as the new chairman.

Shirt sponsors and kit suppliers

On 11 September 2008, the BBC News Channel reported that the team's main sponsor, XL Leisure Group had been placed in administration, although Simon Calder of The Independent confirmed the group's website was still taking bookings.

The XL Leisure Group confirmed on their website that 11 companies associated with the group had been put into administration on 12 September 2008. This includes XL Airways UK Limited, Excel Aviation Limited, Explorer House Limited, Aspire Holidays Limited, Freedom Flights Limited, The Really Great Holiday Company plc, Medlife Hotels Limited, Travel City Direct, and Kosmar Villa Holidays plc. It does not affect the German and French divisions of the company's operations.

As of 12 September 2008 the club terminated its contract with XL Leisure group.

During this brief period, players had their squad numbers ironed over the existing sponsorship logo. On December 3 2008 West Ham announced that they had signed a shirt sponsorship deal with Far Eastern betting firm SBOBET. The deal is set to run until the end of the 2009/10 season, and will see the company's logo on First Team and Reserve Team kit, and adult replica shirts; all Academy teams and child replica shirts will carry the logo of the Cancer Research UK.

Shirt sponsors

- - Highest placing: 5th FA Premier League 1998–99

- Football League First Division (Top tier)
- - Highest placing: 3rd The Football League 1985-86

- Football League First Division (Second tier)
- - Runners-up: The Football League 1992-93

- Football League Second Division: 2
- - Champions: The Football League 1957-58, The Football League 1980-81
- - Runners-up: The Football League 1922-23, The Football League 1990-91
- Football League Championship play-offs: 1
- - Winners: Football League Championship Play-Offs 2005
- - Runners-up: Football League Championship Play-Offs 2004
- Southern Football League:
- - Highest placing: 3rd 1912-13


- FA Cup: 3
- - Winners: 1964 FA Cup Final, 1975 FA Cup Final, 1980 FA Cup Final
- - Runners-up 1923 FA Cup Final, 2006 FA Cup Final
- Football League Cup
- - Runners-up 1966 Football League Cup Final, 1981 Football League Cup Final
- FA Community Shield: 1
- - Winners: West Ham United F.C. 1964-1965 (shared)
- Football League War Cup: 1
- - Winners: Football League War Cup
- Bobby Moore Cup: 1
- - Winners:West Ham United 2008 Shared


- UEFA Cup Winners' Cup: 1
- - Winners: UEFA Cup Winners' Cup 1964–65
- - Runners-up: UEFA Cup Winners' Cup 1975–76
- UEFA Intertoto Cup: 1
- - Winners: UEFA Intertoto Cup 1999


- International Soccer League (1960-1965): 1
- - Champions: International Soccer League (1960-1965) League champions


- BBC Sports Personality of the Year Team Award: 1965


- Premier Academy League: 2
- - Champions: 1998-99, 1999-2000
- FA Youth Cup: 3
- - Winners: 1963, 1981, 1999
- - Runners-up: 1957, 1959, 1975, 1996
- South East Counties League: 3
- - Champions: 1984-85, 1995-96, 1997-98
- Milk Cup: 2
- - Winners: 1996, 1997


- Western Football League: 1
- - Champions: 1907-08
- London League: 1
- - Champions: 1901-02

As Thames Ironworks F.C.

- Southern Football League: 1
- - Champions: 1898-99
- London League: 1
- - Champions: Thames Ironworks F.C. season 1897-98
- - Runners-up: Thames Ironworks F.C. season 1896-97
- West Ham Charity Cup: 1
- - Winners: Thames Ironworks F.C. season 1895-96
- - Runners-up: Thames Ironworks F.C. season 1896-97
Division One, 17 October 1970
- Lowest league attendance: 4,373 v Doncaster Rovers F.C., Football League Second Division, 24 February 1955


- Biggest Transfer fee paid: £9 Millon to Brescia Calcio for Savio Nsereko January 2009

- Biggest Transfer fee received: £18 million from Leeds United A.F.C. for Rio Ferdinand November 2000

Record results and performances


- League:
- - Premiership:
- - Away: 1-7 v Manchester United F.C. 2000
- - Away: 1-7 v Blackburn Rovers F.C. 2001
- - Away: 0-6 v Everton F.C. 1999
- - Away: 0-6 v Reading F.C. 2007

- - Division One:
- - Home: 2-8 v Blackburn Rovers F.C. 26/12/63
- - Away: 0-7 Everton F.C. 22/10/27 & 0-7 v Sheffield Wednesday F.C. 28/11/59
- - Division Two:
- - Home: 0-6 v Sheffield Wednesday F.C. 8/12/51
- - Away: 0-7 v Barnsley F.C. 1/9/19

- FA Cup:
- - Home: 1-5 v Huddersfield Town F.C. (Rd 3 Replay) 13/1/60
- - Away: 0-6 v Manchester United F.C. (Rd 4) 26/1/03

- Football League Cup:
- - Home: 2-5 v Barnsley F.C. (Rd 2 leg 2) 6/10/87
- - Away: 0-6 v Oldham Athletic A.F.C. (SF leg 1) 14/2/90

- UEFA Cup:
- - Home:0-1 v U.S. Città di Palermo 2006
- - Away:0-3 v U.S. Città di Palermo 2006
(42) Div. One 1929-30

- Top Scorer In A Season:
- - Vic Watson (50) Div. One 1929-30

- Most Goals In One Match:
- - Vic Watson (6) v Leeds United A.F.C. (h) 9/2/29
- - Geoff Hurst (6) v Sunderland A.F.C. (h) 19/10/68
- - Brian Dear (5) v West Bromwich Albion F.C. (h) 16/4/65
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Player records

793 Billy Bonds 1967-88
674 Frank Lampard Sr 1967-85
646 Bobby Moore 1958-74
635 Trevor Brooking 1967-84
601 Alvin Martin 1977-96
548 Jimmy Ruffell 1921-37
505 Steven Potts 1985-2002
505 Vic Watson 1920-35
502 Geoff Hurst 1959-72
467 Jim Barrett, Sr. 1924-43

- West Ham United F.C. appearance records
326 Vic Watson 1920-35
252 Geoff Hurst 1959-72
166 John Dick (footballer b.1930) 1953-63
166 Jimmy Ruffell 1921-37
146 Tony Cottee 1983-88/1994-96
107 Johnny Byrne (footballer) 1961-67
104 Bryan 'Pop' Robson 1970-74/1976-79
102 Trevor Brooking 1967-84
100 Malcolm Musgrove 1953-63
100 Martin Peters 1962-70

- West Ham United F.C. goal records

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