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Mouloudia d´Oran

Mouloudia d´Oran is a football (soccer) club from Algeria.

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About Mouloudia d´Oran

Mouloudia Club d'Oran (Arabic language: نادي مولودية وهران, Arabic transliteration: Nadi Mūlūdiat Wahrān), (English language: Mouloudia Club of Oran), referred to as MC Oran or MCO for short, is a football club based in Oran in Algeria. MC Oran is also a multi-sports club and it's also known by it handball team. It's founded in 1946, MC Oran was the only club to have Algerian disputed till 2008 all of the national championship seasons of first division (D1) since 1963, at its launch. However, the team was relegated at the end of the 2007/2008 season, finishing 13th in the 16-team league but the club return after only one season into the first division.



The Mouloudia Club of Oran originated on May 14, 1946, when nationalist activists created the team of Mouloudia, a Muslim club in the district of El Hamri (former Lamur) in Oran to compete with European clubs of the moments when Algeria was a France district (French Algeria). Mohamed Bessol was a player, coach, and general secretary of the club until 1967. Other founding members were Rouane Serik Boutaleb, Mohamed Serradj, Hadj Abouna, Ali Tounsi, Belaid Bachir, Bensenouci Mahi, Bloufa Benhadad, Mahmoud Benahmed, Miloud Bendraoui, Miloud Cherigui, Ali Aroumia, Omar Abouna, Kada Fali.

The founding ceremony of Mouloudia was attended by Sheikh Said Zamouchi, delegated by the Sheikh Si Tayeb Al Mahaji (imam, writer and member of the Association des oulémas musulmans algériens) led by Sheikh Abdelhamid Ben Badis.

The name of the Mouloudia was inspired by the celebration of Mawlid (Prophet Mohammed's birth), the date of its creation coincided with the celebration of Mawlid.

Mouloudia Club d'Oran began his first competition, the 1946-1947 season in the third division of the regional championship of the League of Oran (3F/O) as the regulation of the France Football Federation suggests.
The course of the club from 1946 to 1956 is unknown. However from 1956 to 1962 (the independence year of Algeria), the MC Oran block all its sports activities by order of the National Liberation Front (Algeria).

After independence

The Mouloudia Club of Oran start in the first competition of independent Algeria in 1962-1963 season, it qualified for the final tournament of the championship for the first two seasons 1962-1963 and 1963-1964 which were composed of three groups (Algiers, Oran and Constantine), he finished second in the group of Oran in both seasons, unfortunately not a qualifying place for the semi-finals, but this place already earned him a status of a club to fear. because in the seasons to follow, it will be runner-up twice consecutively in 1968 and 1969 with Abdelkader Freha top scorer in both seasons.

The club has a great history, especially during the golden years (70', 80' and the 90'), it have many great Algerian football players and even Africa, like Lakhdar Belloumi, Tedj Bensaoula, Karim Maroc, as well as children of the club for generations as Abdelkader Freha, Sid Ahmed Belkedrouci, Miloud Hadefi, Tahar Cherif El-Ouazzani, Abdelhafid Tasfaout ...etc. During all this time, the club had won many national and international titles.


MC Oran has had some crests in its history. The first, adopted in the 70th, lasted until the national sports reform by the Algerian government in 1977. The second crest was used from this reform when the national companies took the different Algerians clubs in 1977 until 1989 when MC Oran taken by Naftal was called MP Oran (Mouloudia Pétrolière d'Oran), From 1989, the national companies retired from the Clubs, the club takes its old name MC Oran (Mouloudia Club d'Oran), however there were various crests from this year until now but there was one more famous and credible crest.

File:MC Oran - old logo.jpg (40,000 capacity), in the popular district of El Hamri. The team supporters are nicknamed Hamraoua (named after the neighbourhood), and the team's colors are red and white.


MC Oran is one of the most successful teams of Algeria. it's also one of the great teams of the Arab world and Africa.

National titles

- Algerian Championnat National: 4
- Algerian Cup: 4
- Algerian League Cup: 1
- Algerian Super Cup:

International titles

- CAF Champions League:
- Arab Champions League:
- Arab Cup Winners' Cup: 2
- Arab Super Cup: 1

Performance in international competitions

Performance in CAF competitions

- CAF Champions League: 3 appearances
- CAF Confederation Cup: 1 appearance
- CAF Cup: 2 appearances
- CAF Cup Winners' Cup: 3 appearances

Performance in UAFA competitions

- Arab Champions League: 4 appearances
- Arab Cup Winners' Cup: 2 appearance
- Arab Super Cup: 2 appearances

International statistics

CAF statistics

UAFA statistics

As of January 8, 2012.

File:Captain sports.svg

Reserve team

Current technical staff


For a complete list of MC Oran players, see :Category:MC Oran players.

Below is a list of the legendary history player of MC Oran.

- Reda Acimi
- Abdesslam Benabdellah
- Nacer Benchiha
- Baroudi Berkane-Krachai
- Nacerdine Drid
- Mohamed Hadjadji
- Hichem Mezaïr
- Mohamed Ounes
- Karim Saoula
- Bachir Sbaa

- Lahouari Beddiar
- Abdelafid Belabbes
- Omar Belatoui
- Abdelmadjid Belgot
- Ali Benhalima
- Abdelaziz Bot
- Djelloul Bouhadji
- Lahouari Chaib
- Boubakeur Chalabi
- Mokhtar Chergui
- Taieb Foussi
- Moulay Haddou
- Miloud Hadefi
- Mokhtar Kechamli
- Abdellah Kechra
- Abdelkrim Kherif
- Arezki Lebbah
- Ouanes Mechkour
- Slimane Raho
- Gilles Augustin Binya

- Sid Ahmed Belkedrouci
- Lakhdar Belloumi
- Sid Ahmed Benamara
- Boutkhil Benyoucef
- Cheïkh Benzerga
- Sofiane Daoud
- Djelloul Djelli
- Tahar Cherif El-Ouazzani
- Kader Firoud
- Necerdine Gaïd
- Karim Maroc
- Senoussi Medjahed
- Fayçal Megueni
- Brahim Arafat Mezouar
- Ali Moumen
- Benyacoub Sebbah
- Abdelhafid Tasfaout
- Sid Ahmed Zerrouki

- Samir Benkenida
- Habib Benmimoun
- Tedj Bensaoula
- Mohamed Bouhizeb
- Kouider Boukessassa
- Haddou Chaib
- Bouabdellah Daoud
- Abdelkader Freha
- Afif Goual
- Mehdi Harmel
- El-Hadi Khelili
- Ali Meçabih
- Bachir Mecheri
- Mourad Meziane
- Mohamed Salem
- Abdelkader Tlemcani


- Kader Firoud
- Mohamed Salem
- Abdelkader Freha
- Abdellah Kechra
- Miloud Hadefi
- Bachir Sbaa

- Lakhdar Belloumi
- Mourad Meziane
- Tahar Cherif El-Ouazzani
- Omar Belatoui
- Cheïkh Benzerga
- Moulay Haddou

- Reda Acimi
- Gilles Augustin Binya
- Sofiane Daoud
- Kada Kechamli
- Hichem Mezaïr
- Zoubir Ouasti


- Hodna Lait
- Ifri

- Propal Algérie
- Zerouati Bechar
for the latter to provide jerseys and team equipment to the team.

The old equipment was made by German firm Addidas.

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