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Lokomotiv Vitebsk

Lokomotiv Vitebsk is a football (soccer) club from Belarus.

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About Lokomotiv Vitebsk

FC Vitebsk is a Belarusian football (soccer) club based in Vitebsk. The club plays in the Belarusian Premier League, the top division in Belarusian football. The home stadium is Vitebsky Central Sport Complex.


Name changes

- 1960: founded as Krasnoye Znamya Vitebsk
- 1963: renamed to Dvina Vitebsk
- 1985: renamed to Vityaz Vitebsk
- 1989: renamed to KIM Vitebsk
- 1994: renamed to Dvina Vitebsk
- 1996: renamed to Lokomotiv-96 Vitebsk
- 2001: renamed to Lokomotiv Vitebsk
- 2006: renamed to Vitebsk


- Belarusian Cup: 1

As of August 2011

League and Cup history

Soviet Union

- 1 Separate cup for 3rd level teams, different for each zone.
- 2 Relegated as Class B (the league where Dvina was playing) changed its status from 3rd to 4th level in 1970, and the top two levels were reorganaized into three with fewer teams.
- 3 Promoted due to 3rd level (Class A Second Group, renamed to Second League since next season) expansion from 3 to 6 territorial zones (from 66 to 124 teams) in 1971 and dismissal of 4th level.
- 4 In 1973 every draw was followed by a penalty shoot-out, with a winner gaining 1 point and loser gaining 0.
- 5 Though finished 13th from the 22 teams in 1989, KIM relegated as the Second League (3rd level) was reduced from 9 zones (195 teams) to 3 zones (66 teams) and the Second Lower League with 9 zones was introduced as a 4th level.


- 1 Including additional game (2–1 win) against FC Partizan Minsk for the 1st place as both teams finished with equal points.
- 1 Including additional game (1–4 loss) against FC Partizan Minsk for the 14th place as both teams finished with equal points.

FC Vitebsk in Europe

As of December, 2008.

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