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Marila Pribram

Marila Pribram is a football (soccer) club from Czech Republic.

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About Marila Pribram

1. FK Příbram is a Czech Republic football club from Příbram. The team originated from two clubs, the 1966-67 European Cup semi-finalist Dukla Prague, which tradition it carries, and FC Příbram, merged together in 1996.


Since 1997, the club played in the Gambrinus liga, but they were relegated in Gambrinus liga 2006-07. They were promoted back to the Gambrinus liga in season Czech 2. Liga 2007-08.

Club names

- 1997 — FC Dukla
- 1998 — FC Dukla Příbram
- 2000 — FC Marila Příbram
- 2002 — FK Marila Příbram
- 2008 — 1. FK Příbram


- Manager: David Vavruška
- Assistant coach: František Kopač
- Fitness coach: Jiří Ryba

Former coaches

- Karel Jarolim (1997–98)
- Jozef Chovanec (2002–03)
- Pavel Tobiáš (2004–08)
- Massimo Morales (2008–09)
- Karol Marko (2009–10)
- Roman Nádvorník (2010–11)
- David Vavruška (2011–)

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