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Apollon Limassol

Apollon Limassol is a football (soccer) club from Cyprus.

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About Apollon Limassol

Apollon Limassol (, Apollon Lemesou) is a Greeks Cyprus sports club, based in Limassol. It has association football, Apollon Limassol BC and volleyball teams. Founded in 1954, Apollon F.C. currently plays in Marfin Laiki League and has won the championship title 3 times, the cup 6 times and Super Cup once.

History and establishment

At the end of the 1953 football season, a team of young men placed as dream and objective the foundation of an association with national and athletic aims based on promoting the education and social skills of its young members.
On 14 April 1954 the general assembly of enough members with leader Mr Christaki Pavlides proposes the foundation of an athletic association called "Athletic Musical Group APOLLON LIMASSOL' ". The assembly approved the proposal and thus from that 14 day of the month of April in the year 1954 "APOLLON was born". The first administrative council of the team included: Charalambos Lymbourides (Secretary), Andreas Psyllides (Cashier), Antonakis Fourlas (Adviser), Melis Charalampous (Adviser), Andreas Theoharous (Adviser) Andreas Aggelopoulos (Adviser) and Kostas Panayiotou (Adviser).

The first football team was created under the directives of Antonakis Fourlas, playing against district teams. This had a result of it becoming continuously more expensive to run and thus the registration of new members was increased with rapid rhythms. For this reason it was decided to send a letter to the C.F.A (Cyprus Football Association) with date of 23 March 1955 for the integration of Apollon into the Association.
On 16 October 1955, the Cypriot Football Association (C.F.A) included in its orders Apollon in the 2nd division.

1954–1955: Early Years

In its first year, Apollon suffered 8 defeats in 8 matches in the second division. Just before the next season (1956–57) a crisis erupted in AEL, a first division team based in Limassol, and as a result, most of the players left AEL and joined Apollon. After this, Apollon won the regional group in the second division and subsequently the play-offs and then was promoted to the first division. This took place in 1957 and ever since Apollon has been competing in the first division. Things were not easy however for the newly promoted club. Apollon couldn't reach a satisfactory position in the rankings and was struggling in the middle of the table for many years. But in the mid-60's things changed.

1964–1967: The first distinctions

In 1965 Apollon reached the Cup Final. However, Omonia won the tile with a score of 5–1. A year later, Apollon was in the Final again, and won the Cup by defeating Nea Salamina with the score of 4–2(Scorers: Panikkos Yiolites, Andros Konstantinou, Panikkos Kristallis, Antonis Panayides), and triumphantly took the trophy to Limassol. Apollon managed to maintain its Cup title in 1967, by beating Alki 1–0 thanks to the goal of Antonis Panayides. After celebrating these titles, Apollon had to wait another 15 years to start making history once again,

1981–1987: Back to the Cup Final After 20 years of drought

In the football season 1981–1982 Apollon managed to reach once again the Cup final however in double games AC Omonoia won the Cup. In the 1985–1986 season,after 20 years of "drought" Apollon won once again the Cup in Tsirion Stadium, overcoming Apoel with a score of 2–0. Scores were Kenny and Sokratous. One year later in the 1986–1987 season in a Cup final against AEL FC Apollon did not manage to repeat the triumph of the previous year as the team lost with 1–0 although Apollon was playing better.

1990–1999: 10 years of Glory

In these years, it emerged clearly that absent was this "something" that could make the difference for the team to lead in the Championship. This "something" therefore was non other than the German coach named Diethelm Ferner who, upon arriving in Cyprus was determined to win. The German, with his discipline and hard work accomplishes "links" between young talented footballers with older more experienced footballers creating a team ready for the big time. Thus in the season 1990–1991 the team entered the championship "marathon" wanting to write the biggest and most glorious page in its history book. After a frantic and impressive season, offering both substance and spectacle in its game, Apollon was finally crowned Champion of Cyprus! File:Diethelm Ferner.jpg
From that year and for a five-year period the team gained the admiration of all Cypriot football fans after playing modern football.
In 1991–1992 season Apollon won the Cup for the fourth time, overcoming AC Omonoia in final with a final score of 1–0.The scorer was Evgenio Ptak. However in the next season of 1992–1993 Apollon lost both titles.
The team returned strongly and gained the Championship one year later in 1993–1994 season, later after a hard duel with Anorthosis where the title was judged on the last day of the season.
In the 1994–1995 season Apollon reached the Cup final losing from Apoel with 2–4 while the same happened also in the 1997–1998 season with "executioner" this time the almighty Anorthosis, that accomplishes and gains the cup with a final score 1–3. In that five-year period Apollon was accomplished in the European ties, winning enough games and at the same time the respect of many European football clubs. However the game, in which Apollon wrote his own unique history is non other than with the big opponent of F.C. Internazionale Milano (Inter Milan) in the UEFA Cup! The 1 – 0 in "Stadio Giuseppe Meazza" (San Siro) left margins for Apollon to believe in a miracle, against the Italians for the second leg game of 3 November 1993. The Cup Champions, staffed with a squad of international players led by Dutchman Dennis Bergkamp talked for a walkover in Cyprus against "fishermen" (thus called the footballers of Apollon the goalkeeper of Inter, Walter Zenga before the game) and that the game in Milan was just a bad game for their team. However, the Inter team was found in Limassol, losing in the first ten minutes with a 0–2 score and only finally managed to recover and to finish another historic tie with 3–3, leaving at the end the great Italian goalkeeper speechless!. Scorers for the Apollon team were Milenko Spoljaric, Zlatan Šćepović and Giorgos Iosifidis.

2000–2010: 1 Championship, 2 Cups and 1 Super Cup

In the 2000–2001 season Apollon won the Cup against Nea Salamina in the GSP stadium, with final score 1–0. Scorer was the unforgettable Viktor Zubarev.

In the middle of the football season (2004–2005) and after enough failed attempts for glory after the final of 2001,German manager Bernd Stange took the responsibility, accomplishing late but regularly he brought back the lost glamour of the team. In the season, 2005–06 Apollon won the league title undefeated and earned a club record of 64 points. Apollon had 19 wins and 7 draws in 26 matches and this went down in Cypriot Football history, due to fact that it was the fourth team in the Cyprus Championship that won the title unbeaten(- Apollon was the only undefeated team in Europe, running an unbeaten streak since 12 March 2005 (30 games). The next year Apollon won for the first time in his history the Super Cup beating Apoel 1–3 at home.

In 2010 Apollon won the Cup after 9 years (2001 Final Cup), beating apollon in GSZ Stadium. The final score was 2–1

Crest and Colours

The team' s emblem represents the olympian God Apollo from the Greek mythology. Apollo was considered the god of sun, poetry and music. The colours of the team are blue and white. The away colours are white and the home kit blue.

Other teams

Basketball Team

The Basketball team of Apollon was founded in 1967 and is one of the founding members of Cyprus Basketball Federation. From then the team participated regularly in the championship of 1st Division. The unique titles in the history of department, are a Cup in 2002 and a Super Cup in 2004. While it finished many times in second places.

Volleyball Team

A Founding member of the Cyprus Volleyball Federation, the women's team participated in three Championship finals (1999, 2001, 2003) and in five Cup finals (1992, 1997, 1998, 2000, 2003) but never won. In 2003 Apollon managed to win the Super Cup by beating AEL 3–0.

Women's football team

The women's team has won the Cypriot First Division (women) as well as the Cypriot Women's Cup three consecitive times from 2009 to 2011. The team also reached the UEFA Women's Champions League round of 32 in 2010 and 2011.


PAN.SY.FI Apollon Gate 1 is the name of the supporters fan club. They are the best and most recognised supporters group in Cyprus. Gate 1 was created in 1982, just before Apollon played Barcelona in the Champions Cup.

Apollon is amongst the most popular football teams in Cyprus. The fans are very demanding and loyal to the Club. More than 14.000 Apollon fans traveled from Limassol for the 2001 Cup Final that took place in Nicosia (more than 12.000 tickets were sold).This number also beat the previous top record for a team traveling for an away game to Nicosia. Celebrations for winning the League championship for the 1993/94 season following the victory against Omonoia F.C. More than 15.000 fans overflowed the Stadium to see Apollon clinch the title in the final game of the season. Celebrations following the victory against Omonoia F.C. at the 1992 FA Cup Final in Tsirio, stadium. More than 20.000 fans attended the game.

After 13 years (2005/06 season) Apollon was the unbeaten champion and the fans were singing, drinking, celebrating the whole week and in Limassol the only colours on public display were white and blue.

Apollon Fans are also known for their great choreographies, songs and impressive team entrances with flares and other unusual ideas.

The fans are known for the highly passionate love for their team. Apollon's main supporter group of fans is, PAN.SY.FI APOLLON – Panhellenic Group Of fans, otherwise known as GATE 1. This group is located in Limassol (The main group of fans) and the second one in Ypsonas (The West Districts). Also there are many other group of GATE 1 fans in other cities inside and outside Cyprus, such as in Nicosia (Apollon Nicosia FANS), Athens (Gate 1 Athens Fan Club), Thessaloniki (PAN.SY.FI APOLLON in North Greece), Manchester Fan Club, Brighton FANS and in London (Apollon UK FANS).



The team's current stadium is the 13,000 seater Tsirion Stadium, also known as the Olympia Stadium (G.S.O), it is also the home ground of AEL Limassol and Aris Limassol, The stadium holds 13,331 people and was built in 1975 with the help of the generous contributor and great philanthropist, Mr. Petros I. Tsiros, a very generous benevolent benefactor and humanitarian of Cyprus, thus the name of the stadium. Apollon Limassol generally use the West Stand of the stadium, but when the match attendance necessitates, the North and East Stands are sometimes used.

Apollon deposited to KOA (Cyprus Sports Organisation, GREEK: Κυπριακός Οργανισμός Αθλητισμού) its plans for the creation of its own stadium and every Apollon supporter is now looking forward for the work to begin. The stadium will be able to accept 12.500 (seated) people but a prospect will allow the increase of the capacity to 16.000.


Apollon has its own indoor hall, the PrimeTel Apollon Stadium, with capacity of 2,800.

Football current squad

For recent transfers, see List of Cypriot football transfers winter 2011–12.

Club officials

Board of directors

- President: Aristodimou Pavlos
- Vice – President:
- Member: Antoniou Charalambos
- Member: Kakoullis Pavlos
- Member: Pitsillides Giorgos
- Member: Sikopetrites Vaggelis

Team Staff

- General Manager: Efthymios Agathokleous
- Head of Press Office and Marketing Department: Elektra Katsikidou
- Safety, Security and Athletic Material Officer: Kyriakos Vasiliou
- Accountant: Charis Konstantinou
- Marketing Assistant: Charis Evagorou
- Secretary: Stella Ignatiou

Coaching Staff

- Manager: Vacant
- Assistant Manager: Hagen Reck
- Goalkeeping Coach: Giorgos Nicolaou
- Fitness Coach: Olimpios Christodoulou
- Team Supervisor: Sokrates Sokratous
- Team Supervisor: Giannis Violaris
- Safety and Athletic Equipment Officer: Kyriacos Vassiliou

Medical Staff

- Club Doctor: Dr. Vrywni Michalis
- Assistant Club Doctor: Dr. Savvas Chronis
- Orthopedist: Dr. Stephen Iosifides
- First Team Physiotherapist: Panayiotis Georgiades + Savvas Scannavias
- Kinesiologist: Panicos Papandreou


- Official Shirt Sponsor – Betfair
- Official Sport Clothing Manufacturer – Lotto Sport Italia
- Official Athletism Sponsor – Libra Holidays Group
- Official Stadium Sponsor – Sisamos Group of Companies
- Official Communication Sponsor – CytaVision
- Official Sport Drink – Gatorade

Other Sponsors

- Mitsubishi Motors
- Singular Logic
- Marfin Popular Bank
- Filuet Group
- Splash Water
- Photo Stern
- Krystalo 3D Creations

- Pizza Express
- Blue Oven
- cyprint
- Proton (carmaker)

Former managers

- Jerzy Engel (1988–90)
- Momčilo Vukotić (1992–94)
- Martti Kuusela (1995–96)
- Nenad Starovlah (1995–98)
- Dumitru Dumitriu (1998–99)
- Toni Savevski (2001–02)
- Ronnie Whelan (2002)
- Ilie Dumitrescu (2003–04)
- Jack Johnson Miklos (2005)
- Bernd Stange (2005–07)
- Gerard van der Lem (2007)
- Yossi Mizrahi (2007–08)
- Alan Dicks
- Svetozar Šapurić (2008)
- Thomas von Heesen (2008–10)
- Slobodan Krčmarević (2010)
- Didier Ollé-Nicolle (2011)
- Mihai Stoichiţă (2011–12)
- Siniša Gogić

Notable players

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