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KV Kortrijk

KV Kortrijk is a football (soccer) club from Belgium.

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About KV Kortrijk

Koninklijke Voetbalclub Kortrijk (often simply called Kortrijk or KVK) is a Belgium professional association football club based in Kortrijk, West Flanders. They have been playing in the Belgian Pro League since the Belgian First Division 2008-09, and they achieved their best ranking ever during the 2009-10 Belgian Pro League, finishing 4th after the play-offs. Kortrijk was founded in 1971, though their roots can be traced to 1901. They are registered to the Royal Belgian Football Association with matricule 19. The club colours are red and white. They play their home matches at the Guldensporenstadion, named after the Battle of the Golden Spurs which took place in Kortrijk in 1302.

Kortrijk enjoyed a first spell in the first division in the early 20th century, between Belgian First Division 1906-07 and Belgian First Division 1910-11. They eventually had to wait 65 years to return at the highest level, when they enjoyed 15 seasons at the top flight, interrupted by a season in the second division (between Belgian First Division 1976-77 and Belgian First Division 1978-79 and between Belgian First Division 1980-81 and Belgian First Division 1991-92). Kortrijk also played the Belgian First Division 1998-99 in the first division before they returned in 2008-09.


In 1901 SC Courtraisien was founded. The club merged with FC Courtraisien in 1918. They received in 1951 the name Koninklijke Kortrijk Sport. They had the matricule n°19 like the oldest club SC Courtraisien. Stade Kortrijk was founded in 1923 with matricule n°161. Because Stade Kortrijk and Koninklijke Kortrijk Sport didn't play well anymore, they merged in 1971. They could play with matricule n°19 and the new name was KV Kortrijk.

Due to a bankruptcy, KV Kortrijk had to relegate in 2001 to the Belgian Third Division. From 2004 to 2008 KV Kortrijk played in the second division, however in the 2007-08 season they managed to get promoted to the first division. The club is also home to the majority of Swansea City A.F.C fans from Belgium.


- Belgian Second Division:
- - Winners (2): 1905-06, 2007–08
- - Runners-up (2): 1979-80, 1997–98
- Belgian Second Division Final Round:
- - Winners (3): 1976, 1980, 1998

Colours & badge

KV Kortrijk's colours are generally red and white. The home kit is usually all red with a white trim, and red shorts. The away kit is similar, except in blue. The club's logo is a white shield, split into thirds by a red upside-down, V-like shape, and the letters "KVK" are split into each third, in a red font. On top of the shield is a crown.


KV Kortrijk play their home matches at the Guldensporen Stadion. It is located in Kortrijk, Belgium, and the current capacity of the ground is 9,399. In the summer of 2008, the grounds capacity was increased from 6,896 to 9,399, after Kortrijk's elevation into the Belgian First Division. Guldensporenstadion literally means "Stadium of the Golden Spurs". The stadium is named after this in reference to the Battle of the Golden Spurs which, in 1302, was fought in Kortrijk. The stadium has a traditional local stadium look about it, and is single-tiered all around the ground.

Players out on loan


Famous former players

- Christian Benteke
- Laurent Ciman
- Davy De Beule
- Michel De Wolf
- Philippe Desmet
- Jimmy Hempte
- Sven Kums
- Stijn Meert
- Émile Mpenza
- Mbo Mpenza
- Axel Smeets

- Lorenzo Staelens
- Stefaan Tanghe
- David Vandenbroeck
- Glenn Verbauwhede
- Adlène Guedioura
- Djamel Zidane
- Aurelio Vidmar
- Petar Aleksandrov
- Aloys Nong
- Karim Belhocine
- Cédric Bétrémieux

- William Prunier
- Foeke Booy
- Anton Janssen
- Hendrie Krüzen
- Elimane Coulibaly
- Salif Keita (Senegalese footballer)
- Cheikhou Kouyaté
- Xavier Chen
- Damir Desnica


- André Van Maldeghem & Luc Maddens (1971-73)
- André Van Maldeghem & Walter Maes (1973-75)
- Georges Heylens (1975-77)
- Raymond Mertens (1977-79)
- Henk Houwaart (1979-83)
- Wim Reijers (1983-84)
- André Van Maldeghem (1984-85)
- Dimitri Davidović (1985-86)
- Aad Koudijzer (1986)
- Han Grijzenhout (1986-87)
- Eddy Kinsabil (1987-88)

- Georges Leekens (1988-89)
- Henk Houwaart (1989-90)
- René Desayere (1990-91)
- Boudewijn Braem (1991-92)
- Johan Boskamp (1992-93)
- James Storme (1993-94)
- Patrick Van Geem (1994-95)
- Regi Van Acker (1995-98)
- Michel De Wolf (1998-99)
- Luc Vanderschommen (1999-00)
- Eddy Kinsabil (2000)

- Gerrit Laverge (2000-01)
- Boudewijn Braem (2001-02)
- Francky Dekenne (2002-03)
- Boudewijn Braem (2003)
- Angelo Nijskens (2003-04)
- Manu Ferrera (2004)
- Rudi Verkempinck (2004-05)
- Manu Ferrera (2005-06)
- Hein Vanhaezebrouck (2006-09)
- Georges Leekens (2009-10)
- Hein Vanhaezebrouck (2010-)

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