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FC Sopron

FC Sopron is a football (soccer) club from Hungary.

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About FC Sopron

FC Sopron, was a Hungary football (soccer) club from the town of Sopron, near the Austrian border. It was founded in 1921 as Soproni Postás. The club's home stadium is Stadion Városi with a capacity of 5,300..

With the beginning of the season 2007/08 Lajos Détári was appointed for being the head coach. After Antonio Righi bought the club Détári was fired (without getting paid for his work) and replaced by now head coach Vincenzo Cosco. In January 2008 their license was withdrawn by the league over unpaid taxes and payments. It was agreed that they would remain in 1. Liga for 2007/08 with 0 points for the season, all points being awarded to their opponents. It finally went to bankruptcy and was dissolved. It was replaced with newly founded Soproni VSE and climbed to NB II after winning Bakony Group of NB III in 2010-11 season.


The club, which as commercial entity is called AZ FC Sopron Futball Sportszolgáltató KFT., is 79% owned by Antonio Righi. He bought the club from László Máriusz Vizer in 2007. 21% of the club are held by Sopron MJV Önkormányzata.

2008 January

The club was dissolved in January 2008.


The club won the Hungarian Cup in 2005.

Naming history

- 1921: Sopron Soproni Sport Egyesület
- 1945: Soproni Postás Soproni Postás Sport Egyesület
- 1991: Soproni TSE Soproni Távközlési Sport Egyesület
- 1994: MATÁV Sopron Magyar Távközlési Vállalat Sport Club Sopron
- 1998: MATÁV Sopron Magyar Távközlési Vállalat Football Club Sopron
- 2000: MATÁV Compaq Sopron Magyar Távközlési Vállalat Football Club Compaq Sopron
- 2002: MATÁV Sopron Magyar Távközlési Vállalat Football Club Sopron
- 2005: Sopron Football Club Sopron
- 2008: ------

Notable former players

- Iván Balaskó
- Szabolcs Huszti
- Zoltán Petö
- Luigi Sartor
- Giuseppe Signori
- Tanase Paul Gabriel

Final squad

European cup history

UEFA Intertoto Cup


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