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Backa Subotica

Backa Subotica is a football (soccer) club from Croatia.

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About Backa Subotica

FK Bačka 1901 is a football club from the city of Subotica in Bačka, autonomous province of Vojvodina, Republic of Serbia. The club is the oldest in Vojvodina as well as in Serbia, and also, it was the oldest club of former SFRY. Club's colors are red and white, while club's anthem is Pivaj Bačka veselo.


The club was founded in 1901, during Austro-Hungarian Monarchy administration. It was originally the club of Croat/Bunjevci community, although club has regularly been accepting the players of other nationalities, never making the difference. This club played a big role in a cultural and sport autonomy of Croats/Bunjevci in Bačka in Austria-Hungary period, and later in the time of the Kingdom of Yugoslavia.

Its first name was Bácska Szabadkai Athletikai Club, since it was registered by the Austro-Hungarian authorities in Hungarian language. Among its founders the most common nationality was Croats/Bunjevci, and the club's emblem bore the Croatian chequy in the upper-left corner.

In its early years, the club played in the leagues of the Austro-Hungarian Kingdom of Hungary, regularly winning in the southern league. It later participated in the Yugoslav championship twice, in its 1923 inaugural season and in 1925. During this time the club was named JSD Bačka. Upon the formation of the Croatian-Slovenian League and later the Croatian First League within the Banovina of Croatia, the club changed its name to HAD Bačka and competed with Croatian clubs.

In 1941, during the Axis occupation of Yugoslavia, Bačka region was attached to Horthy's Hungary and the club was forced to compete in the Hungarian League, where it entered competition in its third-tier. In 1945 the club was renamed to HAŠK Građanski (Croat Academical Sports Club Građanski) after the famous Zagreb side. Soon after the club was renamed to FD Sloboda. Later, it was renamed to FD Zvezda, and in 1963, the club returned the name Bačka.

FK Bačka 1901 currently (as of Feb 2008) competes in a regional league North within Vojvodina.

In May 2007 the president of the club was Dragan Vujković, one of most well known Croats/Bunjevci from Vojvodina, former member of the Yugoslav national boxing team and silver medalist from two World Amateur Championships.

FK Bačka 1901 gave several players that played for the team of Croats in Serbia, that became European runners-up and silver medalists in Europeada 2008.

Names through history

- Bácska Szabadkai Athletikai Club
- JSD "Bačka"
- HAD "Bačka"
- Hrvatski akademski športski klub "Građanski"
- FD "Sloboda"
- FD "Zvezda"
- FK "Bačka"

Famous players

In alphabetic order:

- Csaba Béres
- Zoran Bogešić
- Stanko Bogojević
- Ivica Bošnjak
- Ivan Budimčević
- Mijo Bukvić
- Antun Copko, national team player of Hungary national football team and Yugoslavia national football team (Kingdom of Yugoslavia)
- Beno Cvijanov
- Mirko Evetović
- Stjepan Gabrić
- Lajoš Jakovetić, Yugoslav national team player
- Mihály Kecskés, Yugoslavia national football team national team player
- István Kenyeres
- Nesto Kopunović
- Andrija Kujundžić
- Zoltan Kujundžić
- Gordan Lazić
- Josip Lerinc
- Tomo Malagurski
- Zoran Mandić
- Remija Marcikić, national team player of Hungary national football team and Yugoslavia national football team (Kingdom of Yugoslavia)
- Nikola Matković

- Tihomir Ognjanov, Yugoslav national team player
- Marinko Poljaković
- Josip Rajčić
- Tibor Rehm
- Pero Remeš
- Antun Rudinski, Yugoslav national team player
- Nikola Sadojević
- Ivan Sarić (footballer born 1876)
- Tomislav Sivić
- Ivan Skenderović - Čedo
- Dezider Slezak
- Attila Szabados
- József Szili
- Radovan Šimun
- Slobodan Šujica
- Zoran Trivunov
- László Varga
- Dejan Vilotić
- Marko Vujković
- Zoltán Wagner
- Miloš Zakić
- Josip Zemko, Yugoslav national team player

Besides these above, among Bačka's legendary persons are Lajos Vermes, Nikola Matković and Đuro Stantić.

FK Bačka in art

Croatian/Bunjevac writer from Bačka, Milivoj Prćić, has written a monodrama, Pivaj Bačka veselo, dedicated to this club.

Later in 2006, Rajko Ljubič made a movie of the same name after Prćić's work.

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