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América-RN is a football (soccer) club from Brazil.

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About América-RN

América Futebol Clube, or América (or América de Natal), as they are usually called, is a traditional Brazilian Football League Teams from Natal, Brazil in Rio Grande do Norte, founded on July 14, 1915.

América is the only Rio Grande do Norte club that have won an interstate tournament. The team won Campeonato do Nordeste (Brazilian Northeast Championship) in 1998, defeating Esporte Clube Vitória by a 3-1 score in the final match. It is the only Football Team in Rio Grande do Norte to obtain titles outside the state as in 1973, became the undefeated winner of Taça Almir de Albuquerque, which involved teams from North-Northeast of Brazil and is the only club from Rio Grande do Norte to participate in an international championship, the Copa Conmebol in 1998.

América's greatest rival is ABC Futebol Clube, also from Natal, Brazil.


The team was founded on July 14, 1915.

The first official match played in the state of Rio Grande do Norte was América 3-0 ABC, on June 22, 1919 valid for the first , organized at that time by the Liga de Desportos Terrestres. The first title of the club was in 1919. The club won the , defeating Centro Esportivo Natalense and ABC Futebol Clube, becoming the first champion of the Campeonato Potiguar.

On November 7, 1928, through Law 707 the club was the first to be recognized as a State Public Utility instrument.

América had been licensed of the (FNF) for 5 years, between 1960 and 1965, thus the team did not participate in official competitions. Instead, the team committed to the construction of its official building at Rodrigues Alves Avenue, bourough of Tirol, Natal.

In 1974 América was the undefeated state champion, playing 20 matches with 12 wins and 8 ties. In 1975, América won the Torneio Norte-Nordeste. Between 1987 and 1992, América won 5 state championships, only losing in 1990.

In 1996, the team from Rio Grande do Norte was runner-up of the Brazilian Championship Second Division and became eligible to participate in the First Division in the following year. In its return to the main division, América ended in 17th place, ahead of powerful teams, such as Sport Club Corinthians Paulista and Fluminense Football Club. In 1998, however, the club failed to remain the in the First Division. In 1998, América managed to achieve its greatest glory, becoming champion of Campeonato do Nordeste, defeating in the final match on July 4, Esporte Clube Vitória at the score of 3-1, with goals of Biro-Biro (footballer born 1974), Paulinho Kobayashi and Carioca. América's team at that time had the following players: Gabriel; Gilson, Paulo Roberto (André), Lima and Rogerinho; Montanha, Carioca, Biro-Biro and Moura; Paulinho Kobayashi and Leonardo (Vanderlei).

On October, 2003 the city counselor Hermano Morais published in the , the Law n° 5.493, recognizing América Futebol Clube, as an instrument of the City's Public Utility.

In 2005, the club was promoted to the Campeonato Brasileiro Série B, after finishing in second in the Campeonato Brasileiro Série C. and América had the best forward of the competition, Paulinho Marília, with 10 goals.

On November 25, 2006, América once again managed to qualify for the Brazilian Championship First Division, after a 2-2 tie with champion Clube Atlético Mineiro, at Mineirão, with a record public of 74,694 (largest public of the year in Brazil), after start losing by the score of 2-0. At the end of the game, América crossed the stadium applauded by Atlético's fans. The club finished in fourth in the Campeonato Brasileiro Série B.


- Campeonato do Nordeste: 1

- Campeonato Potiguar: 32

- Taça Almir / Norte-Nordeste: 1

- Copa RN: 1

According to the Brazilian Football Confederation register.


América's home stadium is the Machadão (Machadão) stadium, with the maximum capacity of 35,000 fans.

Notable players

- Alberí José Ferreira de Matos
- Vanderlei Fernandes Silva
- Hélcio Jacaré
- Ivan Silva
- Joel Natalino Santana
- Madson Formagini Caridade
- Francisco das Chagas Marinho
- Moura
- Nilo Murtinho Braga
- Pancinha

- Paulo Ricardo Kobayashi
- Rodrigo Barbosa Tabata
- Saquinho
- Paulo Rogério Reis Silva
- Luís Carlos Scala
- José Ivanaldo de Souza
- Ubirajara
- Zé Gobar
- Fábio de Jesus Oliveira


On June 10, 2006, América defeated by 3-1, its greatest rival, ABC Futebol Clube, in the first derby match played at ABC's own stadium. The derby is known as O Grande Clássico (The Great Derby).

National championships participations

In national championships, organized by Brazilian Football Confederation, América participated on:

- Taça Brasil: 1

- Campeonato Brasileiro Série A: 14

- Campeonato Brasileiro Série B: 20

- Campeonato Brasileiro Série C: 5

- Copa do Brasil: 15

América only did not participate in a Brazilian Championship in 1971 and 1992 and is the best ranked team of Rio Grande do Norte, according to Brazilian Football Confederation's ranking, América is the 29th best club of Brazil, with 703 points. The club was the first team in Brazil to obtain two consecutives promotions. In 2005, América was promoted to Série B (2nd division) and in 2006, América was promoted for Série A (1st division).


The first color used by América was the blue, that was changed at 1920 to actual Red and white.
The first mascot was the "Red Devil", inspired in America Football Club (RJ). In the mid of 90's, the mascot was changed to actual Dragon.

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