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Paralimni is a football (soccer) club from Cyprus.

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About Paralimni

Enosis Neon Paralimni (, Enosi Neon Paralimniou, "Youth Union of Paralimni") is a Cyprus association football team from Paralimni. Currently playing in the Cypriot First Division, it holds home games at the Paralimni Stadium, which holds 5,800 people.


Enosis Neon Paralimniou was founded in April 1944, following the merger of two Paralimni clubs, Heracles and People’s Love.

The club’s emblem is the Parthenon, with a trumpeteer and the year 1936 inscription, birth year of the club Heracles. The only reason why founders decided to adopt the year 1936 as the new club’s birth year instead of the year 1944 has purely to do with Heracles official papers. On those, it was clear that whenever the club’s members decided to cease its operations, all of its assets (movable and immovable property) would go straight to the Cypriot Orthodox Church. In view of that and in order to avoid any legal implications, the newly born club of Enosis was reckoned by the authorities as a continuation of the club Heracles of Paralimni, absorbing the other club, People’s Love.

The first football match played in Paralimni took place in the first half of the year 1945, some weeks before the end of World War II, against a German team of POWs (no further details found). The first recorded encounter was on 16 September 1945, against a mixed team from Anorthosis Famagusta FC and EHAN, both of Famagusta (a final 4–5 loss).

Until the early 60s, Enosis took part only in local competitions, since the Cyprus Football Association (CFA) had repeatedly denied its participation in its competitions, stating that only clubs based in towns could take part. The CFA's denial was the reason why Enosis joined E.A.P.O., a village-based club association. In the year 1965, the CFA changed its rules and Enosis finally managed to join and participate in the second division. From the very beginning, the side tried to win promotion to the Cypriot First Division and, after four attempts, managed to finish first, in the football season of 1968–69. Since then, Enosis has taken part in all 40 editions, being one of only five clubs never to have been demoted into the Cypriot Second Division.

On loan


For recent transfers, see List of Cypriot football transfers winter 2011–12.

Coaching Staff

- Manager: Nir Klinger
- Assistant Manager: Marios Karas
- Fitness Coach: Giorgos Georgiou
- Goalkeepers' Coach: Adamos Isaak

Medical Staff

- Club Doctor: Dr. Michalis Zouvanis
- Club Doctor: Dr. Costas Constantinou
- Club Chemist: Dr. Petros Loizou
- Physiotherapist: Rodotheos Constantinou

Notable former players

- Ervin Fakaj
- Arjan Xhumba

- Demetris Christofi
- Costas Elia
- Marios Karas
- Demetris Kizas
- Georgios Kolanis
- Georgios Kolokoudias
- Michalis Konstantinou
- Giorgos Nicolaou
- Panayiotis Spyrou
- Giorgos Tofas
- Stefanos Voskaridis
- Yiasoumis Yiasoumi

Czech Republic
- Milos Beznoska

- Edmar Lacerda da Silva
- Francisco Valmerino Neri

- Georgi Donkov

Congo DR
- Masengo Ilunga
- Fabrice Lokembo Lokaso
- Jeff Tutuana

- Jure Guvo
- Marijan Kovacevic

- Levan Kebadze
- Davit Ujmajuridze

- Ishmael Addo
- Koffi Amponsah

- Dimitris Brinias
- Kostas Kiassos
- Vassilis Mitilinaios

- Lajos Terjék

- Yaniv Azran
- Avraham Tikva

- Samuel Wowoah

- Igor Jančevski
- Petar Miloševski
- Ivan Tričkovski

- Abdelkarim Kissi
- Hamid Rhanem

- Hilmi Mihçi
- Junas Naciri

- Eric Ejiofor
- Lucky Isibor
- Blessing Kaku

- Aldo Adorno

- Luís Miguel Assunção Joaquim
- Hugo Faria
- Luís Miguel da Costa Lobo

- Slaviša Cula
- Slobodan Krčmarević
- Vesko Mihajlović
- Srboljub Nikolić
- Pavel Popara

- Mário Breška
- Pavel Kamesch
- Martin Urban

- Patrik Ipavec
- Amer Jukan
- Martin Pregelj
- Almir Tanjič
- Anton Žlogar

South Africa
- Ryan Botha
- MacDonald Mukasi

- Joakim Hallenberg
- Gaspar Paukstadt
- Håkan Svensson
- Jörgen Wålemark

- Henri Siqueira

- Raúl González Guzmán

- Noel Kaseke
- Steve Paddington Mbara
(1971–78), (1983–85)
- Slobodan Vučeković (1993–96)
- Angel Kolev (1998–99)
- Nenad Starovlah (1999-00)
- Eli Guttman (2004–06)
- Nir Klinger (2006–07)
- Marios Constantinou (2007–08)
- Eduard Eranosyan (2008)
- Antonis Kleftis & Adamos Adamou (football manager) (2008–09)
- Čedomir Janevski (2009–2011)
- Nikodimos Papavasiliou (2011–2012)
- Nir Klinger (2012–)



- Cypriot First Division: Runner-up 1974–75
- Cypriot Cup: Runner-up 1973–74, 1974–75, 1980–81, 1982–83
- LTV Super Cup: Runner-up 1981, 1983
- Cypriot Second Division: 1968–69

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