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AaB is a football (soccer) club from Denmark.

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About AaB

Aalborg Boldspilklub is a Denmark professional sports club based in the city of Aalborg. The club is also known as Aalborg BK or AaB for short. Through time the club has had branches in cricket, tennis and basketball, but currently controls teams in association football, American football, ice hockey, floorball and team handball. All teams are competing in the top-flight Danish league in their respective sport. The kit sponsor for the club is Adidas, and the principal sponsor for the football and handball team is the regional bank Spar Nord.

AaB was founded on May 13, 1885 by England engineers who were building Jutland's railway system, and the first years was concentrated on the game of cricket. It was initially named Aalborg Cricketklub (Aalborg Cricketclub) but the name of the club was changed to Aalborg Boldklub (Aalborg ballclub) in 1899. Football was adopted on an amateur basis in 1902 in football (soccer), and has since been the main sport, as the name was changed to the current Aalborg Boldspilklub af 1885 (Aalborg ballgameclub of 1885) in 1906.


The club established a men's football team in 1902. The team has been a part of the Danish Superliga championship since 1987 in football (soccer), winning three championships in Danish Superliga 1994-95, Danish Superliga 1998-99 and in 2008 in football (soccer).

After a good 2006/2007 season AaB qualified for the UEFA cup facing the Italian team U.C Sampdoria. AaB was heavily underdogs and no one really expected AaB to stand in the way for the 1992 UEFA Champions League runners up. After an impressive performance AaB got away with a 2-2 draw in Italy and after a heroic fight in Denmark ending 0-0, AaB advanced to the group play.
They then faced Anderlecht, Getafe, Tottenham and Hapoel Tel Aviv. After drawing with Anderlecht they went to face Tottenham on White Hart Lane.
AaB almost shook up the world by having a 2-0 lead at the end of the first half. Unfortunately the lack of experience in Europe got to them in the second half and they eventually lost the game 3-2.

AaB was eliminated after finishing 4th in the group but the international adventure was only at its beginning.

The 2007/2008 season ended with AaB 3rd championship since 1995 and after beating up FBK Kaunas AaB was ready play in the UEFA Champions League for the second time. Now they had to face the mighty Manchester United, Celtic and Villarreal. Again no one expected AaB to have a regular chance and most people were sure they would finish last with one or two points. But the team wanted it different and in the first game away against Celtic, AaB fought heroic and secured a 0-0 thanks to goalkeeper Karim Zaza saving a penalty in the opening of the match.
AaB then lost 0-3 home against Manchester United before facing Villarreal away. AaB again fought heroic but in the end lost 6-3 after leading 0-1. Next match was home again against Villarreal and it was clear that the team wanted to revenge the defeat from last match. It didn’t go as planned for AaB but the team yet again fought the way back and ended up with a 2-2 draw.
Next game was home against Celtic. Before the beginning of the tournament no one was expecting that AaB would still be in the run for the 3rd place but now they had to play Celtic for the ticket to the UEFA cup second round. First half ended 0-0 but in the beginning of the second half Celtic gained the lead. AaB now had to score twice in order to secure the ticket and such a result seemed miles away. Somehow the team was able to fight its way back and they ended up with a 2-1 victory scoring the winning goal just 4 minutes before the final whistle.
AaB did the impossible and secured the ticket before facing Manchester United on the legendary Theatre of Dreams, Old Trafford. As expected AaB was behind 1-0 early in the match but before half time the team had send out shockwaves through Europe by scoring twice and was now leading 1-2 at half time. United only managed to score once in the second half and AaB got away with an impressive 2-2.

Next stop was the UEFA Cup second round. Now facing Deportivo La Coruna AaB yet again was the underdog and besides from the supporters no one actually expected the team to advance. After the first match in Denmark AaB had proven everyone wrong by crushing Deportivo 3-0. Still most people expected Deportivo to do the same to AaB in Spain and Manchester City, who had to face the winner, almost booked the tickets for Spain before the second match. Deportivo started well and got a 1-0 lead but in the end of the first half AaB scored impressive 3 goals in just 5 minutes. The impossible was now possible; AaB was trough to the next round after a total win of 6-1.

Manchester City seemed like a mission impossible. The club was the richest club on the planet and players like Robinho made more money than all of the AaB squad did in total. After a 2-0 defeat at City of Manchester Stadium it would take a miracle to turn things around in Denmark. But Manchester City being 'Typical City' never turned up and allowed Aalborg to progress into extra time and penalties where thats the furthest they got. City finally dispatching them in the penalty shootout 4-3.

The 2010/2011 season was a catastrophe for Aab. Only in the last match of the season did AaB definitively avoid losing their status as a Superliga team.

Other sports

Handball was adopted by AaB in 2003, when the local men's team Aalborg HSH was bought and renamed AaB Håndbold (AaB handball). Since then, the club has played in the Danish top-flight handball league, though they have never won the league title. In May 2007, AaB published the plans to take over the women's handball team of Aalborg DH, as a part of the AaB Håndbold brand, as Aalborg DH did not pass a due diligence test, the takeover was never completed. With the expanded handball section, the men's team have moved their games to Aalborg DH's venue, Gigantium Arena. AaB also owns the professional ice hockey team of AaB Ishockey, which builds on the amateur youth development of Aalborg Ishockey Klub (AIK), which built on two merged clubs AaB Ishockey and IK Aalborg. AaB Ishockey won the 1981 Danish championship. From 2004 to 2007, AaB Ishockey has won four sets of silver medals in a row. In 2005, AaB coorporated with Aalborg Basketball Klub (ABK) in order to build the AaB Basket team. The basketball team was no success, and was dismantled in March 2007, reverting the team to its ABK roots. AaB also has a Floorball division, which in 2007/08 has secured promotion to the best league in Denmark. The team is located and plays matches at Hornevej where the rest of AaB's training facilities are located. AaB 89ers is an american football team started in 1989, they play at semi-professional level in National League (the best Danish league). AaB Tennis plays at amateur level.


Aalborg Boldspilklub af 1885
- Chairman of the board Jesper Møller

- Managing director Poul Sørensen
- Finance director Lars Vadsholt Jørgensen
- Chairman of the board Lars Søndergaard Pedersen
- Sports director Lynge Jakobsen
- Sports director Jan Larsen
- Manager Karsten Arvidsen

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