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Cibalia Vinkovci

Cibalia Vinkovci is a football (soccer) club from Croatia.

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About Cibalia Vinkovci

HNK Cibalia, or just Cibalia, is a Croatian football (soccer) club from the town of Vinkovci in eastern Croatia. Cibalia currently play in the Prva HNL, Croatia's top flight. Stadion HNK Cibalia is located in the south part of their home town and can hold 12,000 spectators. The name Cibalia comes from the Ancient Rome settlement called Colonia Aurelia Cibalae which was the precursor of the present-day town of Vinkovci. In the period from 1945 to 1990 the club was called Dinamo Vinkovci.


The club was founded in 1919 as HGŽK Cibalia Vinkovci. In 1925 the team merged with RŠK Sloga. During World War II the club ceased to exist. After the war a revived Sloga and OFD Graničar merged to form NK Dinamo Vinkovci. The club would see several humble decades before finally making it to the Yugoslav First League in 1982. They played in the top-tier league for five years until they were relegated to the second league once more in 1987.

In 1990 the team returned to its more traditional name which it currently holds. Cibalia spent much of the 1990s in the Prva HNL with its highest finish being fifth place. It remained in the Prva HNL until the 2003/2004 season when it was relegated to the Croatian Second League. The club was also penalized by FIFA the same season by six points (the equivalent of two victories) for failure to fulfill financial obligations in past player transfers. Nevertheless, in the 2004/2005 season, Cibalia outdid all of its opponents in the Second League by a large margin, won the promotion playoffs and returned to Prva HNL.

Cibalia also had some success playing in the Croatian Cup, where it reached the final (and lost to NK Osijek) in 1999 and semifinal in 2004.

The 2009–10 Prva HNL was Cibalia's best ever season in the top division of Croatian football. They finished third after Dinamo and Hajduk, having spent most of the season at number two, and qualified for the 2010–11 UEFA Europa League Second qualifying round They lost to Cliftonville of Belfast.

Recent seasons

European record


Pld = Matches played; W = Matches won; D = Matches drawn; L = Matches lost; GF = Goals for; GA = Goals against. Defunct competitions indicated in italics.

By season

Player records

- Most appearances in UEFA club competitions: 10 appearances
- - Jure Jurić
- Top scorers in UEFA club competitions: 3 goals
- - Ivan Maroslavac

All-time total in the Prva HNL

Former players

List of former players of Cibalia's history:

before 1980

- Sulejman Halilović
- Tomislav Ivković
- Davor Čop
- Igor Štimac
- Nikola Jerkan
- Martin Novoselac
- Nevres Zahirović
- Josip Weber
- Zdravko Borovnica
- Miroslav Tanjga
- Mladen Bogdanović
- Ivan Budinčević
- Stanko Mršić
- Danijel Ljuboja

- Marijan Mrmić
- Darko Jozinović
- Goran Meštrović
- Mario Meštrović
- Sead Halilović
- Ivan Maroslavac
- Dražen Pernar
- Davor Bajsić
- Tomislav Steinbruckner
- Renato Jurčec
- Miralem Ibrahimović
- Ivan Bošnjak
- Mladen Bartolović
- Mario Čutura
- Zoran Zekić

- Tomislav Vranjić
- Andrej Kerić
- Adis Nurković
- Amer Jukan
- Marijo Dodik
- Christopher Greer
- Aleksandar Stojanovski
- Ivan Žgela
- Tomislav Pavličić
- Marijan Antolović

- Otto Barić (1976–79)
- Ivan Marković
- Tonko Vukušić
- Ivo Šušak
- Martin Novoselac (1987–88)
- Stipe Kedžo
- Davor Čop (1990–94)
- Stanko Mršić (1993–95), (2008–11)
- Krasnodar Rora
- Mijo Ručević
- Davor Mladina
- Vjeran Simunić (2003–04)
- Branko Karačić (2005–06)
- Igor Štimac (2006)
- Ivica Matković (2006)
- Mile Petković (2006–07)
- Srećko Lušić (2007–08)
- Siniša Jalić


Nogomet 85, Slaven Zambata
Nogomet 86, Slaven Zambata
Nogometno YU prvenstvo 85
Nogometni godišnjak Hrvatska 92
Arena - "Hrvatska na Europskom prvenstvu" 1996.
YU fudbal 87-88 VIII/88
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