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Central Español

Central Español is a football (soccer) club from Uruguay.

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About Central Español

Central Español Fútbol Club, usually known simply as Central Español is a Uruguayan football (soccer) club based in Montevideo.


The F.U.F era

Together with Peñarol, Central founded F.U.F (Uruguayan football federation) in 1923 after being expelled from A.U.F. The F.U.F even made a parallel Uruguayan national team (dissident to A.U.F) that played several international games based on Peñarol and Central squads. After 3 years of existence the new federation was dissolved and both teams returned to A.U.F.


Central append 'Español' to its name after an agreement signed with a Spanish group in 1971. Central itself was born from a merge between 'Solís Bochas' and 'Soriano Polideportivo'.


In 1984 Central Español won their only Urugayan championship to date. The team managed by Liber Arispe during campaign.


- Primera División Uruguaya: 1

- Segunda División Uruguay: 2

- Tercera División Uruguay: 1

Performance in CONMEBOL competitions

- Copa Sudamericana: 1 appearance

Famous players

- Paulo Silas
- Abdoul-Fatah Mustafa
- Alain Yomby
- Pablo Castro
- Fabián Coelho
- Ignacio De León
- Diego Dorta
- Gastón Filgueira
- Abel Hernández
- William Martínez
- Matías Masiero
- Alexander Medina

- Sergio Orteman
- Héctor Puricelli
- Darwín Ramírez
- Mario Rebollo
- Víctor Rodríguez Andrade
- Santiago Silva
- Yari Silvera
- Juan Surraco
- Luis Torijo
- Obdulio Trasante
- Matías Vecino
- Alejandro Cichero

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