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KS Vllaznia

KS Vllaznia is a football (soccer) club from Albania.

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About KS Vllaznia

Klub Futboll Vllaznia Shkodër (Vllaznia) is an Albanian football (soccer) club based in Shkodër. KF Vllaznia have been Albanian Superliga nine times and won the Albanian Cup six times, the last success coming at the end of the Albanian Cup 2007–08, after a long 21 year drought in the competition. Vllaznia play at the Loro-Boriçi Stadium.


Founded in 1919, Vllaznia is the oldest football team in Albania. In 1929 the club was named "Bashkimi Shkodran". The debut in the league was in 1930. In 1958 it was renamed “KF Vllaznia “. In the European Cup for Champions 1978/79 they beat Austrian team Austria Wien (who went on to the semifinals) 2–0 at home but lost 3–4 on aggregate. In the Cup Winners Cup of 1987/88 they reached the second round after beating Sliema Wanderes from Malta in both games (aggregate 6–0). In the 2001/2002 UEFA Champions league qualifying they beat KR Reykjavik from Iceland 2–1 in Reykjavik and 1–0 in Tirana with two goals from Klodian Duro. In next round KF Vllaznia were eliminated by the Turkish club Galatasaray 2–0 in Istanbul and 1–4 in Tirana. German Uli Schulze, a UEFA Cup Winners' Cup winner with 1. FC Magdeburg in 1974, was appointed as new coach in summer 2006. He was later replaced by Mirel Josa who is currently at his third spell coaching the team.


In the 2000s Vllaznia went through changes, in 2003 the President of Vllaznia, Myftar Cela was shot in Montenegro. The President was loved from every Vllaznia fan, because of his generosity and he loved the team.
After Cela died, a group of businessmen gathered to help the team.

In 2006 an Albanian businessman became Vllaznia President, Valter Fushaj. Since then he has been criticized by the fans for corruption and not wanting the best for the team.

In the 2009–2010 Vllaznia went to some rough changes, having to change 3 coaches, getting new and replacing players Vllaznia went to the bottom of the table, and having been criticized by the fans, Vllaznia went through some bad positions.

On 17 April, 2010 Vllaznia won 3–2 to Skenderbeu Korçe but lost 2–0 because the player Ansi Nika wasn't on the team roster but got into the game anyway, which led to protests by the fans, saying that the Vllaznia staff, the President Valter Fushaj specifically did it for bribing reasons.


Loro Boriçi Stadium

The home ground of the club is called "Loro Borici". The name comes from one of the club's and Albania's greatest footballer to ever play, Loro played with some of the biggest teams at that time, with A.S Roma and S.S. Lazio. The striker was known for his goalscoring abilities which he displayed in the Serie A after he left Vllaznia in 1930s.

Loro Boriçi stadium is a multi-purpose stadium in Shkodër, Albania. It is currently used mostly for football matches and is the home ground of Vllaznia Shkodër. The stadium holds about 16,000 spectators and was reconstructed in 2001. It is named in honour of Loro Boriçi, famous player in 1940s and 1950s. It is also the second largest stadium in Albania behind the Qemal Stafa (stadium) in Tirana which seats 19,600.


Vllaznia has been known for its fans, which are one of the best in all of Albania. They are called "Tifozat KuqeBlu" and other groups such as "Tornadot Kuqeblu, Vllaznit Ultras". The fans have been supporting the team through the tough and the good times, knowing the best for the team.
Vllaznia has fans from all over north Albania, not just Shkodër.


^ Kategoria superiore:
- Winners (9):Kategoria superiore 1945, Kategoria superiore 1946, Kategoria superiore 1971-72, Kategoria superiore 1973-74, Kategoria superiore 1977-78, Kategoria superiore 1982-83, Kategoria superiore 1991-92, Kategoria superiore 1997-98, and Kategoria superiore 2000-01
- Runners-up (11):Kategoria superiore 1932, Kategoria superiore 1933, Kategoria superiore 1936, Kategoria superiore 1937, Kategoria superiore 1947, Albanian Superliga 1949, Kategoria superiore 1974-75, Kategoria superiore 1996-97, Kategoria superiore 1998-99, Kategoria superiore 2002-03, and Kategoria superiore 2008-09

^ Albanian Cup:
- Winners (6): 1964–65, 1971–72, 1978–79, 1980–81, 1986–87 and Albanian Cup 2007–08
- Runners-up (7): 1965–66, 1967–68, 1969–70, 1985–86, 1998–99, 2005–06, and 2009–10 Albanian Cup

^ Albanian Supercup:
- Winners (2): 1998 and 2001
- Runners-up (2): 1992 and 2008.


- Biggest ever home league victory: Vllaznia Shkodër 8-0 Flamurtari Vlorë - 6 February 1999
- Biggest ever home league defeat: Vllaznia Shkodër 0-4 Dinamo Tirana - 25 September 2010
- Biggest ever away league victory: KF Laçi 1-7 Vllaznia Shkodër - 18 December 2004
- Biggest ever away league defeat: KF Tirana 5-1 Vllaznia Shkodër - 28 February 2004
- Biggest ever European home victory: Vllaznia Shkodër 2-0 Austria Vienna - 13 September 1978
- Biggest ever European home defeat: Vllaznia Shkodër 0-4 Trabzonspor - 14 July 2007
- Biggest ever European away victory: Sliema Wanderers F.C. 0-4 Vllaznia Shkodër - 30 September 1987
- Biggest ever European away defeat: Trabzonspor 6-0 Vllaznia Shkodër - 8 July 2007

Albanian records from September 1997

KF Vllaznia in Europe

As of July 22, 2011.

- QR = Qualifying Round
- 1R = 1st Round
- 2R = 2nd Round

(Captain (association football))

Out on loan

Former notable players

- Sabah Bizi
- Loro Boriçi
- Klodian Duro
- Suad Lici
- Ilion Lika
- Edi Martini
- Ferid Rragami
- Ramazan Rragami
- Hamdi Salihi
- Vioresin Sinani
- Rudi Vata
- Medin Zhega
- Hysen Zmijani
- Lutz Pfannenstiel

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