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Løv-Ham is a football (soccer) club from Norway.

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About Løv-Ham

Løv-Ham Fotball is a football club from Fyllingsdalen in Bergen, Norway. Its origin are two local sports teams in Fyllingsdalen called Løvåsen and Hamre. On 29 December 1975 those clubs were merged, choosing the name Løv-Ham. In March 1999 Løv-Ham was divided into a football (soccer) division, Løv-Ham Fotball, and a Team handball division, Løv-Ham Håndball.

Løv-Ham is still most notable as a football club, with more than 600 members. The senior football team currently plays in the 2nd highest level in Norway (Adeccoligaen). The club has struggled against relegation since they were promoted to the Adeccoliga in 2004, but despite being a low-budget club, Løv-Ham has somewhat stabilised as an Adeccoliga-club. In the 2010 season, Løv-Ham finished in 4th place and they advanced the Norwegian Premier League play-offs. They lost 0-2 away in the semifinal against Fredrikstad FK. Promotion to the Tippeliga was not a goal for Løv-Ham, their goal is to develop talents in the Bergen region. Because of their low budget Løv-Ham may not afford to play in the Tippeliga. Local investors have been asked to invest in the club to stabilize the economy.

Merger with Fyllingen

Løv-Ham has in the recent years taken over Fyllingen Fotball's spot as Fyllingsdalen's best football-club, but it's still Fyllingen that got the biggest support and the financial power in the borough. In the end of 2007, the two clubs started negotiation to merge the football-departments of the two clubs. If this had been a reality the goal was a budget of at least 15 million, a doubling compared to the Løv-Ham's budget in 2007. The aim was to create an organization and a name that create a stable state football team, and which in time also be able to play up in the Premier League. The experiment stranded when it was not achieved sufficient majority at the extraordinary annual meeting of Fyllingen. Four years later, on 28 September 2011, the members of both clubs' voted yes to a merge. The new club, will replace Løv-Ham in the 2012 Norwegian Second Division Norwegian Second Division, and the two old clubs will cease to excist. Kjetil Knutsen will be the head coach of the new team.

Recent history

club S.K. Brann for the first time, 3-2 in a friendly.

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