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Progreso is a football (soccer) club from Uruguay.

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About Progreso

Club Atlético Progreso, usually known simply as Progreso is an Uruguayan football (soccer) club based in Montevideo. It currently plays in the Second Professional Division.


The club was founded on April 30, 1917. The team colours are red and yellow striped, emulating the catalonian flag. Their home field is Parque Abraham Paladino with a capacity of 8000 spectators. In 1989 Progreso won the Primera División Uruguaya, although it must be admitted that the '89 championship was short, the only one in the history of Uruguayan league with just 1 round robin format (13 games), due to a calendar conflict with some national and international cups of that year. Progreso's President at that time was Dr. Tabaré Vázquez, who was the President of Uruguay from 2005 to 2010.

The first kit of progreso, in 1917, was all white with black stripes in the jersey, which expressed its affinity with the anarchist movement, but later they changed to red/yellow, the colours of Catalonia, which was also known also for its characteristic identification with this movement.


- Primera División Uruguaya: 1

- Torneo Competencia: 1

- Segunda División Uruguay: 3

- Tercera División Uruguay: 6

Performance in CONMEBOL competitions

- Copa Libertadores: 2 appearances

Notable players

- Hugo Maradona
- Yoshika Matsubara
- Junior Aliberti
- Luis Barbat
- Joaquín Boghossian
- Nestor Fabián Canobbio
- Claudio Elías
- Maximiliano Lombardi
- Andrés Martínez (footballer)

- Richard Morales
- Walter Pandiani
- Pedro Catalino Pedrucci
- Leonardo Ramos
- Mathías Riquero
- Jorge Damián Rodríguez
- Néstor Silva
- César Vega
- Waldemar Victorino

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