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Bezanija is a football (soccer) club from Serbia and Montenegro.

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About Bezanija

FK Bežanija (Serbian Cyrillic: ФК Бежанија) is a football (soccer) club based in Novi Beograd, Serbia. They play in the First League of Serbia, the second tier of Serbian football.


In 1921 a football club was founded under the name SOKO. The club was founded in Belgrade's suburb Bežanija and at that time it did not fall neither under Belgrade nor Zemun football leagues. Later the club changes its name to BSK (Bežanijski sportski klub). At that time the club only managed to play friendly matches. During World War II under German occupation, Bežanija joined a Independent State of Croatia NDH league and renamed HSK. In the club, despite everything, all players were Serbs.

After the war in 1946 the club changes its name to FK Jedinstvo. That year the club for the first time starts competing in the Srem league and becomes a member of the Novi Sad football association. Till 1952 the club was competing in the regional Srem League. In 1952 the club transfers to the Belgrade football association, and since then all the results have been written down. That same year the club forms its youth club that begin competing in the second youth league. At the beginning of the 1955-56 season FK Jedinstvo changes its name to the current FK Bezanija.

Since 1953 to 1989 season the club competes in lower leaguea, and promotions and relegations were regular. In the season 1988-89 the club is promoted to the Belgrade Zone League for the first time in its history. The next season recorded further success and the club qualified to the Srpska Liga. In 1992-93 the club is promoted with even more success and moves on to the Republic zone league Belgrade. The biggest club success was in 1999-00 when the club was promoted once more to the First league in Serbia, but was relegated one season later.

FK Bežanija gives much attention to its youth system which keep getting better and better results. This was born out when Bežanija's young squad finished 4th in the 2006-07 SuperLiga and were thus entered into the qualifying rounds of the 2007-08 UEFA Cup.

Already in the recent history it is worth to mention that by the year 2010, the club has managed to participate twice in the national top league, the Serbian SuperLiga, having played in the seasons 2006–07 Serbian SuperLiga and 2007–08 Serbian SuperLiga.


Stadion of FK Bežanija has the capacity of 2,000 seats. Plans have been made to make 4,000 more seats in the west stand.

As of November 2010.

Notable former players

- Stevo Glogovac
- Ely Thadeu
- Ibrahim Somé Salombo
- László Köteles
- Mario Đurovski
- Darko Božović
- Dejan Damjanović
- Hong Yong-Jo
- Ljuba Baranin
- Milan Biševac
- Miloš Marković

- Rajko Brežančić
- Ivan Dudić
- Dragoljub Jeremić
- Srđa Knežević
- Miloš Kolaković
- Žarko Lazetić
- Dejan Osmanović
- Predrag Ranđelović
- Antonio Rukavina
- Park Tae-Gyu


Fans of Bežanija are called Lavovi (Lions).

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