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Erebuni Yerevan

Erebuni Yerevan is a football (soccer) club from Armenia.

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About Erebuni Yerevan


The club participated as Homenmen-FIMA Yerevan in the first ever 1992 in Armenian football after the split-up from the Soviet Union. After the regular competition they qualified for the championship stage, where they finished in ninth position. This way they qualified for the highest level in the 1993 season. Despite a few name changes (the latest to become Erebuni Yerevan in 1999) the club never relegated out of the Armenian Premier League because in 2000 they were disbanded and kicked out (of the Premier League) by the Armenian government due to political friction. At the time, President Robert Kocharian, under an executive order of antitrust disbanded and exiled all opposition parties including the football club Erebuni Yerevan.

Erebuni is a football club under the auspices of the Homenmen athletic club.

- 1992 - Founded as Homenmen-FIMA Yerevan.
- 1995 - Changed name to Homenmen Yerevan
- 1997 - Changed name to Erebuni-Homenmen Yerevan
- 1999 - Changed name to Erebuni Yerevan

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