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Sandefjord BK

Sandefjord BK is a football (soccer) club from Norway.

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About Sandefjord BK

Sandefjord Fotball is a Norway professional football (soccer) club, founded on September 10, 1998. The club plays in the Adeccoligaen. Their home ground is the Arena, located in Sandefjord, Vestfold.

The club reached the Adeccoligaen (Adeccoligaen) in 1999, where they made quick progress and soon settled as strong competitors for promotion to the Premier League. Finishing third in the First Division both in 2002 and 2003 they qualified for play-off matches, but lost both times. In 2004 they finished fourth, but the 2005 season finally proved a success, when they placed second and earned automatic promotion to the highest division.

The club performed surprisingly well in their first Premier League season, finishing ninth in the table and reaching the cup final. However, the 2007 season was a disaster and they finished last and were relegated to the Adeccoligaen.

After a poor start to the 2008 season in the Adeccoligaen, Sandefjord recovered strongly to finish second and qualify for automatic promotion to Tippeligaen. In the 2009 season Sandefjord Fotball finished at eight place, their strongest performance in Tippeligaen to date. In 2010 Sandefjord Fotball were relegated to the Adeccoligaen.


Sandefjord Fotball were formed by parent clubs IL Runar and Sandefjord Ballklubb in 1998. They replaced Sandefjord Ballklubb in the 2nd division in 1999, and secured immediate promotion to the 1st division. There the club made quick progress and soon settled as a strong competitor for promotion to the Norwegian Premier League. Finishing third in the 1st division both in 2002 and 2003 they qualified for play-off matches, but lost both times, against SK Brann and Vålerenga IF Fotball. The 2003 play-off was lost after some controversial decisions by referee Jonny Ditlefsen that were all in Sandefjords disfavor. When manager Tom Nordlie left after the play-off games, Sandefjord Fotball hired Arne Dokken as their new coach. He was fired after just one season, 2004, when they finished fourth. But the 2005 season finally proved a success, with Tor Thodesen as their new coach. Placing second, Sandefjord earned automatic promotion to the highest division, where they finished 9th in their first season.

The 2007 season ended badly and they finished last and were relegated to the Adeccoligaen. The players went to the board of directors together and requested the hiring of a new coach. Instead of firing Thodesen, the board kept him. After a bad start to the 2008 season, they fired Thodesen and hired Pat Walker. The team played better after this, and he moved the team from a relegation place to a promotion place in the table in eight games.

Colours and badge

Sandefjord Fotball's colours are blue. They play in blue shirts, blue shorts and white socks. The club changed their badge before the start of season 2006. This was mainly for press purposes. The old badge had a yellow field as well as the blue and red. The new badge only has the colours red and blue. Further on, the white whale tail on the badge links to Sandefjord citys whaling history.


Before Sandefjord Fotball started to use their new home arena, Arena, they used to play their home encounters at Storstadion. Sandefjord Fotball played their home games at Storstadion from 1999 to 2007. As the stadium itself did not live up to the standards one could expect from a modern football stadium, it was finally decided to build the new and modern Arena and start a new and exciting chapter in the young clubs history.

As of 5 January, 2012.

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Key people

Coaching staff

Manager history


Sandefjord Fotball supporters are called "Blåhvalene" (The Blue Whales). They were established in 1999.

Records and statistics


- Adeccoligaen:
- - Runners-up (2): 2005 Norwegian First Division, 2008 Norwegian First Division
- - Play-off (2): 2002 Norwegian First Division, 2003 Norwegian First Division
- Norwegian Second Division:
- - Winners (1): 1999 Norwegian Second Division
- Norwegian Football Cup:
- - Runners-up (1): 2006 Norwegian Football Cup

Recent history


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