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Real Murcia

Real Murcia is a football (soccer) club from Spain.

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About Real Murcia

Real Murcia Club de Fútbol, S.A.D. is a List of football clubs in Spain based in Murcia, in the Region of Murcia. Founded in 1908, it currently plays in the Segunda División, playing home matches at Estadio Nueva Condomina, which holds 33,045 spectators.

Home colors are mainly scarlet shirt and white shorts.


Officially founded in 1908 (posterior records show earlier denominations, as 1903's Foot Ball Club de Murcia and 1906's Murcia Football Club), Real Murcia was named as such, in 1923–24, by Alfonso XIII of Spain. The following year, the Estadio de La Condomina stadium was inaugurated, with the club holding home games there for the next 82 years uninterrupted.

In 1929, the club first competed in Tercera División, achieving its first ever La Liga promotion in 1939–40, a feat repeated four years later. After years of mainly playing in the Segunda División (even briefly returning to the fourth), it returned to the first division for 1980–81 La Liga, for another nine-year spell.

During the 1990's, Murcia also featured briefly in Tercera, but played mainly in the second division. Both the last match played at the old Condomina, on November 11, 2006, and the first at Nueva Condomina, 15 days later, resulted in home defeats (0–1 to Polideportivo Ejido and 1–4 against Real Valladolid); however, Murcia 2006–07 Segunda División three years after its last spell.

Murcia started 2007–08 La Liga well, resisting in mid-table positions until early 2008, with not even the change in coach, with former Spain national football team boss Javier Clemente taking over Lucas Alcaraz, being able to prevent relegation.

In 2008–09 Segunda División, with Murcia placed in the relegation zone, Clemente was also sacked, in mid-December 2008. The Pimentoneros eventually retained their division status. However, in 2009–10 Segunda División, the club returned to Segunda División B.


Recent seasons


- 50 seasons in Segunda División
- 7 seasons in Segunda División B
- 5 seasons in Tercera División (until 1976–77 as third level)

The numbers are established according to the official website:

File:Captain sports.svg

Famous players

- José Luis Brown
- Blas Giunta
- Nicolás Medina
- Daniel Aquino
- Damián Óscar Timpani
- Diego Figueroa
- Luis Tonelotto
- Rolando Zárate
- Diego Quintana
- José Acciari
- Federico Azcárate
- Francisco Diego Maciel
- Gabriel Loeschbor
- Leonel Gancedo
- Juan Eduardo Esnáider
- Mariano Fernández
- Juan Carlos Olave
- Sebastián Carrera

- Juan Taverna
- Abel Pérez
- Emilio Pazos
- Juan Sotelo
- Pedro Chazarreta
- Armando Husillos
- Edgardo Madinabeytia
- Juan Ramón Comas
- Marcelo Carracedo
- Jorge Luis Fernández
- Gilberto Alves
- Eduardo Silva Sales
- Luis Miguel Berenguer González
- Aguinaldo Roberto Gallon
- Luiz Carlos de Aquino Guina
- Cícero Ramalho
- Fernando Baiano

- Alen Peternac
- Daniel Jensen
- Iván Hurtado
- Gifton Noel-Williams
- Adam Robson (Footballer)
- Stéphane Pignol
- Andreas Reinke
- Markus Kreuz
- Josef Elting
- Konstantinos Chalkias
- Roberto Figueroa
- Angelo Bollano
- Mohammed Timoumi
- Abderrahmane Kabous
- Dick van Dijk
- Aureliano Torres
- Juan Casco
- Clemente Rolón

- Cătălin Munteanu
- Lucian Bălan
- Bogdan Korac
- Armando Merodio
- Javier Sánchez Broto
- Luis García Fernández
- Jose Sanchez Vidaña
- Alejandro Meloño
- Iván Alonso
- Diego Alonso
- Fabian Carini
- Juan Salgueiro
- Gustavo Fernández
- Gabriel Correa
- Blas Ariel Romero
- James Cantero
- Julio Álvarez

- Antoni Ramallets
- Ferenc Puskás
- László Kubala
- John Toshack
- Joaquín Peiró
- Javier Clemente
- José Miguel Campos
- James Whelan

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