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Lyngby Boldklub

Lyngby Boldklub is a football (soccer) club from Denmark.

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About Lyngby Boldklub

Lyngby Boldklub is a professional Danish Football (soccer) club founded in 1921. It is based at Lyngby Stadion in Kongens Lyngby, Denmark. From 1994 to 2001 the club was known as Lyngby FC.


The club was first founded on April 8. 1906 but it was disbanded again in 1915 due to problems with where they were allowed to play. On March 30. 1921 30 young people who made up the football department of Lyngby IF decided to break away and start their own club. They named it Lyngby Boldklub af 1921. They played at Lundtofte Flyveplads and used the hangars as locker rooms.
In 1923 the club moved in on the area where Lyngby Stadion is located now.
Lyngby was the first club in Denmark to wear the club's name on the kits, which happened in 1961.
In 1983 the club became Danish champions for the first time and in 1984 the club played in the European Cup losing to Sparta Prague with 0-2,0-0 in the second round after beating KS Elbasani in the first round with 3-0,3-0. In 1986 the club was the first one to win its group in the UEFA Intertoto Cup without loss of points.

The club won its second Danish championship in 1992 on Gentofte Stadion. In 1996 the club was eliminated from the UEFA Cup by Club Brugge K.V., even though playing a 1-1 draw in Belgium. 1996 was also the year when Lyngby's chairmen, Flemming Østergaard and Michael Kjær sold team captain Henrik Larsen to FC Copenhagen. The sale sparked harsh protests among the fans. In 1997 Flemming Østergaard and Michael Kjær left Lyngby to become chairmen in FC Copenhagen. They were joined by striker Todi Jónsson.

In December 2001 the club went bankrupt and was forced to finish the season using only amateur players. Hardly surprising, the team finished the season in last place and was subsequently relegated an additional two leagues due to the bankruptcy. As a result, the team went straight from playing in the Superliga to playing in the amateur league Danmarksserien, just below the three Danish pro leagues. In 2003 the team was promoted to the Danish 2nd Division (the third best league), as winner of Danmarksserien, and on June 18, 2005 the team gained promotion to the Danish 1st Division by finishing 3rd in the 2nd Division.

In the Danish 1st Division 2006-07 the team won the Danish 1st Division and is back in the top flight only five and a half seasons after going bankrupt. Another highlight of the 2006-07 season occurred on April 12, 2007 as Lyngby advanced to the semi-finals of the Danish Cup for the first time in several years, by winning 1-0 against AC Horsens on Lyngby Stadion.

This club has won the Danish Superliga twice (Danish 1st Division 1983 and Danish Superliga 1991-92) and the Danish Cup three times (1984, 1985 and 1990).

Among former players are former Danish internationals Flemming Christensen, John Helt, Klaus Berggreen, Ronnie Ekelund, Torben Frank, Jakob Friis-Hansen, Henrik Larsen, Miklos Molnar, Carsten Fredgaard, Claus Jensen, Bent Christensen, Peter Nielsen, Niclas Jensen and current internationals Dennis Rommedahl, Thomas Kristensen, Morten Nordstrand and Mikkel Bechmann. Swedish international Marcus Allbäck briefly played for the club in the late 1990s. Four Lyngby players were on the Danish team that won the 1992 European Football Championship, while Rommedahl and Bechmann were included in the Danish squad for the World Cup in South Africa, 2010.

As of 2007 the club's Old Boys team is among the best in Denmark featuring several well known players such as Michael Laudrup, Brian Laudrup and aforementioned Klaus Berggreen and Henrik Larsen.

The club is renowned for their youth program and the club won the U-18 league in the 2006 season. Several current A-international players started their careers in Lyngby including Morten Nordstrand, Dennis Rommedahl and Thomas Kristensen. Though Niclas Jensen started his career in Boldklubben 1893 his career didn't really take off until he joined Lyngby in 1992 when he was 18.


- Danish Superliga Danish champions 1913-2005
- - Winner (2): 1983, 1992
- - Runner-up (3): 1981, 1985, 1991
- - 3rd place (3): 1984, 1988, 1989
- Danish Cup
- - Winner (3): 1984, 1985, 1990
- - Runner-up (2): 1970, 1980
- Danish 1st Division
- - Winner (1) : 2007
- - Runner-up (1) : 1979
- - 3rd place (1) : 2006


- 23 seasons in the Danish Superliga
- 7 seasons in the Danish 1st Division
- 17 seasons in the Danish 2nd Division

Former notable players

As of February 8, 2011

Out on loan

Season-by-season results

Green denotes promotion, red denotes relegation.

Former coaches

- Jørgen Hvidemose (1981–87)
- Hans Brun Larsen (1987)
- Kim Lyshøj (1987–90)
- Kent Karlsson (1991–92)
- Michael Schäfer (1992–95)
- Benny Lennartsson (1995–98)
- Poul Hansen (football manager) (1998–01)
- Hasse Kuhn (football manager) (2001–03)
- Bent Christensen (Lyngby footballer) (2003–05)
- Kasper Hjulmand (2006–08)
- Henrik Larsen (2008–09)

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