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Sanfrecce Hiroshima FC

Sanfrecce Hiroshima FC is a football (soccer) club from Japan.

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About Sanfrecce Hiroshima FC

is a Japanese association football club in the J. League Division 1.

Club name

The club name is a portmanteau of the Japanese numeral for 3 (number), San and an Italian language word frecce or 'arrows'. This is based on the story of Mori Motonari who told his three sons that while a single arrow might be easily snapped, three arrows held together would not be broken and urged them to work for the good of the clan and its retainers.

In the popular Captain Tsubasa manga, a character named Shingo Takasugi becomes a professional soccer player and joins Sanfrecce Hiroshima.

- 1938-70 : {"Syukyu" means "football" in Japanese.}
- - 1943-46 : This period was suspend the activities of a clubbing under the influence of the Pacific War.
- 1971-80 :
- 1981-83 :
- 1984-85 :
- 1986-92 :
- 1992- :


The team's home town is Hiroshima, Hiroshima and the side plays at Hiroshima Big Arch and Hiroshima Stadium. It holds training sessions at Yoshida Soccer Park in Akitakata, Hiroshima and Hiroshima 1st Ball Park.


As Mazda team

The team was a former company team of in 1938 and played in the semi-professional Japan Soccer League. They dominated the JSL's early years, winning the title 4 times in a row - a feat that was later equaled by Tokyo Verdy. The name change was made at in 1981. When JSL disbanded and became the J. League in 1992, it dropped the company name and became "Sanfrecce Hiroshima". Alongside JEF United Ichihara Chiba and Urawa Red Diamonds they co-founded both leagues.

During the Japan Soccer League 1969 season they participated in the 1969 Asian Club Championship, forerunner to today's AFC Champions League; at the time, the tournament was done in a single locale (in that year it was Bangkok, Thailand), and they ended up in third place, the first participation of a Japanese club in the continental tournament. This also cost them the league title to Mitsubishi/Urawa, and although they won another title in 1970, since then the club has been out of the running for the title, with exceptional seasons such as 1994 J. League when they won runner-up.

1965 Inaugural League Champions Team

The Toyo Industries team that became the first JSL champions also completed the first Double (association football) by taking the Emperor's Cup. They were also the first of three "The Invincibles (football)", undefeated champion teams in Japan (the others were Urawa Red Diamonds in 1969 Japan Soccer League and Júbilo Iwata in 1987-88 Japan Soccer League), although only Toyo completed a double.

Matsumoto, Ogi, and Yasuyuki Kuwahara went on to win the Football at the 1968 Summer Olympics for the Japan national football team.


In 2002, Sanfrecce became the first former stage winner (first stage, 1994) to be relegated to the lower division, J2. But it only spent a year there, finishing second the very next season to regain promotion back to J1. The club finished 16th in the 2007 season and were relegated to J. League Division 2 after they were beaten by Kyoto Sanga in the J. League Promotion/Relegation Series. In 2008 they nevertheless won the J2 title at the first attempt, having 84 points (a difference of 25 points with the runner-up teams) with six matches left.

By virtue of earning fourth place in the 2009 season and Gamba Osaka retaining the Emperor's Cup, Sanfrecce qualified for the AFC Champions League 2010, where they were knocked out in the group phase.

Record as J. League member

- Tms. = Number of teams
- Pos. = Position in league
- Attendance/G = Average league attendance


Toyo kogyo SC & Mazda SC

- Japan Soccer League: (5)
- - Japan Soccer League 1965, Japan Soccer League 1966, Japan Soccer League 1967, Japan Soccer League 1968, Japan Soccer League 1970
- Emperor's Cup: (3)
- - 1965 Emperor's Cup, 1967 Emperor's Cup, 1969 Emperor's Cup
- AFC Champions League: Third place
- - 1969 Asian Club Championship
- All Japan Works Football Championship: (2)
- - 1956, 1962 (shared)
- NHK Super Cup: (1)
- - Japan Soccer League 1967 NHK Cup

Sanfrecce Hiroshima

Domestic Leagues

- J. League:
- - 1st Stage Champions (1): 1994
- J. League:
- - Champions (1): 2008

Domestic Cups

- Japanese Super Cup:
- - Winners (1): 2008

League history

- Division 1 (Japan Soccer League Div. 1): 1965-83
- Division 2 (Japan Soccer League Div. 2): 1984-85
- Division 1 (Japan Soccer League Div. 1): 1986-87
- Division 2 (Japan Soccer League Div. 2): 1988-90
- Division 1 (Japan Soccer League Div. 1): 1991-92
- Division 1 (J. League Div. 1): 1993-02
- Division 2 (J. League Div. 2): 2003
- Division 1 (J. League Div. 1): 2004-07
- Division 2 (J. League Div. 2): 2008
- Division 1 (J. League Div. 1): 2009-present

Total (as of 2011): 40 seasons in the top tier and 7 seasons in the second tier.


As of February 1, 2012

Out on loan

Notable players

For details on notable players, see :Category:Sanfrecce Hiroshima players.

- Yosuke Kashiwagi
- Yahiro Kazama
- Yūichi Komano
- Tatsuhiko Kubo
- Tadanari Lee
- Kazuya Maekawa
- Tomoaki Makino
- Ryuji Michiki
- Yoshiro Moriyama
- Hajime Moriyasu
- Norio Omura
- Kentaro Sawada
- Takashi Shimoda
- Takuya Takagi
- Marcus Tulio Tanaka
- Kenichi Uemura
- Toshihiro Yamaguchi
- Hiroshige Yanagimoto

- Steve Corica
- Hayden Foxe
- Tony Popović
- Aurelio Vidmar
- Ri Han-Jae
- Noh Jung-Yoon
- Oleg Pashinin

- Joubert Araújo Martins
- César Sampaio
- Irondino Ferreira Neto
- Marcelo Silva Ramos
- Ueslei Raimundo Pereira da Silva

- Tomislav Erceg
- Július Bielik
- Pavel Černý (footballer born 1962)
- Ivan Hašek
- Ian Crook
- Don Goodman
- Davit Mujiri
- Pieter Huistra
- John van Loen
- Tore Pedersen
- Jan Jönsson
- Jean-Paul Vonderburg
- Serhiy Skachenko

Mazda Sports Club
- Yuriy Kabir
- Ian Griffiths
- Tony Henry (footballer born 1957)
- David Hodgson (footballer)
- Dido Havenaar
- Ron Jans
- Alan Irvine (footballer born 1962)
- Scott McGarvey

World Cup players

1994 FIFA World Cup
- Noh Jung-Yoon
2006 FIFA World Cup
- Yūichi Komano


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