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SV Salzburg[A]

SV Salzburg[A] is a football (soccer) club from Austria.

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About SV Salzburg[A]

SV Austria Salzburg is an Football in Austria club, based in the city of Salzburg. The club was formed in 2005, by some of the supporters of the original SV (Austria) Salzburg after it was renamed FC Red Bull Salzburg by new owners who also changed the club's colours from its traditional violet and white to red and white. The club started participation in the seventh tier of Austria's national league system in 2006, then rose through four successive championships to the third tier, Austrian Regional League. After a fifth-place finish in the 2010-2011 season, it will remain in this league for the 2011-2012 season.


The original club was formed in 1933. It was subject to a takeover by the Red Bull company in 2005. They renamed the club FC Red Bull Salzburg, changed the team colours and claimed that it was a new team. This led a group of supporters, known as the "Violet-Whites", to want to preserve the 72-year old traditions of the old club, which they felt had been ignored by Red Bull.

On 7 October 2005, the Violet-Whites successfully registered the old club's original name "SV Austria Salzburg" and the old club emblem. An initial attempt to field a unified team with the football section of the PSV Schwarz-Weiß Salzburg, which played in the 1. Salzburg Landesliga, the fourth tier of Austrian football, came to nothing at the end of the season. Thus, the Violet-Whites formed a completely new team, which entered 2. Klasse Nord, the seventh tier of Austrian football, for the 2006–07 season.

The first match of the relaunched SV Austria Salzburg was played on 29 July 2006 against Lieferinger SV, another football club from the city of Salzburg. SV Austria Salzburg won 6–0. The club then went on to win the championship and was promoted to 1. Klasse Nord. This was the first of four successive championships for SV Austria Salzburg. They also won the 1. Klasse Nord in 2007–08, the 2. Salzburg Landesliga in 2008–09 and the 1. Landesliga in 2009–10. This secured the club promotion to Austria's third tier of football in the Regionalliga West for the 2010–11 season. The club finished fifth in the 2010-2011 season, and as a result will remain in the third tier for the 2011-2012 season.

Under 23

Club honours

- 1. Landesliga: Champions 2010
- 2. Landesliga: Champions 2009
- 1. Klasse Nord: Champions 2008
- 2. Klasse Nord A: Champions 2007


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Image:Sdorf01.jpg|Austria vs. Schleedorf

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