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KV Mechelen

KV Mechelen is a football (soccer) club from Belgium.

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About KV Mechelen

Yellow Red Koninklijke Voetbalclub Mechelen (often simply called KV Mechelen or KV, or by their former French naming FC Malinois), is a Belgium professional association football club based in Mechelen in the Antwerp (province) province. KV Mechelen plays in the Belgian Pro League. They have won 4 Belgian championships and 1 Belgian Cups, as well as the 1987-88 European Cup Winners' Cup. They collected all of their honours in the 1940s and in the 1980s.

KV Mechelen was founded in 1904 and, in Belgian First Division 1921-22, promoted to the first division. After two successive relegation and promotion, they were back for good between Belgian First Division 1928-29 and Belgian First Division 1955-56. In the 1960s and 1970s, the club had several promotions and relegations between the first and Belgian Second Division. From Belgian First Division 1983-84 to Belgian First Division 1996-97, they had a successful first division spell, with a title and several 2nd and 3rd place finishes. During that period, they also won a European Cup Winners' Cup and they reached the same competition semi-finals as well as the European Cup quarter finals. KV Mechelen eventually declined in the late 1990s, though they had two more spells at the highest level from Belgian First Division 1999-2000 to Belgian First Division 2000-01 and in Belgian First Division 2002-03. At the end of that season, the club did not receive their Belgian professional football license, and so they were relegated to the Belgian Third Division with a 9-point penalty. After two consecutive promotions in 2004-05 in Belgian football and in 2006-07 in Belgian football, KV Mechelen has come back to the first division.

The club outfits are a striped yellow and red shirt with black shorts and socks. They play their home matches at the Argosstadion Achter de Kazerne, where Argos is their stadium sponsor and Achter de Kazerne means 'Behind the Barracks'. The stadium has been named so because there used to be barracks next to stadium. KV Mechelen fans have a long-standing rivalry with K.R.C. Mechelen.


The club was founded in 1904, a few months after the birth of city rival K.R.C. Mechelen. The club had a first successful period in the 1940s. During World War II, in 1943, the club won their first domestic title. The second title came a few years later, in 1946, and in 1948 the club was successful again. After that, the club fell back. In 1954, they managed to finish third, only one point behind champions RSC Anderlecht, but that was their last good season. Two years later, Mechelen was relegated to second division. During the 60s and the 70s, Mechelen went up and down between the first and second division. The club enjoyed a brief spell of both domestic and European success in the period of 1987–1990. They are now today still the last Belgian team that won a European cup. KV Mechelen seemed to be on its way to becoming one of the top clubs in Belgium, but quickly declined when their chairman Cordier (who owned the rights to most of their players) was forced to sell many players due to his company's bad results. On June 10, 2007, the team achieved promotion to the Belgian First Division. Two years later in 2009, KV Mechelen played the finale of the Belgian Cup, losing it 2–0 to KRC Genk. One year after that, they stranded in the semi finale with a 2–2 draw and a 1–0 loss against KAA Gent.
After a successful 2010 and four seasons for the yellow reds, coach Peter Maes decided to leave Malinwa and signed a four year contract with Sporting Lokeren. Malinwa made a deal with Marc Brys to take over from Maes. Marc Brys was coach of FC Den Bosch, a second division team in the Netherlands.


- Belgian First Division:
- - Winners (4): Belgian First Division 1942-43, Belgian First Division 1945-46, Belgian First Division 1947-48, Belgian First Division 1988-89
- Belgian Second Division:
- - Winners (6): 1925–26, 1927–28, 1962–63, 1982–83, 1998–99, 2001–02
- Belgian Second Division Final Round:
- - Winners (2): 1981, 2007
- Belgian Third Division:
- - Winners (1): 2004–05
- Belgian Cup:
- - Winners (1): 1986–87
- European Cup Winners Cup:
- - Winners (1): 1987-88 European Cup Winners' Cup
- European Super Cup:
- - Winners (1): 1988
- Joan Gamper Trophy:
- - Winners (1): 1989

European record

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Notable players

- Image:Flag of Argentina.svg Rubén Marcelo Gómez

- Zlatko Arambasic
- Hayden Foxe

- Image:Flag of Austria.svg Gerhard Breitenberger
- Image:Flag of Austria.svg Ralph Hasenhüttl
- Image:Flag of Austria.svg Marko Vujić

- Image:Flag of Belgium.svg Philippe Albert
- Image:Flag of Belgium.svg Mathieu Boots
- Image:Flag of Belgium.svg Tom Caluwé
- Image:Flag of Belgium.svg Daniel Camus
- Image:Flag of Belgium.svg Issame Charaï
- Image:Flag of Belgium.svg Thomas Chatelle
- Image:Flag of Belgium.svg Lei Clijsters
- Image:Flag of Belgium.svg Alexandre Czerniatynski
- Image:Flag of Belgium.svg Alain de Nil
- Image:Flag of Belgium.svg Glen De Boeck
- Image:Flag of Belgium.svg Paul de Mesmaeker
- Image:Flag of Belgium.svg Eddy Dierickx
- Image:Flag of Belgium.svg Marc Emmers
- Image:Flag of Belgium.svg Patrick Goots
- Image:Flag of Belgium.svg Wouter Goris
- Image:Flag of Belgium.svg Dimitri Habran
- Image:Flag of Belgium.svg Yvan Hoste
- Image:Flag of Belgium.svg Dirk Huysmans
- Image:Flag of Belgium.svg Kristof Imschoot
- Image:Flag of Belgium.svg Kevin Kempeneer
- Image:Flag of Belgium.svg Víctor Lemberechts
- Image:Flag of Belgium.svg Guy Léonard
- Image:Flag of Belgium.svg Walter Meeuws
- Image:Flag of Belgium.svg Kenny Moras
- Image:Flag of Belgium.svg Tom Peeters
- Image:Flag of Belgium.svg Michel Preud'homme
- Image:Flag of Belgium.svg Steven Ribus
- Image:Flag of Belgium.svg Koenraad Sanders
- Image:Flag of Belgium.svg Francis Severeyns
- Image:Flag of Belgium.svg Rudi Smidts
- Image:Flag of Belgium.svg Paul Theunis
- Image:Flag of Belgium.svg Joos Valgaeren
- Image:Flag of Belgium.svg Wesley Vanbelle
- Image:Flag of Belgium.svg Birger Van de Ven
- Image:Flag of Belgium.svg Yves Van Der Straeten
- Image:Flag of Belgium.svg Ivo van Herp
- Image:Flag of Belgium.svg Joris Van Hout
- Image:Flag of Belgium.svg Julien van Puymbroeck
- Image:Flag of Belgium.svg Sven Vermant
- Image:Flag of Belgium.svg Bruno Versavel
- Image:Flag of Belgium.svg Patrick Versavel
- Image:Flag of Belgium.svg Mike Verstraeten
- Image:Flag of Belgium.svg Bjorn Vleminckx
- Image:Flag of Belgium.svg Jos Volders
- Image:Flag of Belgium.svg Stijn Vreven
- Image:Flag of Belgium.svg Olivier Werner
- Image:Flag of Belgium.svg Marc Wilmots

- Marijo Dodik

- Juma Mossi

- Image:Flag of Canada.svg Garret Kusch

- Image:Flag of Cameroon.svg Jean-Jacques Missé-Missé
- Image:Flag of Cameroon.svg Patrice Noukeu

Côte d'Ivoire
- Patrice Kobenan Tano

- Jean-Paul Boeka-Lisasi

Czech Republic
- Roman Vonášek

- Image:Flag of Denmark.svg Søren Hermansen
- Image:Flag of Denmark.svg Johnny Mølby
- Image:Flag of Denmark.svg Birger Pedersen
- Image:Flag of Denmark.svg Jens Petersen

Democratic Republic of Congo
- Patrick Kanene
- Jean-Paul Kielo-Lezi
- Christian Landu-Tubi
- Roger Lukaku
- Antoine Nlandu-Masunda
- Muscal Mvuezolo

- Image:Flag of Egypt.svg Mohamed El Yamani

- Image:Flag of England.svg Johnny Parke
- Image:Flag of England.svg John Talbut

- Image:Flag of Georgia.svg Revaz Arveladze

- Image:Flag of Germany.svg Wilhelm Reisinger
- Image:Flag of Germany.svg Anton Schumacher

- Image:Flag of Ghana.svg Theophilus Amuzu
- Image:Flag of Ghana.svg Nana Asare
- Image:Flag of Ghana.svg Emmanuel Bansah Young
- Image:Flag of Ghana.svg George Blay
- Image:Flag of Ghana.svg Francis Engmann
- Image:Flag of Ghana.svg Daniel Okyere

- Image:Flag of Greece.svg Christos Moucas

- Image:Flag of Guinea.svg Ousmane N'Gom Camara
- Image:Flag of Guinea.svg Louceny Doumbouya
- Image:Flag of Guinea.svg Drissa Diallo

- Image:Flag of Hungary.svg Denes Eszenyi
- Image:Flag of Hungary.svg Florian Urban

- Image:Flag of Israel.svg Eli Ohana

- Image:Flag of Italy.svg Antonio Caramazza

- Image:Flag of Japan.svg Masahiro Endo

- Image:Flag of Macedonia.svg Aleksandar Bajevski
- Image:Flag of Macedonia.svg Antonio Filevski
- Image:Flag of Macedonia.svg Vančo Micevski

- Image:Flag of Morocco.svg Nacer Abdellah

- Milan Berck Beelenkamp
- John Bosman
- Dave de Jong
- Piet den Boer
- René Eijkelkamp
- Wim Hofkens
- Erwin Koeman
- Graeme Rutjes
- Job Sueters
- Martijn van Galen
- Eric Viscaal

- Image:Flag of Nigeria.svg Tosin Dosunmu
- Image:Flag of Nigeria.svg Marvin Ogunjimi

- Image:Flag of Peru.svg José del Solar
- Image:Flag of Peru.svg Luis Guadalupe

- Image:Flag of Poland.svg Łukasz Kubik
- Image:Flag of Poland.svg Włodzimierz Lubański
- Image:Flag of Poland.svg Waldemar Prusik

- Image:Flag of Romania.svg Lucian Ilie

- João Henriette Rafael Elias Manamana
- Image:Flag of Rwanda.svg Fritz Emeran
- Image:Flag of Rwanda.svg Saïd Makasi
- Image:Flag of Rwanda.svg Désiré Mbonabucya
- Image:Flag of Rwanda.svg Benoit Mukoko
- Image:Flag of Rwanda.svg Jimmy Mulisa
- Image:Flag of Rwanda.svg Hamad Ndikumana

- Image:Flag of Serbia.svg Miloš Adamović
- Image:Flag of Serbia.svg Ersin Mehmedović

- Image:Flag of Slovakia.svg Andrej Kvašňák

- Image:Flag of Spain.svg Augustin Lopez-Ruiz

- Image:Flag of Swaziland.svg Dennis Masina

- Image:Flag of Sweden.svg Kennet Andersson
- Image:Flag of Sweden.svg Klas Ingesson

- Image:Flag of Togo.svg Kossi Lambrechts

- Image:Flag of Tunisia.svg Anis Boussaidi

- Image:Flag of Turkey.svg Semih Osman Serbest

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