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Remo is a football (soccer) club from Brazil.

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About Remo

Clube do Remo, or Remo, or Leão, as they are usually called, is a Brazilian Football League Teams from Belém in Pará, founded on February 5, 1905. Remo greatest rivals are Paysandu Sport Club and Tuna Luso Brasileira.


Clube do Remo was founded on February 5, 1905, as Grupo do Remo. The founders, before founding Remo, had abandoned Sport Club do Pará. On February 14, 1908, Remo was closed, after the club's general assembly. On March 29, 1908, Remo's partners and Sport Club do Pará made a deal, and Remo was officially extinct in 1908. On August 15, 1911, Remo was reorganized following the initiative of Antonico Silva, Cândido Jucá, Carl Schumann, Elzaman Magalhães, Geraldo Motta, Jayme Lima, Norton Corllet, Oscar Saltão, Otto Bartels and Palmério Pinto.

In 2005, the club was promoted to the Campeonato Brasileiro Série B after winning the Campeonato Brasileiro Série C. This was the club's first national title.

Other kits

In 2005, Remo had a special golden kit to celebrate its 100th anniversary. Although it was never used, because of the tradition to wear a navy blue uniform. In 2006, another golden kit was made, but again it was not used.

In 2010, it was done, once again, a golden uniform , this time used in official matches of the club.

- Dico

- José Dutra dos Santos
- Edil
- François
- Gian
- Landu
- Luís Müller
- Marido
- Mesquita
- Nelinho

- Neves
- Roberto
- Robinho
- Rosemiro
- Rubilar
- Rubilota
- Socó
- Véliz
- Waldocyr - O Diabo Loiro (The Blond Devil)


- Caracas International Tournament (Venezuela): 1

- Belém International Tournament (Brazil): 2

- Paramaribo International Tournament (Suriname): 2

- Runners-up - Toulon International Tournament (France): 1

- Runners-up - Paramaribo International Tournament (Suriname): 1
- Campeonato Brasileiro Série C: 1

- Runners-up - Campeonato Brasileiro Série B: 2

- File:Brazil Region Norte.svgxFile:Brazil Region Nordeste.svg Copa Norte-Nordeste: 1

- File:Brazil Region Norte.svg Copa Norte: 3

- Salvador Tournament (Bahia State): 1

- File:Brazil Region Norte.svgxFile:Brazil Region Nordeste.svg Runners-up - Copa Norte-Nordeste: 2

- File:Brazil Region Norte.svgxFile:Brazil Region Nordeste.svg Runners-up - Tournament Champions North and Northeast Cup: 1

- File:Brazil Region Norte.svg Runners-up - Copa Norte: 1

- File:Bandeira do Pará.svg Campeonato Paraense: 42


- Silver Ball Trophy (Brazilian Championship First Division): 2


Remo's stadium is Evandro Almeida (Baenão), which has a maximum capacity of 17,518 people.

Mangueirão also held several Remo matches.

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