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Miramar is a football (soccer) club from Uruguay.

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About Miramar

Club Sportivo Miramar Misiones, usually known simply as Miramar Misiones is an Uruguayan football (soccer) club based in Montevideo. The club was formed from the merger of two clubs: Miramar and Misiones, in June 1980. As part of the merger, the new strip for the new club was a mixture of those of the previous two clubs. The home strip (white and black) is the old Miramar strip, and the away strip was the one used by Misiones. What made this merger notable was that Miramar and Misiones were local derby rivals, having both originated in the same neighbourhood of Montevideo.

Previous to the creation of this club, Miramar also merged with legendary club Albion in 1976, forming 'Albion Miramar'. However, this entity lasted for only 2 seasons.


- Segunda División Uruguay (2nd level): 3

- Divisional Intermedia de Fútbol de Uruguay (2nd level): 2

- Divisional Intermedia (3rd level): 1

- Uruguayan Segunda División Amateur (3rd level): 1

- Divisional Extra de Fútbol de Uruguay (3rd level): 2

- Divisional Extra (4th level): 1

Famous players

- Franco Bano
- Ives Fabián Quintana
- Alain Yomby
- Johnny Woodly Lambert
- Rafael Bermúdez
- Leonardo Bordad
- Juan Carlos Calvo
- William Castro
- Fabián Coelho

- Sebastián Fernández
- Pablo Granoche
- Juan Cruz Mascia
- Diego Meijide
- Dagoberto Moll
- Álvaro Pereira
- Ignacio Risso
- Javier Tetes
- Fabián Yantorno

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