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Mashuk-KMV is a football (soccer) club from Russia.

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About Mashuk-KMV

FC Mashuk-KMV Pyatigorsk are a Russian football (soccer) club based in Pyatigorsk.

In 2008, the club has been relegated to the Russian Second Division.


The history of Mashuk-KMV dates back to the 1920s and the team named Dynamo (sports society). The team was known under different names:
- Dynamo until 1965
- Mashinostroitel in 1966–1967
- Mashuk in 1968–1993 and 1998–2002
- Energia in 1994–1997
- Mashuk-KMV since 2003

Dynamo played in the Soviet League in its first year in 1936, but would not participate in the national competition again until 1966, when the team was renamed Mashinostroitel. After three seasons the team won promotion to the Soviet First League. However, Mashuk were not very successful at that level and played in the Soviet Second League from the reform of Soviet football in 1971 to 1990, when they were relegated to the Soviet Second League B.

After the dissolution of USSR Mashuk played in the Russian Second Division in 1992–1993 and in 1995–1997. In 1996 they were able to win promotion back, but after relegation in 1997 Mashuk spent five years at the amateur level. After 2002 season they were promoted to the Second Division, and the runners-up position in 2005 allowed Mashuk-KMV to play in the Russian First Division thanks to the exclusion of two clubs.

League results

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Period = from:01/01/1991 till:01/07/2010
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from:01/07/1991 till:01/07/1992 shift:(0,-4) text:8
from:01/07/1992 till:01/07/1993 shift:(0,-4) text:13
from:01/07/1993 till:01/07/1994 shift:(0,-4) text:1
from:01/07/1994 till:01/07/1995 shift:(0,-4) text:11
from:01/07/1995 till:01/07/1996 shift:(0,-4) text:14
from:01/07/1996 till:01/07/1997 shift:(0,-4) text:20
from:01/07/1997 till:01/07/1998 shift:(0,-4) text:
from:01/07/1998 till:01/07/1999 shift:(0,-4) text:
from:01/07/1999 till:01/07/2000 shift:(0,-4) text:
from:01/07/2000 till:01/07/2001 shift:(0,-4) text:
from:01/07/2001 till:01/07/2002 shift:(0,-4) text:1
from:01/07/2002 till:01/07/2003 shift:(0,-4) text:10
from:01/07/2003 till:01/07/2004 shift:(0,-4) text:3
from:01/07/2004 till:01/07/2005 shift:(0,-4) text:2
from:01/07/2005 till:01/07/2006 shift:(0,-4) text:13
from:01/07/2006 till:01/07/2007 shift:(0,-4) text:14
from:01/07/2007 till:01/07/2008 shift:(0,-4) text:19
from:01/07/2008 till:01/07/2009 shift:(0,-4) text:6
from:01/07/2009 till:01/07/2010 shift:(0,-4) text:3

from:01/01/1991 till:01/07/1993 color:rs shift:(0,13) text: "Russian Second Division"
from:01/07/1993 till:01/07/1994 color:rn shift:(0,13) text: "Russian Third Division"
from:01/07/1994 till:01/07/1997 color:rs shift:(0,13) text: "Russian Second Division"
from:01/01/1997 till:01/07/2002 color:rn shift:(0,13) text: "Amateur Football League"
from:01/07/2002 till:01/07/2005 color:rs shift:(0,13) text: "Russian Second Division"
from:01/07/2005 till:01/07/2008 color:bl2 shift:(0,13) text: "Russian First Division"
from:01/07/2008 till:01/07/2010 color:rs shift:(0,13) text: "Russian Second Division"

As of February 22, 2012, according to the

Notable past players

- Aleksei Bakharev
- Marat Tsallagov
- Igors Sļesarčuks

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