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Tournai is a football (soccer) club from Belgium.

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About Tournai

R.F.C. Tournai is a football in Belgium club from the city of Tournai, Hainaut (province). It is the result of the merger between R. Union Sportive Tournaisienne (matricule n°26) and R.R.C. Tournaisien (n°36) in 2002. The club wears the matricule n°26 and plays in the Belgian Second Division.


R. Union Sportive Tournaisienne history

Union Sportive Tournaisienne was founded in 1902 and became a member of the Belgian Football Association one year later. It played in the Belgian Second Division as soon as the competition was officially sarted in 1910. The club reached its peak when it played its only one season in the Belgian First Division in 1951–52. It finished last (16th) with 3 wins and 12 points. In 2002 Tournai won the Belgian Promotion and it merged with the Racing so that the new R.F.C. began in the third division.

R.F.C. Tournai history

Tournai began with a nice 6th place in 2003 but could not avoid relegation the next year when it finished 15th (on 16). In 2005 it won the Promotion A. On November, 24th, 2007 Thierry Pister was appointed as the new head coach for the club.

As of 20 July 2010


Head Coach
- Alexander "Alex" Czerniatynski

Assistant Coach
- Christof Denis

Goalkeeper Coach
- Marnic Van Houtte

Team Chef
- Patrick Lamontagne

Famous players

- Boudewijn Braem
- Karel Brion
- Louis Busschops
- Jan-Baptist Coenen
- Dirk de Vriese
- Roger Defever
- Joseph Dielemans
- Fernand Goyvaerts
- Hein van Haezebrouck
- Louis van Houtven
- Jan Vandennieuwenhuyzen
- Jean-Marie Vanderhoost
- Eddy Verbeeck
- Patrick Wacheul

- Jules Bocande (1981–82)

Notable players
- Mehdi Guerrouad (2006–07)
- Mehdi Makhloufi (1999–00)
- Samir Meriem (2007–08)
- Slimane Zedazi (2006–07)

- Maxime Agueh (2006–07)

- Trésor Empoké (2004–05)
- Augey Olela Mundala (2005–06)

- Giovanni Fedorow (2002–04)
- Jonathan Otlet (2007–08)
- Thibaut Thonon (2007–08)

- Farid Bihhi (2006–08)

- Jimmy Mulisa (2006–07)

- Danny Diver (1986–??)

- Youssef Moustaid (2007–08)

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