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SC Hakoah Wien

SC Hakoah Wien is a football (soccer) club from Austria.

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About SC Hakoah Wien

Hakoah Vienna was an Austrian sports club.

Prior to World War II, it produced several Olympic athletes and was notable for fielding an entirely Jewish association football team with players drawn from across Europe. Closed down by the Nazis in 1938 following the Anschluss, it re-formed in 1945, though its football team was disbanded in 1949.


A pair of Austrian Zionism, cabaret librettist (Kabarettist) Fritz Löhner-Beda and dentist Ignaz Herman Körner, founded the club in 1909. Influenced by Max Nordau's doctrine of "Muscular Judaism" , they named the club "Hakoah" (Hebrew alphabet: הכח), meaning "the strength" in Hebrew language. In its first year, the club's athletes competed in fencing, football, field hockey, Track and field, wrestling and swimming.

Hakoah Vienna was one of the first football teams to market themselves globally by travelling frequently where they would attract thousands of Jewish fans to their matches against local teams in cities such as London and New York. Support for Hakoah spread around Europe rapidly as Jews as far as Russia and the United States avidly supported Hakoah Vienna who took advantage of such support by setting up very successful tours and friendlies. As the first "Jewish" team, Hakoah attracted the attention of prominent Jewish figures including author Franz Kafka.

Hakoah finished second in the Austrian league in 1922.

On the team's trip to London in 1923, they managed to defeat West Ham United F.C. by a score of 5–1, admittedly against a largely reserve team. Nevertheless, Hakoah became the first continental club to defeat an English team in England. The club opened its new home on 11 March 2008.

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