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Defensor Montevideo

Defensor Montevideo is a football (soccer) club from Uruguay.

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About Defensor Montevideo

Defensor Sporting Club is a sports club based in Montevideo, Uruguay.

Defensor plays several sports, being association football and basketball the most important and the ones in which the club has achieved significant victories in Uruguay and internationally.


Founded on March 15, 1913 as Club Atlético Defensor, the name of the club was changed in 1989 to Defensor Sporting Club after a merger with Sporting Club Uruguay. They are a four-time Primera División Uruguaya in Uruguay (1976, 1987, 1991, 2007–2008).

Defensor has won many qualifying tournaments (Pre-Liguilla) to the Copa Libertadores and has represented Uruguay on numerous occasions internationally. Regarded as one of the teams that creates and develops many players in Uruguay and are then transferred worldwide. It is the place of birth of numerous players like Jorge Orosmán da Silva, Sergio Daniel Martínez, Sebastián Abreu, Andrés Fleurquin, Marcelo Tejera, Darío Silva, Gonzalo Vargas, Diego Pérez (footballer), Nicolás Olivera, Martín Cáceres, Maximiliano Pereira, Álvaro Rafael González, Tabaré Viudez.

Legendary coach Prof. Ricardo de León brought Defensor to the national championship in 1976 and originated a football (fútbol) school of thought, consistently criticized as ultra defensive, that is still present nowadays in several teams and coaches.

On September 2007, the club was considered the World's Club Team of the Month by the IFFHS.

Defensor's most famous supporter is singer/composer Jaime Roos.


Defensor plays its home games at its own stadium called Estadio Luis Franzini which has a capacity for 18,000 spectators. The stadium was opened on 31 December 1963.

It is located in Parque Rodó, Montevideo.


- Primera División Uruguaya: 4

- Segunda División Uruguay: 2

Other Official Domestic Honours

- Apertura: 3

- Clausura: 2

- Liguilla Pre Libertadores: 8

- Primero Invicto Uruguayo Especial: 1

- Copa Montevideana: 8

- Campeón Nacional Copa Artigas: 1

- Liga Mayor: 1

- Cuadrangular: 1

- Torneo Honor: 1

- Copa de la Paz: 1

Performance in CONMEBOL competitions

- Copa Libertadores: 11 appearances

- Copa Sudamericana: 4 appearances

- Copa CONMEBOL: 2 appearances

Kit Evolution

Out on loan

Notable players

- Carlos Peppe
- Gustavo Dezotti
- Julio Marchant
- Herminio Masantonio
- José Manuel Moreno
- Danilo Tosello
- Eliomar Marcón
- Jairo Castillo
- Yoshika Matsubara
- Sebastián Abreu
- Alberto Martín Acosta Martinez
- Adrián Argachá
- Gustavo Biscayzacú

- Leandro Cabrera
- Juan Guillermo Castillo
- Luis Cubilla
- Jorge Orosmán da Silva
- Andrés Lamas
- Ignacio Lores
- Adrián Luna
- Federico Magallanes
- Sergio Daniel Martínez
- Rodrigo Mora
- Carlos María Morales
- Nicolás Olivera
- Diego Pérez (footballer)

- Venancio Ramos
- José Sasía
- Darío Silva
- Martín Silva
- Tabaré Silva
- Gonzalo Sorondo
- Marcelo Tejera
- David Texeira
- Gonzalo Vargas
- Tabaré Viudez
- Martín Cáceres
- Andreé González
- Emilio Haberli

Notable coaches

- Juan Autchain
- Jorge Orosmán da Silva

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