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Ventforet Kofu

Ventforet Kofu is a football (soccer) club from Japan.

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About Ventforet Kofu

are a Japanese football (soccer) club from Kofu, Yamanashi. They compete in the J. League Division 1, and their home ground is the Kose Sports Stadium.

The word "Ventforet" is coined combining two French words Vent ("Wind") and Forêt ("Forest"). This derives from the famous phrase Fūrinkazan (風林火山)that Shingen Takeda, a Kofu-based prominent daimyo in the Sengoku period, liked to see on his war banners. This phrase refers to the idea of Swift as the Wind, Silent as a Forest, Fierce as Fire and Immovable as a Mountain.


Kofu Club (1965–1994)

The club were founded in 1965 when the old boys' club of Kofu Dai-ichi High School called Kakujo Club started to recruit graduates of other highs with the intention of promotion to the Japan Soccer League.

The club joined the newly formed JSL Division 2 in 1972. They stayed there until the conclusion of the league in 1992 when they became a founding member of the Japan Football League (1992–1998).

Kofu Club were a club, in the real sense of the word, formed by voluntary members, unlike other mainstream football clubs at that time in Japan whose players were mostly the employees of their sponsoring companies.

Ventforet Kofu (1995–present)

The club were given new name Ventforet Kofu in 1995 and joined J. League Division 2 in 1999 when it was formed. They survived the difficult times between 1999 and 2001, during which they suffered from financial troubles as well as miserable results on the pitch including a series of 25 losses. They finished bottom for 3 consecutive seasons and were dubbed as "Excess baggage of J2."

The club turned the corner in 2002 as a result of operation restructuring and enthusiastic efforts from their supporters. Kofu finished third in 2005 and were promoted to J1 by winning the J. League Promotion/Relegation Series against Kashiwa Reysol. This spell in the top flight proved short lived after the team were relegated back to the J2 with a week remaining of the 2007 season.

At the end of 2010 season, the team were promoted again, but despite their best efforts (including having striker Mike Havenaar contending for the Top Scorer award for the division), the club was relegated at the end of 2011.

As of June 29, 2011

Out on loan

Former players

- Jader Volnei Spindler
- Takafumi Ogura
- Takehito Shigehara
- Ovidiu Burcă
- Mike Havenaar

Season by season results and managers

League history

- Kanto League: 1967-71 (as Kofu Club)
- Division 2 (JSL Div. 2): 1972-91 (as Kofu Club)
- Division 3 (Old JFL Div. 2): 1992-93 (as Kofu Club)
- Division 2 (Old JFL): 1994-98 (Kofu Club until 1994, Ventforet Kofu since 1995)
- Division 2 (J. League Div. 2): 1999-2005
- Division 1 (J. League Div. 1): 2006-07
- Division 2 (J. League Div. 2): 2008-10
- Division 1 (J. League Div. 1): 2011-

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