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Gyeongnam is a football (soccer) club from Korea Repulic.

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About Gyeongnam

Gyeongnam FC is a South Korean association football club. Based in Gyeongsangnam-do. Home stadium is in Changwon, the capital city of Gyeongnam, Gyeongnam FC joined the K-League as its 14th club for the 2006 season and was founded in 2006.


2006 season

In their first season, K-League 2006, Gyeongnam FC reached 12th place in K-League. They achieved 3rd place in the Hauzen Cup. In the middle of cup, Kim Jin-Yong, the striker, lined out for a half year.

2007 season

Gyeongnam FC was 4th place for K-League 2007 with Park Hang-Seo. His tactic was brilliant enough and well-organized players to brought them to that place. But they defeated by Pohang Steelers by penalty shootout in the first round of play-offs. There were some arguments about Jung Sung-Ryong, the Pohang Steelers Goalkeeper's tackle. The Best play of Season for Gyeongnam FC was Everaldo de Jesus Pereira, who was member of K-League best team and top scorer at then. He scored 18 goals during 26 matches. Also he record continuous attack points during 8 league matches. Although he had talked about his affection for Gyeongnam FC and to being Korean many times, he moved to FC Tokyo suddenly. Then it went worse for Gyeongnam FC. Park Hang-Seo the gaffer and Chief Excutive Jeon Hyung-Doo quit their job immediately.

2008 season

Before starting the 2008 season, Cho Kwang-Rae, who also comes from Jinju cityGyeongnam was appointed the new manager . He managed Anyang Cheetahs FC, one of the most powerful clubs of the K-League, was 1 time of winner of the K-League and 2 times of runner-up in the K-League and AFC Champions League. By Cho's management, Gyeongnam FC showed improved performances for their fans. Newbie Seo Sang-Min was a valuable player because of his goals including 2 goals in his 1st matche of the K-League 2008, versus Daegu FC. Also Brazilian Attacking Midfielder Antônio Rogério Silva Oliveira's performance filled in the vacuum left by the departure of Everaldo de Jesus Pereira's . At the last match of K-League 2008, Gyeongnam FC met Jeonbuk Hyundai Motors, also aimed at getting into the K-League playoff. Through Kim Dong-Chan's scoring, Gyeongnam FC fans expected to get to the playoff, but Gyeongnam FC suffered a reversal by 3 goals by Jeonbuk Hyundai Motors including a Kim Hyung-Bum free-kick . So they were frustrated as a result of that loss. But they still got to the Korean FA Cup 2008 final because of Kim Dong-Chan's continuous scoring including a hat-trick in a semi final match. But they were defeated by Pohang Steelers, and lost entry into the AFC Champions League till the next time.

2009 season

In January 2009, Kim Jin-Yong transferred to Seongnam Ilhwa. He was traded with Kim Dong-Hyun (footballer), member of South Korean national football team. Because of this trade, fans consured to Gyeongnam FC board. So Gyeongnam FC board made a decision to blank his back number for 2009 season. But fans as ever miss him.
In 2009 season, so many newbies include Song Ho-Young make a good performance for fans and former South Korean National Football Team goalkeeper Kim Byung-Ji exerts influence on club by his experiences and professionalism. Because of good playing of youngsters and manager Cho Kwang-Rae's attractive tactics, Gyeongnam was being on of playoff season club. Kim Dong-Chan and Lee Yong-Rae are most valuable players for this season. Kim Dong-Chan recorded twice 5-game-continouse goal in 11 matches. Veteran goalkeeper Kim Byung-Ji recorded 500 match appearance in last league match. Because of youngster's fantastic playing, Gyeongnam got a nickname by fans "Cho's Kindergarten"

2010 season

Assembly of Changwon city interrupted plan that Gyeongnam FC use the Changwon Football Center, so club board and fans made much efforts to move the stadium.
That lead to Gyeongnam moved the stadium from Changwon Civil Stadium to Changwon Football Center.
Young Roses still showed a wonderful performance for their fans. They recorded first position in K-League by the winning goal in the late time in the match versus FC Seoul, scored by new captain Kim Young-Woo.
It was first top positioned time in their 6-year-old history.
Middle of the season, Roses lost their head, manager Cho, but they still showed a good performances under the leading of caretaker Kim Kwi-Hwa.
Yoon Bit-Garam is most valuable youngster, he recorded 9 goals and 7 assists in 29 matches. So Yoon took in K-League Best XI and K-League Rookie of the Year Award 2010 and has been a national team player. Also, young centreback Kim Joo-Young has been a national team player, Yoon and Kim participated in Asian Cup 2010.
In the national team's training, after ending of the season, Kim Joo-Young got a Anterior cruciate ligament, so he missed a matches until June 2011.


- K-League Cup third place: 1
- Korean FA Cup runner-up: 1

Club records

- Biggest Win: May 26, 2007. versus Gwangju Sangmu Phoenix. 0-4.
- Biggest Defeat: October 14, 2007, versus Ulsan Hyundai Horang-i.4-0.
- Longest Unbeaten (K-League): 9 matches. (March 7, 2010 - May 2, 2010)
- Highest Attendants: 25,980. August 21, 2010, versus Chunnam Dragons.
- Lowest Attendants: 1,031. March 18, 2006, versus Daejeon Citizen.
- Highest League Position : 1st. 2010
- Lowest League Position : 12th. 2006.

Personal records

- Continual Attacking Points
Everaldo de Jesus Pereira, 9 pts, 15 August 2007 ~ 6 October 2007.
- Recording Multi-goals in debut match
It is first in League history.
Seo Sang-Min, 9 March 2008 (versus Daegu FC).
- Most league appearances
It is first in League history.
Kim Byung-Ji, 500 matches, 1 November 2009 (versus Jeonbuk Hyundai Motors).

Award winners

- K-League Top Scorer Award
Everaldo de Jesus Pereira(K-League 2007)
- K-League Best XI
Everaldo de Jesus Pereira(K-League 2007)

Yoon Bit-Garam(K-League 2010)
- Korean FA Cup Top Scorer Award
Kim Dong-Chan(Korean FA Cup 2008)
- K-League Rookie of the Year Award
Yoon Bit-Garam(K-League 2010)


Out on loan

U-18 (Jinju High School) Squad

As of June 7, 2011

Former captains

Notable players

For details on notable players, see :Category:Gyeongnam FC players.

- Bruno Cazarine (2009)
- Everaldo de Jesus Pereira (2007)
- Antônio Rogério Silva Oliveira (2008–09)
- Lucio (2010–11)
- Adilson Ferreira de Souza (2007)
- Rogério Pinheiro dos Santos (2006–08)
- Harry German Castillo (2006)
- Alex Asamoah (2010)
- Kazuyuki Toda (2009)

- Kim Byung-Ji (2009-)
- Kim Do-Keun (2006)
- Kim Dong-Chan (2006–10)
- Kim Dong-Hyun (footballer) (2009)
- Kim Geun-Cheol (2006–10)
- Kim Jin-Yong (2006–08)
- Kim Ju-Young (2009-2011)
- Lee Yong-Bal (2006)
- Lee Yong-Rae (2009–10)

- Park Jae-Hong (footballer) (2008–09)
- Seo Sang-Min (2008-)
- Shin Byung-Ho (2006)
- Yoon Bit-Garam (2010–2011)

Club officials

Coaching staff

- Manager : Choi Jin-Han
- Assistant Manager : Lee Byung-Keun
- Fitness Coach : Ademir Ferreira Mendes
- GK Coach : Yoo Jin-Hoe
- Coach : Kim Byung-Ji (Playing coach)
- Psysio : Ko Kang-Min
- Psysio : Hong Jin-Hyeon
- Psysio : Kim Jae-O
- Youth Manager : Cho Jung-Hyun
- Youth Coach : Kim Moon-Kyu
- Youth Coach : Koo Kyung-Joo

Club board

- President : Kim Doo-Gwan(Gyeongsangnam-do Provincial Governor)
- Chief Executive : Jeon Hyung-Doo (former President of Gyeongnam FA
- Executive : Kim Young-Jo (Parliament man of Gyeongsangnam-do Provincial Assembly)
- Executive : Kwon Young-Min (Vice-President of Gyeongnam Athlectic Association)
- Executive : Lee Jae-Kwan (Director of Gyeongnam Nonghyup)
- Executive : Cho Moon-Kwan (former Parliament man of Gyeongsangnam-do Provincial Assembly)
- Executive : Kang Sang-Won (Executive director of STX Corporation)
- Executive : Moon Dong-Sung (President of Kyongnam Bank)
- Executive : Ko Bong-Woo (Vice-President of Gyeongnam FA)
- Executive : Park Noh-Chang (Director of Changwon Athletic Association)
- Executive : Seo Seok-Man (President of Changwon FA and Da-Won Tech.)
- Executive : Song Sang-Seob (President of Ge-In Industry)
- Executive : Kim Oh-Young (Parliament man of Gyeongsangnam-do Provincial Assembly)
- Executive : Hwang Dong-Gwan (President of Jinju FA)
- Executive : Kim Sang-Bok (President of Gyeongnam Lawn Tennis Association)

Managerial history


Image:Emblem of Gyeongnam FC.svg|Original crest 2006-2009
(Unveiled : 2005-10-25)
Image:Gyeongnam FC 2010 New Emblem.gif|2010-present
(Unveiled : 2010-02-11)


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