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AEL Limassol

AEL Limassol is a football (soccer) club from Cyprus.

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About AEL Limassol

Athlitiki Enosi Lemesou , commonly known as AEL Limassol , is a Cyprus sports club based in the city of Limassol, the port of Cyprus.
Currently AEL maintains a Association football team, men's and women's basketball teams, a women's volleyball team and a newly established Futsal team (1st year) and women's handball team (2nd year).
AEL is considered as the most successful club of the island by its fans, who cite the number of trophies in all sports (240 official trophies plus some unofficial ones). The Proteas EKA AEL is the only team from Cyprus to have won a European title (the European Regional Challenge Cup).

AEL FC plays in the 14000-seat Tsirion Stadium, also known as the Olympia Stadium (G.S.O). Tsirion Stadium is a multi-use stadium in Limassol, Cyprus. It is mostly used for football matches and is also the home ground of Apollon Limassol and Aris Limassol F.C.. The stadium was built in 1975 with the help of the contributor and philanthropist Petros I. Tsiros, a benefactor and humanitarian of Cyprus, thus the name of the stadium.

Greece First Division

AEL won the championship of 1967–68 and competed next season in First Division in Greece. The "Yellow" Limassol team, despite the fact that the squad had very good and talented players, but their young age would not let them meet the new conditions that they had to face so they finished in last place with 39 points, with 2 wins 1 draw and 31 losses.


For the cup final of 1985 against EPA Larnaca almost 15000 AEL fans followed their team in Nicosia(record). For the cup final of 2009, 14000 AEL fans traveled to Nicosia for the game in GSP stadium. There were sold 13919 tickets at total (of which 9300 were sold in 6 hours, something unusual for Cypriot standards. Also during 2007 more than 4000 AEL supporters(record) followed their basketball team in larnaka(kitio) for the Championship final against APOEL.
The main supporter group of the team is SY.F.AEL (ΣΥ.Φ. – Σύνδεσμος Φιλάθλων) οtherwise known as Gate 3. The latter name originated from the gate used to enter the East stand at Tsirion Stadium where AEL fans are seated. Organized fan groups of AEL also exist outside Cyprus in countries like Greece (Athens, Thessaloniki, Patras, Kastoria), the United Kingdom and Russia.

Victor Mousteris

Before the cup match against Olympiakos Nicosia (16 April 2003) 1 minute silence in memory of founding member and athlete of AEL, Mousteri Victor died at the age of 89 years Tuesday 15 April 2003.
Victor Mousteris born in Limassol on 27 April 1914. When AEL was founded in 1930 by B. Mousteris, honoured student and an excellent player, along with seven other students and three are the formal
player of AEL. He was also a member of the hockey and the water polo team of AEL. His career as an athlete was short since 1934 due to work commitments he left the active sport. But he did not abandon AEL. He became Board Member for many years and provided generous and tireless service to the biggest sporting club in Cyprus.

Victor Mousteris: "For us, AEL is something sacred, something more than a symbol, an ideal for which the struggles and sacrifices are not counted. All our efforts and actions aimed to preserve, strengthen and elevate the club to the highest rungs of the sporting dignity, progress and success.

On loan


For recent transfers, see List of Cypriot football transfers winter 2011–12.

Current staff

Notable former players

- Luciano De Bruno
- Markus Hiden
- Clayton Ferreira Cruz
- Luciano de Souza
- Jairo Fernando Castillo Cortés
- Aime Koudou
- Liasos Louka
- Klimenti Tsitaishvili
- Kleopas Giannou
- Géza Mészöly (footballer)
- József Sebök
- Attila Tököli
- Gábor Torma
- Nicky Hofs

- Mike Zonneveld
- Mutiu Adepoju
- Radosław Kałużny
- Arkadiusz Malarz
- Olgierd Moskalewicz
- Daniel Carriço
- Filipe Vaz de Azevedo
- Ricardo Ribeiro Fernandes
- Fábio André da Silva Ferraz
- Zé Nando
- Zé Vitor
- Hussain Yasser Abdulrahman
- Corneliu Papură
- Marian Savu

- Tibor Selymes
- Ilie Stan
- Seyni N'Diaye
- Saša Jovanović
- Predrag Ocokoljić
- Kamil Čontofalský
- Spasoje Bulajič
- Miha Golob
- Amir Karič
- Simon Seslar
- Marko Simeunovič
- Muamer Vugdalič
- Jörgen Wålemark
- Gennadiy Litovchenko

Managerial history

Presidential history


- Cypriot First Division: 5
- Cypriot Second Division: 1
- Cypriot Cup: 6
- LTV Super Cup: 3
- Cyprus K.A. Severi Cup: 3

U21 football team titles

- Cypriot U21 Championship: 11

U17 football team titles

- Cypriot U17 Championship: 3
- Cyprus U17 Cup: 1

Basketball team (Proteas EKA AEL)

Women's basketball team (KV Imperial AEL)

KV Imperial AEL roster

Women volleyball team (Tranbunker Danoi ΑΕΛ)

Queen (English)
The Cage (English)
{ team which is currently not active. The team had plenty of victories led by its star player Renos Antoniadis. In 1931, AEL won the Cup in a match which was played in Larnaca. One year later, the team became Cypriot Champions. The team consisted of the following players: Antoniadis, Pareas, Frangos, Christophides, Michaelides, Kalogirou, Victor Mousteris, Anastasiadis and Williamson. However, there were no further hockey competitions in Cyprus afterwards, as the other teams hockey teams of the era closed down their hockey departments because of financial problems.


Another AEL sport department that currently does not exist is the handball.
The team was active for a small period of time but that did not stop the team from adding another trophy to the hundreds that AEL won in various other sports. On 11 June 1989, a day after the football team of the club won the Cypriot Cup, the handball team won the Cypriot Cup in handball by beating Youth Centre Larnaca 23–19 in the final which was played in Lefkotheo Indoor Hal, Nicosia.

Men's volleyball

AEL maintains 3 teams for women's volleyball but does not currently have a men's Volleyball team.


AEL was also active in maritime sports, especially those that needed team articipation. AEL pioneered in Regattas in 1932, 1933 and 1934 in the Cyprus Regatta Games. The members of the team were Nearchos Pieris, Christakis Dixon, Andreas Araouzos, Sotiris Antoniades and Maximos Morides. The club had also a waterpolo team which was unbeaten Cypriot Champions. The team achieved a noted victory against a selected team of the Royal Navy which were then Mediterranean Champions. Apart from the Cypriot Championships, AEL won the Mediterranean Naval Cup.

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